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Northeast Ohio Region
Beaver Creek State Forest
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Beaver Creek State Forest © Jessica Hatfield
Beaver Creek State Forest © Jessica Hatfield
Beaver Creek State Forest © Jessica Hatfield
Beaver Creek State Forest © Jessica Hatfield
Beaver Creek State Forest Geese © Pamela Smith
The geese enjoying a stroll beside Beaver Creek after the rain on a hot day in July
Beaver Creek State Forest Geese © Pamela Smith
Baby Goose
Beaver Creek State Forest Geese on Creek © Pamela Smith
Geese on Beaver creek near the iron bridge.
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Lisbon, Ohio   44432
(lat:40.752 lon:-80.6812) map location
For more than twenty years, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has been acquiring land from willing sellers and securing conservation easements in the area surrounding the Little Beaver Creek. In 1998, ODNR acquired an additional 1,122 acres east of Grimm?s Bridge near Calcutta, Ohio.

Those of you who live in or are familiar with the area know of its attributes and the demand for trail riding, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. The need for accommodating diverse outdoor recreation coupled with the protection of the unique resource was a primary factor in establishing Ohio?s 20th State Forest under the multiple use management philosophy of the ODNR Division of Forestry.

Given the history and features of the region, and the diverse interests in its use and protection, we knew that there would be much interest in using this resource. To overlook this would have been irresponsible on our part.

At this point, we have located part of the boundary for the larger, southern tract of land. The website map linked above identifies this area generally. Within that area we have marked a large portion with ?Public Hunting Area? signs. We have been advising people that the area east of Grimm?s Bridge from the railroad right-of-way east to the Pennsylvania line will be marked for public hunting. The Pennsylvania/Ohio state line remains to be marked. As always, it is the responsibility of those hunting to know whose land they are on. (Consult our map of Beaver Creek State Forest showing hunting area boundary.)

In addition to those who want to hunt on the property, there are those who want to fish, ride mountain bikes and quad runners, hike, and ride horses. We will not be able to do all of this in a short period of time. And there will undoubtedly be activities that will not be permitted at all. Our forest rule 1501:3-4-04 states that ?No person shall operate any motor vehicle or ride any APV, snowmobile, bicycle, dog sled, or horse within any state forest except over and upon roads, trails or other facilities designated and provided and posted for such purpose unless authorized by the chief or his authorized agent.? Currently we are citing those individuals that we catch riding quad runners on our property. To this end we will assess the current facilities as well as the overall needs for the area. In order to obtain the input of many individuals and potential user groups, we feel that this is the most responsible approach.
History of the Area
Beaver Creek State Forest is located in Columbiana County, Ohio, and has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. The area that is now Beaver Creek State Forest was once heavily forested and home to Native American tribes, including the Mingo and Delaware tribes.

In the early 1800s, European settlers began to establish communities and industries in the region. The forest was part of the larger "Big Beaver Creek Valley," which became a major industrial center. The fast-flowing creek provided power for numerous mills and factories, including gristmills, sawmills, paper mills, and ironworks.

The forest's transformation into a state forest began in the 1930s during the Great Depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration initiated various programs to provide employment and stimulate the economy. One of these programs was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), which aimed to employ young men in conserving natural resources and developing recreational areas.

The CCC established Camp Beaver Creek in what is now Beaver Creek State Forest in 1933. The young men working in the camp undertook numerous projects, including constructing roads, trails, fire towers, picnic shelters, and cabins. They also engaged in reforestation efforts to replenish the previously logged areas.

During World War II, Camp Beaver Creek became a German Prisoner of War camp, housing captured German soldiers. After the war, the forest returned to the Ohio Division of Forestry.

In 1982, Beaver Creek State Forest was designated a state forest by the Division of Forestry. Today, it covers approximately 2,700 acres and is managed for multiple purposes, including timber production, wildlife habitat preservation, and outdoor recreation.

