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Perkins Peninsula State Park
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Perkins Peninsula State Park View at First Light © Chuck Gardner
This is the View at First Light when the rising sun reflects off the Autumn colors at Perkins Peninsula State Park
Perkins Peninsula State Park © Jocelyn Fay Jaggers
Perkins Peninsula State Park Autumn at Perkins Peninsula © Chuck Gardner
Autumn at Perkins Peninsula
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Perkins Peninsula State Park is a beautiful natural retreat that offers visitors an array of outdoor activities. Nestled on the shores of Fern Ridge Lake near Eugene, this park boasts lush greenery and scenic views making it perfect for nature lovers. It provides opportunities for boating with its boat ramp access to the lake as well as fishing spots teeming with various species like bass and catfish. The park also features picnic areas where families can enjoy meals amidst serene surroundings while birdwatchers will delight at spotting numerous waterfowl species inhabiting the area due to nearby wetlands habitat restoration efforts by Army Corps Engineers.

History of the Area
Located in the state of Oregon, this natural reserve is situated on the western shore of Fern Ridge Reservoir. The area was initially inhabited by Kalapuya Native Americans before European settlers arrived.

The land that now constitutes the park was acquired between 1963 and 1974 through a series of purchases from private owners. It became part of Lane County's system until it transferred to State Parks Department jurisdiction in July 1997 as per an agreement with U.S Army Corps Engineers who manage Fern Ridge Dam.

This recreational site has been developed for day-use activities such as picnicking, bird watching, boating and fishing due to its proximity to water bodies. Over time, facilities like picnic tables and restrooms have also been added for visitor convenience.
The park, located on the southern shore of Fern Ridge Reservoir near Eugene, offers a variety of boating options. There is access to several boat ramps for launching personal watercraft such as kayaks or canoes. The reservoir itself provides ample space for sailing and motorized boats too. However, it's important to note that there are seasonal restrictions due to fluctuating water levels in winter months which may limit certain activities.
Enjoy fishing in a serene setting with options for bank and boat angling. Species include largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish.

Perkins Peninsula State Park is located near Eugene, Junction City and Springfield

1. Perkins Peninsula Loop Trail: This is a 0.8-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of Fern Ridge Reservoir and the surrounding wetlands, making it perfect for bird watching.

2. West Bay Pathway: A flat, easy-to-navigate path stretching about 3 miles along the western edge of Fern Ridge Lake with beautiful water vistas throughout its length.

3. East Shoreline Walkway: An approximately two-mile long pathway offering stunning lakefront views on one side and lush greenery on another; ideal for leisurely walks or bike rides.

4. Wildlife Observation Point Trail: Short but rewarding half-a mile hike leading to an observation deck where visitors can spot various species of birds in their natural habitat during migration season.

5. Wetland Edge Waypoint Track: It's a narrow dirt track running parallel to marshy areas providing opportunities to observe local flora & fauna up close over its course spanning around three-quarters-of-a-mile.

6. Fern Creek Nature Stroll: Meandering through dense forested area this short quarter mile stroll ends at serene fern creek which makes it suitable choice for families with young children.

7. South Beach Access Route: Approximately one:and-half-miles-long sandy route provides direct access from park's southern end towards beach fronting reservoir waters allowing swimming activities during summer months.

8. North Forest Exploration Lane: Stretching little more than a mile within northern woodland section,this lane allows hikers explore diverse tree species native Oregon region.

9. Perkins Peak Hiking Path: Challenging uphill climb covering nearly two miles ending atop Perkins peak giving panoramic view entire state park landscape below.

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Area Campgrounds
Premier RV Resort - Eugene
33022 Van Duyn Road
Eugene, OR
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Perkins Peninsula State Park is located in Oregon and can be easily accessed by following these directions:

1. Start your journey from the city of Portland, which serves as a major hub for transportation.
2. Take I:5 Southbound towards Salem and continue on this highway until you reach Exit 253 toward Keizer/Salem Parkway.
3. Merge onto OR:99E BUS S/Portland Rd NE via the ramp to Downtown/McNary Field/Airport/City Center.
4. Continue driving straight on OR:99E BUS S for approximately 6 miles until you reach Chemawa Road NE; take a right turn at this intersection.
5. Follow Chemawa Road NE for about half a mile before turning left onto River Rd N/North Santiam Highway SE/OR:221S (signs will indicate Dallas).
6. Stay on River Rd N/OR:221S for around 10 miles, passing through various towns such as Independence and Rickreall along the way.

7. Once you arrive in Monmouth, keep an eye out for signs directing you to Perkins Peninsula State Park or Willamette Mission State Park: both parks share an entrance road off Wheatland Ferry Drive SW.

8. Turn right onto Wheatland Ferry Dr SW after entering Monmouth town limits (if coming from north) or left if approaching from south direction.

9. Continue driving southwestwardly along Wheatland Ferry Dr SW/Wheatland:Ferry Loop RD NW/Oregon Pacific Hwy W/Lafayette-Hopewell HWY NW/River Bend RD NW/Buena Vista DR E/Parkway AVE/Ellendale DR till reaching Buena Vista ferry terminal where one needs to board free car-carrying cable ferry across Willamette river.

10. After crossing over with Buena vista Cable Ferries disembarkation point would be near park's main gate just few hundred meters away.

11. Follow any additional signage or directions provided within the park to reach your desired destination, whether it be a campground, hiking trailhead, picnic area, or any other point of interest.

Remember to consult a map or GPS device for precise navigation and keep an eye out for road signs indicating Perkins Peninsula State Park along the way. Enjoy your visit!

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