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Corbett Memorial State Park
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Corbett Memorial State Park is a picturesque natural haven that offers visitors an array of outdoor activities. The park features lush greenery and diverse wildlife which makes it perfect for nature enthusiasts who enjoy hiking or bird watching. It also has picnic areas with stunning views where families can relax and spend quality time together. Named after Guy W Corbett, the park's serene environment provides tranquility away from city life while its well-maintained trails offer opportunities for exploration amidst beautiful landscapes.

History of the Area
Located in the U.S. state of Oregon, this natural reserve was established as a memorial to Henry W. Corbett - an influential businessman and politician from Portland who made significant contributions towards developing infrastructure within the region during his lifetime.

The park's history dates back to 1954 when it was officially designated by Governor Paul L Patterson after being purchased with funds donated by Elliott R. Corbett II and Helen Ladd-Corbett, descendants of H.W.Corbett himself.

Spanning over approximately 1 acre (0.40 ha), its establishment aimed at preserving local flora while providing recreational opportunities for visitors such as picnicking facilities amidst scenic views overlooking Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Over time, efforts were undertaken to enhance visitor experience through improvements like adding interpretive signs about regional geology or native plant species found there along with maintaining cleanliness standards across all areas including restrooms available on-site.

However, due to budget constraints faced by Oregon Parks & Recreation Department around early-2000s period; maintenance operations had been reduced significantly leading up-to closure decision taken in late-2012 which came into effect starting January next year making it one among several other parks that got closed down temporarily until further notice regarding their reopening plans could be announced later-on based upon availability of sufficient funding resources again eventually restoring public access once more someday hopefully soon enough!

Corbett Memorial State Park offers picnic tables and grills, perfect for family outings. Enjoy scenic views while eating outdoors.

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1. Start your journey from Portland, Oregon.
2. Take I:84 East towards Hood River for approximately 20 miles.
3. Continue on I:84 until you reach Exit 22 toward Corbett/Multnomah Falls.
4. Merge onto NE Frontage Road and continue straight for about half a mile.
5. Turn left onto Historic Columbia River Highway/US:30 E and drive for around 6 miles.

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Oregon State Parks