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Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park
Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park © MCalamari at English Wikipedia / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Photo of the old Folsom Powerhouse on the American River, at Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park, California, USA. By M.Mierzwa in June 2006 and released to the public domain. MCalamari 1642, 21 September 2006 UTC
Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park © Douglas Nelson Turner / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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9980 Greenback Lane
Folsom, California   95630

Phone: 916-988-0205
The Folsom Powerhouse is part of a colorful chapter of Sacramento history and is also an example of the tremendous advance in the commercial application of electricity. H.P. Livermore realized that the water of the American River could turn generators for electricity in Sacramento, 22 miles downstream. With his partners, Livermore built the powerhouse, which still looks much as it did in 1895.

The opening of the powerhouse brought with it a "grand electric carnival" parade through downtown Sacramento and a 100-gun salute from a detachment of soldiers near the substation. Vintage generators are still in place at the powerhouse, as is the control switchboard, faced with Tennessee marble.

Visitors touring the powerhouse can see the massive General Electric transformers, each capable of conducting from 800 to 11,000 volts of electricity, in addition to the forebays and canal system that brought the water from the dam.

History of the Area
The Folsom Powerhouse, located in California, was one of the first alternating current (AC) hydroelectric power stations. It began operations on July 13th, 1895 and served Sacramento for over half a century until it ceased operation in 1952.

Constructed by prison labor from nearby Folsom Prison under the direction of Horatio Gates Livermore and his sons Charles Edward and Josiah Howell Livermore; this powerhouse played an instrumental role during its time as it transmitted electricity to Sacramento at a distance which had never been achieved before - approximately twenty-two miles away.

In recognition of its historical significance related to early electrical engineering innovation, The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers declared it as National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark No.16 in June1976. Later that year on December14th ,the site also received designation as both California Historical Landmark #633and U.S.National Register Of Historic Places NRHP Reference#76000512

Today,the former operational buildings have been preserved within their original setting along with some equipment remnants providing visitors insight into late-19th-century industrial technology development.The park is managed by the California Department of Parks & Recreation offering educational tours about hydropower history.

While exploring the rich history of a certain location in California, one might also want to consider engaging in some physical activity. Bicycling is an option that can be pursued here.

The area offers several bike trails for enthusiasts and casual riders alike. The most popular among these are the American River Bike Trail and Folsom Lake Crossing Road Pathway which offer scenic views along their routes. However, it's important to note that due to its historic nature, biking within specific parts of this site may not always be permitted or advisable.

For those who prefer off-road cycling experiences over paved paths, there are options available as well but they require more caution given potential rough terrains and steep inclines at times. It would therefore be wise for cyclists with less experience on such terrain types or anyone looking out for safety first before adventure - especially families with young children -to stick primarily towards smoother pathways instead.

Remember though: while enjoying your ride through beautiful landscapes filled with historical significance; respect boundaries set by authorities regarding where you're allowed (or not) onto cycle so as preserve integrity our shared heritage sites like this one.

Lastly, don't forget about helmet laws applicable across all age groups when planning any bicycling activities around here! Safety should never take backseat during recreational pursuits after all...
1. Folsom Powerhouse Bike Trail: This is a 2-mile trail that starts at the historic powerhouse and runs along Lake Natoma's shoreline, offering beautiful views of the lake and wildlife spotting opportunities.

2. Johnny Cash Trail: A tribute to legendary singer-songwriter Johnny Cash who once performed in Folsom Prison, this approximately 3 miles long paved path features art installations inspired by his life and music while providing stunning vistas over American River Canyon.

3. Jedediah Smith Memorial Loop (American River Parkway): The park connects with this extensive loop which spans about 32-miles round trip from Discovery Park to Beal's Point on Folsom Lake - perfect for those looking for longer hikes or bike rides through diverse landscapes including oak woodlands, riparian habitats & riverfronts.

4. Humbug-Willow Creek Trails System: Accessible via connecting trails within the park; it offers around 15 miles of multi-use paths winding through various natural areas featuring wetland preserves as well as urban settings like residential neighborhoods & commercial districts in city limits.

5. Oak Parkway Trail: It stretches roughly two-and-a-half mile between Blue Ravine Road near East Bidwell Street down towards Highway50 where one can enjoy scenic creek-side stroll amidst lush greenery during springtime especially when wildflowers are blooming profusely all around.

6. Lake Natoma Waterfront Pathway: An easy walking route suitable even for families with children due its flat terrain but still rewarding because you get close-up view onto calm waters reflecting surrounding trees creating picturesque scenery ideal not only hiking enthusiasts also photographers alike!

7. Rattlesnake Bar-Horseshoe Bar Loop: Although technically located just outside boundary lines yet easily reachable hence worth mentioning here - an adventurous trek leading up steep hillsides then descending into deep valleys before looping back again covering total distance approximating nearly six kilometers overall promising exhilarating experience every step way!

8. Folsom Lake Crossing Bridge: A pedestrian-friendly bridge that offers a panoramic view of the American River, perfect for leisurely walks or bike rides.

9. Pioneer Express Trail: This trail extends from Sacramento to Auburn and passes through the park offering hikers an opportunity to explore California's Gold Rush history while enjoying views of rolling hills and river valleys.

10. Folsom Rail Trail: It follows old railroad tracks providing unique perspective into region's past besides being relatively easy walk suitable even less experienced walkers who can still appreciate its historical significance along with natural beauty surrounding them throughout their journey here within this state historic park premises itself!

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The recreation area, located near the town of Folsom, can be reached via either Highway 50 or I-80.
Folsom, CA - Latitude/Longitude: 38.6781 / -121.1750

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