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Elmslie Memorial State Forest
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The Elmslie Memorial State Forest is a breathtaking natural haven that encompasses a diverse range of landscapes and stunning biodiversity. Stretching across acres of rolling hills, dense woodlands, and tranquil waterways, this forest showcases a mesmerizing tapestry of towering elms, complemented by a rich array of vibrant wildflowers and other native plants. Its winding trails offer a captivating journey for hikers and nature enthusiasts alike, allowing them to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of this preserved ecosystem, home to a wide variety of wildlife species. With its captivating scenery and abundance of natural wonders, the Elmslie Memorial State Forest is a cherished gem, providing a peaceful sanctuary and a profound connection with Missouri's stunning natural heritage.
History of the Area
Elmslie Memorial State Forest is located in Callaway County, Missouri. The forest was established in 1959 and named after Isaac D. Elmslie, a prominent conservationist and previously the superintendent of the Missouri State Parks Department.

The history of Elmslie Memorial State Forest can be traced back to the early 20th century when Isaac D. Elmslie first acquired the land. Elmslie was committed to promoting conservation and sustainable forestry practices in Missouri. He recognized the importance of preserving natural forests and advocated for their protection.

In 1930, Elmslie donated the initial 220 acres of land to the state of Missouri, which eventually became the core of Elmslie Memorial State Forest. Over the years, additional land acquisitions and donations added to the forest's size, and it now covers a total area of 2,869 acres.

The primary purpose of establishing Elmslie Memorial State Forest was to serve as a demonstration area for sustainable forestry practices. Forest management techniques, including timber harvesting, prescribed burns, and non-commercial tree removal, are implemented to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem while also generating revenue for the state.

The forest is home to various tree species, including oak, hickory, maple, and pine. Wildlife such as deer, turkey, squirrels, and numerous bird species can also be found within its boundaries. Elmslie Memorial State Forest provides recreational opportunities for visitors, including hiking, wildlife viewing, and hunting.

Elmslie Memorial State Forest stands as a testament to Isaac D. Elmslie's dedication to conservation and sustainable forestry practices. It continues to serve as an educational resource and a natural gem in the state of Missouri.
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Elmslie Memorial State Forest is located near Hannibal

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Area Campgrounds
Mark Twain Landing
42819 Landing Lane
Monroe City, MO

1. Start your journey from [your starting point] and head towards the town of Sturgeon, Missouri.
2. From Sturgeon, take Route E heading east for approximately 5 miles until you reach a junction with County Road 1150.
3. Turn left onto County Road 1150 (also known as East Brown School Rd) and continue driving north for about half a mile.
4. At this point, you will see signs indicating the entrance to Elmslie Memorial State Forest on your right:hand side.
5. Take the designated forest road into the park area.

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