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Connecticut State Parks

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River Valley Region
Lamentation Mountain State Park
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Lamentation Mountain State Park is a nature lover's paradise with its lush greenery and scenic views. The park features hiking trails that lead to the summit of Lamentation Mountain where visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas. It also offers opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife spotting amidst serene surroundings. Despite being relatively small at 47 acres, it provides an escape from city life into tranquility.

History of the Area
The park is named after Lamentation Mountain. It was officially established as a state park in 1998. The area covers approximately 47 acres and features hiking trails with scenic views of central Connecticut's landscape. Historically, it has been popular for bird watching due to its diverse avian population.

Connecticut has made state parks, forests, trails, historic sites and beaches more accessible to our residents so they can enjoy the many attractions and beauty they offer. Under the Passport to the Parks program, parking fees are now eliminated at Connecticut State Parks for those with Connecticut registered vehicles. You can view the CONNECTICUT PASSPORT TO THE PARKS web page to learn more.

- Blue Trail: This is the main trail that covers a distance of about 3.9 miles round trip, offering panoramic views from two peaks and passing through diverse forest types.

- Mattabesett Trail Section: A challenging section of the larger New England National Scenic Trail system; it spans approximately 7.6 miles within Lamentation Mountain State Park boundaries with steep inclines and rocky terrain.

- Yellow Dot Loop: An easier alternative to some longer trails at just over one mile in length; this loop offers scenic woodland walks suitable for beginners or those looking for shorter hikes.

- Red Circle Route: At around three-quarters of a mile long, this route provides an easy walk along well-marked paths ideal for families or less experienced hikers wanting to enjoy nature without too much physical exertion.

- White Rectangle Pathway: Approximately half-a-mile long pathway which connects directly with other major routes such as the blue trail providing more options when planning your hike.

- Orange Square Track : It's roughly estimated at being under half-a-mile but can be combined with other tracks like white rectangle path making it versatile depending on hiking preferences.

- Green Triangle Course : Shortest course available measuring only quarter-of-a-mile perfect if you're short on time yet still want to experience park's natural beauty quickly.

Note that all distances are approximate due their winding nature and possible detours caused by environmental factors such as fallen trees or seasonal changes affecting pathways' conditions
Things To Do in the Area
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Explore the Connecticut River aboard the R/V River Quest, an environmentally friendly 64', 60 passenger vessel docked at Eagle Landing State Park, Haddam, CT.
13.7 miles from park*

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East Hampton, CT
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Nelson's Family Campground
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Directions from Hartford, Connecticut:

- Start on I-84 E.
- Take exit 59 for I-384 E toward Providence.
- Continue onto US6-E/US44E/I384-E.
- Use the right lane to take Exit 3 towards Manchester/Glastonbury.

From New Haven, Connecticut:

- Begin at CT15-N/Wilbur Cross Pkwy
- Merge with I91N via ramp to Hartford
- Follow signs for Interstate 691 W/Meriden and merge into it

Once in Meriden:

From both directions:

- Get off at Exit 4 (CT Route322).
- Turn left onto Westfield Road after exiting highway.
- Drive straight until you reach Lamentation Mountain State Park entrance sign.

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Connecticut State Parks