Many of the CCC structures and historical sites remain within the forest, including the Gaston's Mill, which is a fully operational gristmill that attracts visitors. The Pioneer Village, established in 1960, showcases log cabins and buildings from the 19th century, giving visitors a glimpse into the region's history.

Beaver Creek State Forest has a fascinating history that reflects the development of industry in the area, the intervention of government programs during the Great Depression, and the commitment to conservation and heritage preservation.
GeneralLand, acres1,100
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Beaver Creek State Forest in Ohio offers a variety of fishing options for outdoor enthusiasts. The forest is home to Beaver Creek, where anglers can enjoy the serene environment while casting their lines. This creek is known for its population of Smallmouth Bass and Rock Bass which are native species here. Other fish that you may encounter include Bluegill, Channel Catfish, and occasionally Northern Pike or Walleye depending on the season and water conditions.

In addition to stream fishing at Beaver Creek itself, there's also Little Beaver Lake located within this state forest offering another great spot for angling activities.

Please note that all fishermen must have an appropriate license from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources before they start fishing in these waters.

Beaver Creek State Forest is located near Beaver, Beaver Falls and Columbiana

1. Vondergreen Trail: This is a 16-mile trail that winds through the forest, offering hikers stunning views of Beaver Creek and its surrounding landscapes.

2. Dogwood Trail: A moderate difficulty level hike spanning about 3 miles with beautiful wildflowers during springtime.

3. Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail: An easy to navigate paved path stretching over approximately 12 miles along an old railway line; perfect for families or beginner hikers.

4. Gaston's Mill Hiking Trails: These trails are located near the historic mill site featuring several short loops suitable for all skill levels, including children and seniors.

5. Pioneer Village Loop Trial: It's a relatively flat loop around historical buildings in pioneer village providing educational opportunities as well as exercise.

6. Echo Dell Road - Hellbender Bluff Park Connector: Approximately five mile long trail connecting Echo Dell road to Hellbender bluff park showcasing diverse flora & fauna.

7. Hellish Hill Climb: As name suggests it offers challenging steep climb but rewards you with panoramic view at top.

8. Beaver creek Wildlife Education Center Pathways: Short pathways within education center premises giving glimpse into local wildlife species.

9. Salamander Run Wildflower Reserve Paths: Easy walking paths ideal during Spring season when reserve blooms up.

10. Fredricktown Clarkson Rail:trail: Flat rail trial good option if looking out for bird watching while hiking.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
January 17 family fun by taters n onions
park review stars; one to five this is one of the areas most under estimated family fun places around. I have lived in this area for 43 years and raised three kids in this great place. This is what having a family is all about, having the great out doors in your back yard. This park offers all kinds of education and fun for everyone. Now days family is so precious and should not be over looked. So I challenge everyone to spend just two hours a week at this wonderful place that is free fun and will creat a life time of memories that will bring smiles to your face every time you look back.
December 14 So many things to do! by swampboy62
park review stars; one to five The main unit of the park is based around the restored mill and village - watch for Civil War reenactments. Great hiking trails that give access to the old stone locks from the Sandy & Beaver Canal. The creek is great for canoeing & kayaking from the parks canoe access at Elkton down to the group camping area at Sprucevale. And most of the hiking trails are open to mountain bikes as well, and have some excellent singletrack.
November 10 by bubba
park review stars; one to five Campground is pleasant. Creek is good for Smallmouth. Beaver Meadows Golf Course is close, nice.
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1. From Columbus, take I-70 East towards Wheeling.
2. Continue on I-70 East until you reach Exit 213 for OH-9 towards Hanoverton.
3. Take the ramp towards Hanoverton and turn right onto OH-9 South.
4. Follow OH-9 South for approximately 7.5 miles.
5. After passing through Hanoverton, turn left onto Scroggs Road.
6. Continue on Scroggs Road for about 1.5 miles, then turn right onto Leslie Road.
7. Follow Leslie Road for about 1 mile until you reach the entrance of Beaver Creek State Forest.

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