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Brimfield State Forest
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Dean Pond Rd.
Brimfield, Massachusetts   01010

Phone: 413 267-9687
This rolling, heavily forested property has over 20 miles of roads and trails and is used primarily for hiking, walking, horseback riding and fishing. Dean Pond Recreation Area, located in the western portion of Brimfield State Forest, has a pavilion, comfort station, 100 linear feet of beach and picnic facilities. The roads are popular for equestrian use and related special events.
History of the Area
Brimfield State Forest is located in Brimfield, Massachusetts, and holds significance in the state's history. Here is a brief overview of its historical background:

1. Early Indigenous Settlements: Before European settlers arrived, the area around Brimfield was home to the Nipmuc tribe, an Algonquian-speaking indigenous group. They inhabited the region for thousands of years and relied on the forest for sustenance and resources.

2. European Settlement: The first European settlers arrived in the Brimfield area in the early 18th century. The town of Brimfield was officially incorporated in 1731. The settlers initially relied on agriculture, including farming and grazing, making use of the surrounding forested areas.

3. Land Use Changes: Over time, the land use patterns in Brimfield changed. The forested areas saw the establishment of sawmills, which utilized the surrounding trees for timber and provided essential material for constructing houses and other structures in the area.

4. The Creation of Brimfield State Forest: In the early 20th century, Massachusetts began acquiring land for conservation purposes and established several state forests, including Brimfield State Forest. The exact date of its creation is unclear, but it became part of the Massachusetts State Forests and Parks system around that time.

5. Conservation Efforts: Brimfield State Forest was established to preserve the natural beauty and ecological value of the forested landscape. The forest is managed to protect and enhance the health of its ecosystems while providing opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, camping, fishing, and picnicking.

6. Tornado Disaster: On June 1, 2011, an EF3 tornado struck Brimfield and devastated a significant portion of the forest. The tornado caused severe damage to the trees and infrastructure within the park but also gave rise to significant restoration efforts and improvements in its facilities.

Brimfield State Forest continues to serve as a natural haven in Massachusetts, offering visitors a chance to explore the forested landscapes while appreciating the historical and environmental significance of the area.
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1. Dean Pond Recreation Area Trail: This is a 2-mile loop trail that starts and ends at the recreation area, circling around Dean pond. It's an easy hike with minimal elevation changes making it suitable for beginners or families.

2. Tantiusques Loop Trail: A moderate difficulty level hiking path of about 3 miles long which takes you through dense forest areas filled with oak trees and offers views of old mining sites as this was once a lead mine operated by Native Americans before European settlers arrived.

3. Brimfield State Forest Main Loop: The main loop within the state park covers approximately six miles in total length, offering hikers scenic woodland trails interspersed with marshy wetlands teeming with wildlife such as deer, rabbits and various bird species.

4. East Brimfield Lake Pathway: This pathway stretches along the eastern side of East Brimfield lake providing beautiful water vistas to its visitors while they enjoy their walk on this relatively flat terrain covering roughly two-and-a-half mile distance one way.

5. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail Section (Brimfield): Although not entirely located inside the boundaries of Brimfiled State Forest but closeby; it provides more challenging hikes due to steep inclines over rocky terrains stretching up-to five-miles round trip journey from start point till end where panoramic mountainous landscapes can be viewed.

6. Boundary Walk Route: An off-beat track spanning nearly four-miles taking explorers across less frequented parts showcasing diverse flora-fauna including rare plant varieties native only to Massachusetts region like American Chestnut tree etc.,.

7. Wildlife Observation Trails: These are series short-length pathways specifically designed keeping nature enthusiasts in mind who wish observe local fauna closely without disturbing them much during their natural activities hence these paths remain unmarked & unpaved ensuring minimum human intervention into animal habitats present here.

8. Snowmobile/ Cross-Country Skiing Trails: During winter months, certain trails within the forest are designated for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. These paths vary in length from 1 to 3 miles.

9. Mountain Biking Paths: Apart from regular hiking routes there exist few dedicated mountain biking tracks as well inside Brimfield State Forest offering thrilling rides over uneven terrains amidst lush green surroundings making it a perfect adventure sport destination during summers.

10. Horseback Riding Trail: This is an approximately three-mile long trail specifically designed for horse riding enthusiasts providing them ample space & right kind of surface suitable for horses' movement while they enjoy their ride through this beautiful woodland area.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
September 2 Park is closed for 2011 by Sunsetco
park review stars; one to five I stopped at this park and found it closed. The 2011 Tornado that struck this area shredded a large swath of forest just down the road from the entrance to this park. Hopefully it will reopen next year.
April 16 kyaks or canoes by big fish
park review stars; one to five fishing great but are kyaks and canoes permited have been using pond for 40 years last time almost beaten up by shore fisherman .
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Brimfield State Forest is located in south-central Massachusetts.From east or west: Massachusetts Turnpike (Rte. I-90) to exit 8. Rte. 32 south to Rte. 20 east, right on Monson Rd. Follow signs to Dean Pond.

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Massachusetts State Parks