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Haldeman State Forest
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Haldeman State Forest, located in the heart of Pennsylvania, is a pristine natural paradise that encompasses over 7,000 acres of diverse landscapes and rich ecological treasures. This enchanting forest offers visitors a unique experience with its lush greenery, towering trees, and tranquil streams that weave through the picturesque valleys. With its extensive network of hiking trails, outdoor enthusiasts can explore the forest's breathtaking beauty while immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of nature. As they traverse the forest, visitors may encounter an abundance of wildlife, from deer gracefully roaming the woods to a variety of bird species filling the air with their melodic songs. Haldeman State Forest provides a sanctuary for both wildlife and humans alike, inviting all to find solace, adventure, and a connection with the natural world.
History of the Area
Haldeman State Forest is a forest located in Pennsylvania, USA. It is named after Isaac Haldeman, a renowned naturalist and author from the state. The history of Haldeman State Forest dates back to the early 1900s when the state government began acquiring land to protect and manage its natural resources.

In 1901, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry was established, and its main objective was to acquire and manage lands for timber production, watershed protection, and recreational opportunities. The initial goal was to acquire land in different parts of the state to create a network of state forests and parks.

Over the following years, the Bureau of Forestry purchased parcels of land to form what is now known as Haldeman State Forest. The acquisitions were made from various sources, including private landowners and timber companies. The area that eventually became Haldeman State Forest was previously used for logging and farming.

The forest was officially designated as a state forest in the mid-1920s. At that time, it covered approximately 8,000 acres. Since then, the state government has continued to expand the forest's size through additional land acquisitions.

Haldeman State Forest has been managed for various purposes like timber production, wildlife conservation, watershed protection, and recreation. The forest features diverse habitats, including mixed hardwood forests, streams, wetlands, and wildlife habitats. It provides a home to various plant and animal species.

Haldeman State Forest spans over 16,000 acres in Dauphin and Perry counties of Pennsylvania. It offers a range of recreational activities for visitors, such as hiking, hunting, fishing, bird watching, and camping. The forest is also managed sustainably, ensuring the preservation of its natural resources for future generations.
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Haldeman State Forest is located near Annville, Enola and Harrisburg

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1. Start your journey on the I:81 highway.
2. Take Exit 100 for PA:443 toward Lickdale/Fort Indiantown Gap.
3. Merge onto Fisher Ave/PA:443 E, heading eastbound.
4. Continue to follow PA:443 E for approximately 12 miles until you reach Jonestown Road (also known as US Route 22).
5. Turn right onto Jonestown Road/US Route 22 East and continue driving for about half a mile.
6. At this point, turn left onto Gold Mine Road (County Highway T491) which will take you into Haldeman State Forest.

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Pennsylvania State Parks