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Greenwell State Park
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25420 Rosedale Manor Lane
Hollywood, Maryland   20636

Phone: 301-373-9775
Greenwell is a 596-acre State Park located on the Patuxent River in St. Mary's county, Maryland. In 1971, John Phillip Greenwell, Jr. and his sister, Mary Wallace Greenwell, donated their 166.6 acre farm to the State of Maryland for use as a public park for everyone. The state subsequently purchased the adjacent 430-acre Bond property and joined the two to form the existing park. Ten miles of hiking, equestrian and cycling trails are open to the public year round. This is a Maryland State Park. For full information go to the official webpage. (Link on the right side)
 Hiking Trailyes

Greenwell State Park is located near California, Huntingtown and Leonardtown

The trails include:

Blue Trail - Difficulty Level: EasyPassage to the blue trail (1.75 miles) requires use of the Gray Access Trail. The Gray Access is approximately .45 miles through the soy fields. From the Gray Access Trail, the Blue Trail turns right and travels into an open crop field. A grassy path loops around the edge of the field with forest on one side. Through the trees, you may view the Patuxent River. While on the trail, you may see wildlife such as ground hogs, song birds, and white tailed deer. Horses, mountain bikes, and hikers are welcome.

Red Trail - Difficulty Level: ModerateFrom the Gray Access Trail (.45 miles), turn to the left for the Red Trail which stretches .73 miles. It travels mainly through deciduous forest. Keep an eye out for a family of gray squirrels hopping through White Oak and Red Maple trees. This trail is suitable for hikers, mountain bikers, and horses.

Yellow Trail - Difficulty Level: EasyThe Yellow Trail (1.15 miles) is accessed by following the Gray Access Trail (.45 miles) and part of the Red Trail. It veers to the left of the Red Trail. While traveling the trail, a grassy field is to your left. This field is home to mice, moles, ground hogs and rabbits. On your right, an inviting forest is filled with raccoons, owls and American Holly trees. Hikers, horses and mountain bikers are permitted.

White Trail - Difficulty Level: ModerateThe White Trail requires passage along the Gray Access Trail (.45 miles), and across Steer Horn Neck Road. This trail is predominantly a hardwood forest. You will find a variety of vegetation such as American Beech, Red Oak, Spice Bush, Mountain Laurel, and many types of grasses. At one point, Cuckold Creek can be viewed from the trail. Hikers, horses and mountain bikers are welcome.

Orange Trail - Difficulty Level: Hard (not in hunting area)This is a 1.1 mile trail which touches the Patuxent River shoreline and loops around through a deciduous forest and crop fields. Occasionally you may come across ducks splashing in the water or, if you are lucky, a Great Blue Heron wading in the wetlands. Because this area is environmentally sensitive and the terrain through the forest is challenging, the trail is available for foot traffic only.

Green Trail - Difficulty Level: Easy (not in hunting area)This trail may be accessed either by Rosedale Manor Road or the River Trail. It winds through crop fields and woods. There are many side spurs allowing the visitor to overlook a tidal pond that hosts a great variety of wildlife and birds.

River Trail - Difficulty Level: EasyThis delightful .75 mile trail runs its entire length along the shore of the Patuxent River. It may be accessed at various spots along the river as well as the Green Trail. This is a pedestrian only trail.

Sleigh Ride Hill Trail - Difficulty Level: Easy.25 mile trail along fields and hedge rows connects the White Trail to the Gray Access Trail.

Gray Trail - Difficulty Level: Easy (not in hunting area).45 mile long path connecting the trail system with Manor House complex.

Historic Barn Trail - Difficulty Level: Easy.15 mile path past two historic tobacco barns. One is the oldest barn in St. Mary's County.

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Maryland State Parks