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Maui Region
Holua Campground
Holua Campground © Ekrem Canli / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Hlua Cabin in Haleakal National Park
Holua Campground © Starr Environmental / CC BY 2.0
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Kula, Hawaii   96790
(lat:20.7399 lon:-156.2184) map location
There are two primitive wilderness tent areas which are accessible only by trail, Holua and Paliku.

Holua, the wilderness tent area reached by the shortest hike, lies at 6,940 ft 2,115m in the shrubland near Koolau Gap. Holua is 3.7 mi 6 km one way down the Halemauu trail or 7.4 mi one way 12km from the Keoneheehee sliding sands trailhead. Visitors staying at Holua can enjoy day hikes further into the crater. The landscape around Holua supports a native shrubland which colonizes the lava flows.

At 6,380 ft 1,945m, Paliku is on the east end of the wilderness valley at the base of a rain forest cliff. This wilderness tent area is reached via a strenuous 9.3 mi 15km one way hike on the Keoneheehee sliding sands Trail or 10.4 mi 17km one way hike on the Halemauu Trail. Clouds and fog often roll over the top of the cliffs behind Paliku, and rain is common. The extra moisture makes this spot exceptionally cool and lush.

Both wilderness tent areas have 4 designated individual tent sites 5 people, 2 tents maximum and 1 group site 10 people, 4 tents maximum. One pit toilet is located nearby in both wilderness tent areas. A non-potable water spigot is located outside of the wilderness visitor cabins adjacent to the wilderness tent areas.

Sites are located inside Haleakala crater and involve a strenuous hike. Campers should prepare for hot, sunny, cold, wet, and windy conditions as weather can change rapidly. There is no shade or water on the crater floor, and temperatures can vary from 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit at night, so pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and layers. If it is stormy, winds can exceed 80 miles per hour with temperatures dropping well below freezing.

Hiking trails may be steep. Terrain may include loose cinders and/or rocks. Change in altitude can be from a high of 9,780ft to a low of 6,380ft. Due to the soft sandy nature of the trails, plan on spending twice as much time to hike out as to hike in.

Campsites are located near the wilderness visitor cabins. A wilderness tent permit does not grant access to any wilderness cabin within the crater. Wilderness cabins can be reserved through

Both tent areas are wonderful opportunities for night sky viewing in what's considered one of the quietest natural places on earth Campers may even come across native species such as the Nene Hawaiian goose. Please remember to keep your distance from any wildlife and refrain from freeding them.

From both Holua and Paliku campsites, campers have the option to day hike on trail through the crater. Locations to enjoy from Holua may be the Silversword loop or the loop around Halalii cinder cone. Locations to enjoy from Paliku may be a loop hike toward Kapaloa or toward Kaupo Gap and back. Visit https// to plan your day hikes from either campsite. Please stay on designated trails throughout your crater journey and pack out everything with you
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Holua Campground is located near Haiku, Kahului and Kihei

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strongTo the Summit District of Haleakala National Park/strong There are brown information signs along the way. From Kahului, take Hana Highway SR36 and travel 2.0 miles toward Hana. Turn right onto Haleakala Highway SR37 and travel for 7.8 miles. Turn left onto State Highway 377 and travel for 6 miles. Turn left onto Crater Road large brown wooden Haleakala NP sign mounted in median and travel for 1.2 miles. Continue on Crater Road for 9.9 miles to arrive at the park boundary/entrance station. The summit of Haleakala elevation 10,023ft 3055m is 11 miles further and about an additional 30-minute drive, beyond the entrance station.

strongTo Headquarters Visitor Center /strongThe Headquarters visitor center will be the first building on the right hand side of the road past the entrance station. Here you can use flush toilets and fill up on water prior to starting your hike.

strongTo Halemauu Trailhead/strong From the Headquarters visitor center, continue up 3 switchbacks to the first pull-off on the left hand side marked Halemauu Trailhead. You may choose to begin your hike at this trailhead 3.7 mi 6 km one way to Holua 10.4 mi 17km one way to Paliku.

strongTo Keoneheehee sliding sands Trailhead /strongFrom the Headquarters visitor center, drive 11 miles up several switchbacks about a 30 minute drive to the Haleakala Visitor Center parking lot. Once you enter the lot, the trailhead is on the right hand side. You may choose to being your hike at this trailhead 7.4 mi 12 km one way to Holua 9.3 mi 15km one way to Paliku.

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Hawaii State Parks