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Mt. Hood and the Gorge Region
Seven Streams Staging Area
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Western Meadow Lark
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Post Canyon Drive
Cascade Locks, Oregon   97014
(lat:45.6946 lon:-121.6004) map location

Phone: 541-387-6888
The family of Vinzenz Lausmann gave 126 acres of rugged scenic land to the State of Oregon in his memory. This park adjoins two other state parks tract near Mitchell Point located about 5 miles west of Hood River on Interstate 84. A plaque honoring Mr. Lausmann is at the foot of the park, where a trail leads the visitor up the steep faces of fir, alder and maple which define the Columbia River Gorge in this area. The views of the Gorge from this trail are spectacular.

1. Seven Streams Trail: This is a 2-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of the forest and streams, with moderate difficulty level suitable for all skill levels.

2. Post Canyon Loop: A challenging 10-mile hike featuring beautiful wildflowers in spring and summer months; it's popular among mountain bikers as well due to its steep inclines.

3. Family Man Staging Area Trails: These are beginner-friendly trails offering easy hikes through lush greenery, perfect for families or those looking for a leisurely walk in nature.

4. Mitchell Ridge Trail: An intermediate-level hiking path stretching over three miles which provides panoramic vistas of Hood River Valley from atop the ridge line.

5. Borderline Trail - Lower Section: It's an approximately two mile long singletrack trail running along the border between private timberland property and public land managed by HRATS (Hood River Area Trial Stewards).

6. Mobius Strip & Extended Play Combo: The combination makes up about four miles round trip starting at Family Man staging area leading you into dense forests filled with Douglas fir trees providing shade during hot summers.

7. Grand Prix Course - Upper section: Known amongst experienced hikers this course stretches around five miles taking one deep inside woods where they can experience solitude amidst wilderness.

8. Hidden Springs Traverse Route: This route takes you on an exploration journey across hidden springs within seven stream areas while also giving glimpses of wildlife inhabiting these regions.

9. Spaghetti Factory Pathway: Around six kilometers long pathway winding through thickets making way towards open meadows blooming with seasonal flowers.

10. Binzicle Creek Crossing: A short yet adventurous crossing over Binzicle creek via wooden bridge adds thrill factor to your overall hiking experience.
In this Oregon location, biking options are abundant but require careful navigation due to varying terrain.

Mountain bikers can explore numerous trails that offer a mix of difficulty levels.

Some paths feature steep inclines and declines which demand advanced skills for safe maneuvering.

For beginners or casual riders, there are also less challenging routes with gentle slopes and smoother surfaces.

It's important to note the area is shared with hikers; cyclists should be mindful when riding fast downhill sections.

Always wear appropriate safety gear including helmets while cycling in these areas as accidents may occur unexpectedly.

Remember trail conditions change seasonally so it's best to check weather updates before planning your ride here.

Lastly, respect local wildlife by staying on designated tracks - they're designed not only for human enjoyment but environmental preservation too.

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1. Start by heading south on the main road until you reach Highway 101.
2. Merge onto Highway 101 and continue driving for approximately 10 miles.
3. Take the exit toward Seven Streams Road and turn left at the end of the ramp.
4. Follow Seven Streams Road for about 5 miles until you see a sign indicating "Seven Streams Staging Area" on your right:hand side.
5. Turn right into the staging area parking lot.

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Oregon State Parks