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Cumberland Plateau Region
Franklin-Marion State Forest
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Franklin State Forest was acquired in 1936 from the Cross Creek Coal Company and was highly degraded. Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Forestry Division assumed management of the area in 1940. The Forest is on the Cumberland Plateau and located in south-central Tennessee, in Marion and Franklin Counties. The forest is 35-40 miles west of Chattanooga. About 99% of the land is forested and about 96% of the land is in mature hardwood sawtimber and pole timber. Only about 3% of the Forest is pine. The area has a history of timber abuse by diameter-limit cuts and uncontrolled wildfires. Silvicultural prescriptions are geared towards timber stand improvement and management of wildlife habitat. The forest has been traditionally used for hunting. Other recreational uses include horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and camping.
History of the Area
The Franklin-Marion State Forest is located in Tennessee and has a rich history. Originally, the land where the forest now exists was heavily logged and used for agricultural purposes in the early 1900s.

In 1935, as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal initiative, the Tennessee Division of Forestry acquired a significant portion of the land and established the forest. It was named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Marion County, where it is located.

During the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) played a vital role in the development of the Franklin-Marion State Forest. CCC workers were responsible for reforesting the area, building trails, roads, bridges, and improvements like picnic areas and campgrounds within the forest.
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Franklin-Marion State Forest is located near Winchester

1. North Chickamauga Creek Segment: A 12-mile trail featuring waterfalls, rock formations and diverse flora.

2. Mullens Cove Loop Trail: An approximately 10-mile loop with views of the Tennessee River Gorge, offering moderate difficulty level for hikers.

3. Pot Point Nature Trail: This is a short but steep two miles long hike that offers stunning river overlooks and dense forest scenery.

4. Soddy Daisy Segments: Rock Creek Section & Stevenson Branch Section trails are combined to form an approximate length of over nine miles through rugged terrain including creekside paths and rocky outcrops.

5. Cumberland Mountain Segment features about eight miles showcasing panoramic vistas from Hinch Mountain which is one of the highest points in Franklin: Marion State Forest area.

6. The Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area has several interconnected hiking routes totaling around twenty: four miles; these include Edwards Points trail (0-9 mile), Tower Drive (8-14 mile) etc. , providing varied landscapes such as cliffsides, forests, meadows etc.

7. Imodium Falls Trails: consists mainly downhill path leading towards Imodium falls covering roughly three: miles distance round trip within thick woods setting along creek side areas.

8. Snooper's Rock Overlook: provides less than half-a-mile walk up to spectacular viewpoint overlooking Tennessee River gorge below.

9. Raccoon mountain segment: covers nearly twelve-miles stretch across Raccoon mountains presenting challenging terrains like boulders fields besides scenic beauty spots.

10. Cumberland South section: spans almost eleven-and-half-miles crossing various topographical elements ranging from high ridges down into deep gorges while passing by beautiful cascades on way.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
August 28 Our favorite park by far by Jim Briley
park review stars; one to five Good trails, well mantained, beatiful scenery,quite,and great personnel.(very helpful).Truly enjoy visiting.
March 21 Very Good Horseback riding
park review stars; one to five
November 1 enjoyed the pretty scenry on our atv by ellenhandy
park review stars; one to five the lakes are awsom trails are good
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1. Start on I:24 E from Nashville, Tennessee.
2. Continue for about 85 miles until you reach exit 134 for US:41A toward Monteagle/Sewanee.
3. Take the exit and turn left onto US:41A S/W Main St towards Sewanee.
4. Drive approximately 18 miles to TN:156 W in Marion County; take a right here.
5. Follow this road around Nickajack Lake then continue straight as it becomes Orme Mountain Rd/TN State Route303.
6. After roughly another five miles, Franklin:Marion State Forest will be visible on your right side.

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Tennessee State Parks