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Doug''s Beach State Park
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It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
Doug's Beach State Park is a 400-acre, undeveloped day-use park on the Columbia River. This is one of the premier windsurfing sites in the Columbia Gorge and is rated for advanced sailors. Parking is along the south side of SR 14. There is a pedestrian walkway behind the vehicle-parking area, fenced from passing trains. Visitors access the beach down a paved path with railroad-crossing arms and signals. Doug's beach is a popular windsurfing site and (for those less adventurous) a windsurfing observation site. Picnic tables and shade trees line the shore.

Park hours/updates:

Summer: 6:30 a.m. to dusk.Winter: 8 a.m. to dusk.

The park is open year round for day use.
Nature of the Area
Wildlife Mammals Birds Fish & Sea Life? Coyotes? Deer or Elk? Marmots? Raccoons? Skunks? Squirrels? Crows or Ravens? Ducks? Eagles? Geese? Gulls? Hawks? Herons? Ospreys? Wrens? Bass? Catfish? Sturgeon? Walleye

Environmental Features Physical Features Plant Life Special The park is situated underneath basalt cliffs carved by the flood waters of the last ice age. The basalt emerged as immense lava flows from massive cracks in the earth's crust. These flows covered all of eastern Washington and Oregon long before the floods.

An observer can identify the various flows by the distinct stratigraphy along the cliff walls. Some flows appear to have been hundreds of feet thick in some areas.

For more information on the floods and geology of eastern Washington, visit Sun Lakes State Park and the Dry Falls Interpretive Center. ? Alder? Poplar? Lupines? Rose? Berries? Poison Oak

Native American villages existed up and down the Oregon and Washington shores of the Columbia River. Consequently, there are artifacts associated with those village sites. The disturbance of sites and/or collection of artifacts is prohibited by state and federal laws. Penalties for such violations are high, and the areas are patrolled by local, state, and federal officers.

History of the Area
In 1805, Lewis and Clark stopped for supplies at an Indian village in the vicinity of today's park. The transaction is recorded in their journals. The park acquired its name from a windsurfer who used to frequent the beach when the sport was in its infancy. "Doug" still lives in the Gorge and owns a business in Hood River, Oregon.
Park Store
Services/Supplies Available in the area ? Auto repair? Airport? Camping? Diesel? Fishing/hunting? Gasoline? Gifts? Golf? Groceries? Hardware? Hospital? Overnight Accommodations? Pay phone? Postal service? Propane? Recreational equipment? White gas? Wood? Swimming

The nearest gas, phone and groceries can be found in Murdock and Lyle. Additional services are available in The Dalles, Oregon.

Doug''s Beach State Park is located near The Dalles

The park offers ten unsheltered picnic tables and three portapoties, but no water and no dump site. Visitors are expected to pack their garbage out with them when they leave. Tables are available first-come, first-served. Fires are not permitted in the park.
Area Attractions
Activities Trails Water Activities Other? Fishing (freshwater)? Swimming (freshwater)? Bird Watching? Sailboarding? Wildlife Viewing

Windsurfing is also popular.

Be advised that archeological sites and artifacts are protected by both federal and state laws, and their disturbance and/or removal is illegal and carries severe penalties.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
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Located between Murdock, Wash., and Lyle, Wash. in Klickitat County.

From Oregon:On I-84, take exit #87 at The Dalles. Drive north on US 197 over the Columbia River about 2.5 miles to the SR 14 junction, then head west about five miles. The park is located on SR 14.

From Washington:Travel east on SR 14 from Vancouver,WA. The park is about three miles east of the town of Lyle.

Traveling west:On SR 14 from US 97 or I-82 near the Tri-Cities, drive about five miles past the US 197 junction. The park is located near milepost-78 on SR 14.


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