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Northern California Region
Boggs Mountain State Forest
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Boggs Mountain State Forest © Gary OToole
Boggs Mountain State Forest Summer Sunset © Autumn Fuentes
Sun rays cut through the forest in late summer
Boggs Mountain State Forest Dogwood Blooms © Autumn Fuentes
Blooms cover a dogwood tree at Boggs State Forest
Boggs Mountain State Forest Fall Color © Autumn Fuentes
Vibrant fall color on a crisp day at Boggs State Forest
Boggs Mountain State Forest Snow Covered Trail © Autumn Fuentes
Footprints in the snow on a winter evening in Boggs
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Acquired this forest from a private landowner in 1949. At that time, most of the merchantable timber on the Forest had already been harvested. Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest is located in southern Lake County, seven miles northwest of Middletown and eight miles south of Clear Lake. It lies approximately 50 miles inland from the Pacific shoreline and 75 air miles north of San Francisco. The Forest consists of gently rolling terrain bordered by two mountain peaks, one at the north end and one at the south end. Geologically, Boggs Mountain is complex, with various types of volcanic rock exposed over much of its nearly 3,500 acres.

In September of 2015, the Valley Fire burned through 99 of the property killing roughly 80 of the mature trees and 95 of the understory regeneration. Reforestation efforts have consisted of forest-wide salvage logging operations to recover the value of the damaged timber. Though most of the trees were killed in the fire, the structural integrity of the wood remained, and the trees were cut and hauled to local sawmills to produce wood products. As part of the reforestation plan, 702,695 tree seedlings were planted across approximately 3,100 acres of the property. The planted species included Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, Sugar Pine, Incense Cedar, and Giant Sequoia.

Vegetation at the lower elevations consists of chaparral with manzanita being most predominant. Upper elevations host a mixed conifer forest of mostly coast range Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, and sugar pine. Hardwood species include canyon live oak, black oak, dogwood, and madrone.

Hunting is permitted under applicable State game laws and regulations. Pets are welcome but must be leashed and controlled.
History of the Area
Boggs Mountain State Forest is a 3,493-acre forest located in Lake County, California. Its history is deeply rooted in forest management, conservation, and recreational development.

The forest was originally part of the traditional lands of the Pomo Native American tribe. The Pomo people had a rich cultural history in the region, utilizing the land's resources for sustenance, shelter, and spiritual practices. However, with the arrival of European settlers in the 19th century, the Pomo and other Native American tribes were displaced from their ancestral lands.

In the late 1800s, the forested lands of Boggs Mountain began to be exploited for timber resources. Large-scale logging operations were established by timber companies, leading to significant deforestation in the area. The timber industry played a crucial role in the local economy but also resulted in widespread ecological impacts.

In the early 20th century, with growing concerns about environmental conservation and sustainable forest management, the state of California began to acquire forested lands to protect them from further degradation. Boggs Mountain State Forest was officially designated as a California State Forest in 1949.

Since then, the management focus of the forest has shifted from commercial timber extraction to ecosystem preservation, fire management, and recreation. Today, Boggs Mountain State Forest is managed by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). The forest management practices aim to maintain healthy forest ecosystems while also providing opportunities for recreational activities.

The forest offers various recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, and hunting (during specific seasons). Trails have been developed throughout the forest, offering visitors the chance to explore its lush landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and scenic views.

However, in 2015, a devastating wildfire known as the Valley Fire heavily impacted the Boggs Mountain State Forest as well as the surrounding communities. The fire burned a significant portion of the forest and caused substantial damage to infrastructure and recreational facilities. Since then, efforts have been made to restore the forest and improve its resilience to future wildfires.

The history of Boggs Mountain State Forest is a reflection of the changing attitudes towards forest management and conservation in California. From extensive logging to focused preservation and recreation, the forest has undergone transformation over the years, striving to balance ecological and recreational needs.
1. Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest Campground: This campground is located within the forest itself and offers primitive camping options with picnic tables, fire rings, restrooms but no potable water or RV hookups.

2. Clear Lake State Park: Located about 20 minutes from Boggs Mountain, this state park has campgrounds that can accommodate tents as well as trailers/RVs up to 27 feet long. Amenities include hot showers and flush toilets.

