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Massachusetts State Parks

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Connecticut River Valley Region
Granville State Forest
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323 West Hartland Rd.
Granville, Massachusetts   01034

Phone: 413-357-6611
Reservations: 413-357-6611
Located along the southern border of Massachusetts in the towns of Granville and Tolland, this state forest's 2,426 acres, borders with Connecticut's 9,152 acre Tunxis State Forest, creating a sense of tranquil remoteness. Formerly, this extensive rolling terrain was once the hunting and fishing ground of the Tunxis tribe, later becoming open farmland and pastures; now slowly reverting back into a northern hardwood-conifer forest. In 1749 the first English pioneer to this area, Samuel Hubbard, settled along the banks of the river now bearing his name. Enjoy a walk along the Hubbard River as it cascades through natural rock formations forming pools and waterfalls, dropping a rapid 450 feet in 2.5 miles.

Recreation at Granville includes a wooded camping area with toilet and shower facilities, offering access to nearby regional tourist attractions. Other popular activities include bird watching, wildlife viewing, snowshoeing, and mountain biking.
History of the Area
Granville State Forest, located in the town of Granville, Massachusetts, has a rich history dating back to colonial times. Originally inhabited by the Pocomtuc tribe, the area was settled by European colonizers in the 1700s.

In the late 1700s, the forest was used for logging, with trees being harvested for lumber and other wood products. As the Industrial Revolution took hold in the early 19th century, the forest became an important source of timber for local industries.

In 1919, the state of Massachusetts purchased around 3,373 acres of land in Granville to establish the state forest. This was part of a broader initiative by the state to protect its natural resources and provide public recreational areas for its citizens. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a New Deal program during the Great Depression, was responsible for much of the initial development of the state forest, including the construction of roads, trails, and buildings that are still in use today.

During the mid-20th century, Granville State Forest saw an increase in recreational activities. Visitors were drawn to the forest for camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. The forest also became a popular winter destination for activities such as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Efforts have been made to preserve and enhance the natural resources of Granville State Forest. This includes ongoing forest management practices aimed at maintaining a healthy ecosystem and promoting sustainable uses of the land.

Granville State Forest continues to attract outdoor enthusiasts with its diverse range of recreational opportunities. Visitors can explore over 15 miles of hiking trails, swim in the forest's pond, or enjoy picnicking and camping facilities. The forest also offers opportunities for wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and nature photography.

The history of Granville State Forest reflects the preservation of natural resources and the development of outdoor recreational spaces in Massachusetts.
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1. Granville State Forest Campground: This is the main campground within the forest itself, offering 22 campsites with picnic tables and fireplaces. There are also two yurts available for rent.

2. Prospect Mountain Campground: Located just a short drive from Granville State Forest, this family-friendly campsite offers amenities like swimming pools, mini-golf course and playgrounds in addition to tent sites and RV hookups.

3. Sodom Mountain Campgrounds: Another nearby option that provides both wooded tent sites as well as full-hookup RV spots along with various recreational activities such as fishing ponds or hiking trails.

4. Windy Acres Family Campground: A bit further away but still an easy drive to reach the state forest; it has large open spaces perfect for families camping together plus facilities including restrooms/showers & laundry room.

5. Partridge Hollow Camping Area: It's located near Blandford Ski area which makes it ideal if you're planning on doing some skiing during your trip too! They offer spacious grassed areas suitable for tents/RVs alongside modern conveniences like Wi:Fi access at every site!

6. Bissell Bridge Boat Launch: If you're more into primitive camping then consider setting up camp here where there's no fee required although do note that services/facilities will be limited compared to other options listed above (no potable water source etc).
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1. Laura's Tower Trail: This 2-mile round trip trail is a popular choice among hikers due to its moderate difficulty level and the stunning views it offers from Laura's tower, which overlooks Stockbridge Bowl.

2. Wild Cat Trail: A moderately difficult loop trail that spans approximately 3 miles through dense forested areas with some steep inclines and declines along the way.

3. Boulder Rock Loop: An easy-to-moderate hike of around two miles featuring beautiful wildflowers during springtime, this route also passes by an impressive boulder rock formation hence its name.

4. Granville Gorge Falls Trails: These trails lead you towards scenic waterfalls within the state park; they are relatively short but can be quite challenging because of their rocky terrain and sharp descents/ascents near waterfall locations.

5. Bear Mountain Road Hiking Pathway: It stretches for about four miles in total length offering panoramic vistas over surrounding landscapes at various points throughout your journey on foot or bike ride as well!

6. The Round Top Hill Summit Route: At nearly five:and-a-half mile long (round-trip), this strenuous trek takes you up to one of highest peaks inside Granville State Forest where breathtaking panoramas await those who make it all way there!

7. Southwick Pond Nature Walk: This gentle path winds alongside Southwick pond providing opportunities for bird watching & wildlife spotting amidst lush greenery making perfect option if looking something less physically demanding yet equally rewarding terms natural beauty encountered en-route.

8. Long Pond Circuit: A six:mile-long circular track encircling Long Pond provides diverse scenery including wetlands habitats home numerous species flora fauna native region.

9. Beech Hill Brook Crossing Track: A slightly more rugged pathway leading down into valley before crossing brook via wooden bridge then climbing back out other side onto higher ground again giving sense adventure while exploring different ecosystems present here.

10. Wilderness Backcountry Trail: For those seeking solitude and a true wilderness experience, this trail offers an intense hike through remote areas of the forest. It's not for beginners due to its length (around 8 miles) and challenging terrain.

11. Northwest Ridge Path: This is another difficult but rewarding route that takes you along ridges with stunning views over surrounding landscapes; it's approximately six:and-a-half mile long in total distance covered round-trip.

12. Eastern Boundary Walkway: A relatively flat easy:going walk suitable all ages abilities stretching just under two miles one way offering peaceful stroll amidst dense woodland setting away from busier central parts park.

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Area Campgrounds
Camp Overflow
PO Box 645
Otis, MA
Mountain View Campground Inc
1856 South Main Street
Otis, MA
Sodom Mountain Campground
227 South Loomis Street
Southwick, MA
Laurel Ridge Camping Area
40 Old Blandford Road
East Otis, MA
Prospect Mountain Campground/RV Park
Route 57 Box 323
Granville, MA

Granville State Forest is in southern Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts.From the East/MassPike (I-90): Take Exit 3 in Westfield. Turn right onto MA Rte. 10/US Rte. 202 south, though Westfield and Southwick, for 6.7 miles. Turn right onto MA Rte. 57 west and follow for 12.3 miles, through the center of Granville. Turn left onto West Hartland Road (unpaved) and continue for 1.6 miles to park headquarters; or 2 miles to campground entrance.

From the West/ MassPike (I-90): Take Exit 2 in Lee. Follow US Rte. 20 east 6.6 miles. Turn right onto Rte. 8 south and continue for 13.7 miles to New Boston. Turn left onto MA Rte. 57 east and continue for 6.5 miles. Turn right onto West Hartland Road (unpaved) and continue for 1.6 miles to park headquarters; or 2 miles to campground entrance.

From the East, North or South/ I-91: Take Exit 3, Follow Route 57 west, and through the center of Granville, for 23.1 miles. Turn left onto West Hartland Road (unpaved) and continue for 1.6 mile to park headquarters; or 2 miles to campground entrance.

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Massachusetts State Parks