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Lower Eastern Shore Region
Linkwood State Wildlife Management Area
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A Baltimore Orioles nest is a tightly woven pouch located on the end of a branch hanging down on the underside.
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A remnant of a larger forest ecosystem, Linkwood WMA is predominantly a dense mixture of oaks, maple, black gum and loblolly pine. Located in Dorchester County, it's just shooting distance from the town of Linkwood. Its 313 acres include some of the most significant forests in the county and support a wide range of forest animals.

What To SeeVibrant rainbows of color flash through the forest during the spring and summer months. Songbirds, like the brilliant scarlet tanager, nest here after migrating from their winter homes in Central and South America. Wildlife biologists are concerned about these birds, because of rain forest destruction on their winter ranges in South and Central America and forests fragmented by development in North America. For these birds, Linkwood is a forest haven. The endangered Delmarva fox squirrel can also be found here. Slightly larger than its gray cousin, this squirrel prefers the ground to the trees and can be found in forests where the understory is sparsely vegetated.

What To DoLinkwood's forest supports a healthy population of white-tailed deer, which may be taken with bow, muzzleloader or shotgun. Squirrel hunters will find many a gray squirrel, but be sure you can tell it's a gray squirrel and not an endangered Delmarva fox squirrel! Bird-watchers, bring your boots because the ground is often soggy.

Linkwood State Wildlife Management Area is located near Cambridge, Salisbury

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From the Bay Bridge, take U.S. Route 50 east through Cambridge. Linkwood WMA is approximately 1/2 mile south of the town of Linkwood on the north side of Route 50. Access via marked parking area located off Route 50, between the towns of Linkwood and Salem. For additional information, contact the LeCompte Wildlife Office at (410) 376-3236.

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