3. Kelsey Creek Campground: Also situated near Clear Lake, it provides campsites for both tent camping and RVs along with amenities like a boat ramp, fish cleaning station etc.

4. Konocti Vista Casino Resort & Marina: Offers an adjacent full-service marina complete with boating facilities including fueling dock in addition to its own private beach area on beautiful historic clear lake.

5. Lakeport English Inn: A unique option offering themed rooms based off of famous British authors such Shakespeare's Garden Room, Lord Byron's room.

6. Edgewater Resort: Provides cabins equipped kitchenettes right next door at Soda Bay where you could rent paddle boards or kayaks.

7. Aurora Rv Park & Marina: It features spacious sites designed specifically for big rigs plus they offer free WiFi throughout their property.
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Boggs Mountain State Forest is located near Clearlake, Healdsburg and Kelseyville

1. Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest Loop: This is a 10-mile loop trail that offers scenic views and varying terrain, including dense forests, open meadows, and rocky outcrops. The trail has moderate difficulty with some steep sections.

2. Mac's Trail: A relatively easy hike of about 3 miles round trip through mixed conifer forest featuring Douglas fir trees along the way.

3. Gail's Trail & Hoberg's Loop Combo: An approximately six mile long combination route offering panoramic vistas over Cobb Valley from several spots on the ridge line between these two trails.

4. Ridge to Marsh Trails via Fossil Hill Road Route: It covers around five miles in total length providing hikers an opportunity to explore various ecosystems within this state forest ranging from marshy wetlands to dry ridges covered by chaparral vegetation.

5. Boggs Peak Lookout Point: Accessible via East Ridge Fire road or North Rim trial; it provides breathtaking view of surrounding valleys as well as Mount Konocti volcano at distance after hiking for nearly four miles uphill climb.

6. North Boundary Trial: Approximately three:and-a-half-miles-long path running parallel alongside northern boundary fence-line crossing multiple creeks before ending near Big Sulfur Creek drainage basin area where one can spot wildlife like deer frequently during early morning hours or late evenings.

7. South Side Interpretive Nature Walk: Short half-mile walk suitable even for children showcasing different types of plants found here accompanied with informational signboards explaining their ecological significance.

8. Picnic Area Connector Pathway: Less than quarter mile short pathway connecting main parking lot area directly towards picnic tables located amidst redwood grove perfect place for resting while enjoying packed lunch under shade provided by towering tree canopy overhead.

9. Bottle Rock Bluffs Scenic Overlook Via Westside fire:road: Roughly seven-to-eight-miles-round-trip challenging trek leading towards rocky outcrop providing panoramic view of entire forest area along with Bottle Rock Road winding through it.

10. East Ridge Trail: This is a 2-mile trail that offers stunning views over the surrounding landscape and features several steep sections, making it suitable for more experienced hikers.

11. Fossil Hill Loop: A three mile long loop passing by Fossil hill known for its unique geological formations containing marine fossils dating back to millions years ago during Miocene epoch period when this region was under sea level.

12. Hoberg's Historic Resort Site Walk: Short half:a-mile walk taking visitors around ruins left behind from once thriving resort destroyed in Valley fire incident happened few years ago giving glimpse into past history associated with Boggs Mountain State Forest.

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Area Campgrounds
Edgewater Resort & RV Park
6420 Soda Bay Road
Kelseyville, CA

1. Start by heading north on US:101 N.
2. Continue onto CA:37 E and drive for approximately 20 miles.
3. Take the exit toward Vallejo/Sacramento to merge onto I:80 E.
4. Stay on I:80 E for about 40 miles until you reach Fairfield.
5. Take exit 39A to merge onto CA:12 W towards Suisun City/Napa/Sonoma/CA29/Lake Berryessa.
6. Continue driving on CA:12W through Napa Valley Wine Country (approximately 30 minutes).
7. Turn left at Tubbs Lane and continue straight as it turns into Silverado Trail Road Northbound.
8. Follow this road for about an hour until you reach Calistoga Rd where you will turn right.
9. Drive along Calistoga Rd which eventually becomes Highway128 East bound.
10. After passing Middletown take a slight left turn when highway intersects with Butts Canyon rd.
11. The entrance of Boggs Mountain State Forest will be shortly after turning.

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