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Vermont State Parks

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Northern Region
Brighton State Park
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102 State Park Rd
Island Pond, Vermont   05846
(lat:44.798 lon:-71.8549)

Phone: (802) 723-4360
Reservations: 888-409-7579

The primary attraction of this general area is its remoteness: mountains with tree-covered slopes, fast running rivers and streams, and clear lakes. The land northeast and southeast of Island Pond is especially suited to the angler, the hunter, or the outdoor lover, and is virtually without roads or villages. Logging roads into the deeper reaches of this area are numerous and offer interesting side trips.

The Town of Island Pond had its heyday in the 1800s up until the Depression years, when the railroad from Montreal, Canada to Portland, Maine passed through. The population was much larger than it is today. The streets were lively with railroad men and rugged loggers from around the region, and 13 tracks passed through the town. Only two tracks remain today, and the unique wooden bridge that once traversed all 13 tracks is gone. The heritage of railroading is still evident in the train station and a few other massive structures at the north end of town. Interestingly, Island Pond was the site of the first international railroad junction in the United States.
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Area Campgrounds
Lakeside Campground
1348 Route 105
Island Pond, VT
Area Cabins and Lodges
Island Pond Lakefront Inn & Resort
127 Cross St
Island Pond, VT
(802) 723-6507


Vermont State Parks