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Washington State Parks

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The Coast Region
Pacific Pines State Park
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A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.

1. Pacific Pines Trail: This is the main trail that winds through dense pine forests, offering a moderate hike with some steep sections.

2. Beach Loop Trail: A short and easy loop leading to an expansive beach area where hikers can enjoy stunning views of the ocean waves crashing against rugged cliffs.

3. Pine Ridge Pathway: An uphill trek providing panoramic vistas over lush green valleys below; it's particularly beautiful during sunrise or sunset when colors are most vibrant.

4. Coastal Viewpoint Track: As its name suggests, this track offers breathtaking coastal views along with opportunities for bird watching and wildlife spotting in their natural habitats.

5. Wetland Walkway: Ideal for nature lovers as it passes by marshy areas rich in diverse flora and fauna including waterfowl species like ducks, herons etc., also includes boardwalks across wetlands ensuring minimal disturbance to ecosystems.

6. Old Growth Forest Route: Takes you deep into ancient forest groves featuring towering trees hundreds of years old - perfect if you're seeking tranquility amidst nature's grandeur.

7. Dune Discovery Path: Meanders around sand dunes giving insights about unique desert-like ecosystem within park boundaries - great choice for those interested in geology or ecology studies.

8. Wildflower Way: Best visited during spring/summer months when wildflowers bloom profusely adding splashes of color all along path, making your hiking experience even more delightful.

9. River Run Ramble: Follows course of river running through park ; expect occasional sightings deer drinking from stream & other woodland creatures going about daily routines.

10. Sunset Stroll Lane: Shortest route designed specifically catching spectacular sunsets over horizon while enjoying leisurely evening walk after day full adventures exploring rest state park trails.

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Washington State Parks