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Prince Edward And Goodwin Lake State Park
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It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
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Prince Edward And Goodwin Lake State Park is located near Amelia Court House, Farmville

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
July 6 Goodwin Lake by rrje4019
park review stars; one to five Morning broke and the southern heat came back to greet us like a oven door opening after a full day of cooking. Chores were all done, string beans were picked, tomatoes stewed and the strawberries were preserved. Grandma said, ? Boy?s, grab your swimming trunks, we?re headed to the lake.? My brothers and me didn?t need to hear that twice. We had our bathing suits on, were lined up outside ready to go faster than grease thru a goose. Don?t know when or how Grandma got her license, but if she drove any slower we?d be there tomorrow. Now that?s slow being the lake is only down the road a piece. We finally pull up, piled out of Grandma?s car pushing and shoving, typical tomfoolery from boys our age. Grandma gave us a look, which stopped us in our tracks; she?s a superhero you know, powers beyond our comprehension. Anyways, the man behind the counter looks us over and says: ? Three nice children you have, are they yours?? My brother elbows me, tells me to listen up. ?Sir, did the good Lord fill your head with beans instead of brains? A woman of my age having three youngin?s. Never in my life have I heard such foolishness? Slowly she took her glare from his now nervous sweating red face and directed it to her pocketbook. Out came a plaid purse with chrome metal clasps which she opened and handed the man the required admission fee, 75 cents. ?Thanks mame, ya all, I mean, you and your grandchildren have a right fine day.? Quickly he lowered his head and went back to his Archie and Jughead comic book hoping my Grandma would soon be gone, which she was with all of us following like chics behind a hen. Goodwins Lake, crystal clear water with chains segregating how far and how deep the water is. Flour white sand on its beach front, one lone lifeguard stand overlooking the tree lined lake which swung left ,then back aways . In we all went, hoopin and a hollerin, splashin and jumpin. As the water meet my face it was cool and refreshing, eyes open I could see clear to the bottom. We got good and tired diving off the platform out past the chains, Grandma would check in on us from time to time, make sure weez was havin fun. Paddleboat was the best, pumping the paddles, steering all over the lake. Me and James sat side by side in one while Rob, by himself, followed close behind, him being the oldest and all. Before long it was time to go we got the holler, from the shore ? Chilllll- dren, ya all come in now ya hear?? Driving back home passing the ivy covered trees of Prince Edward County Park I knew this wasn?t the last time we?d be visiting the lake and yeah ole beans for brains, look forward to seeing him again too. Copyright C 2008 Ronald J. Edwards
June 24 A nice local getaway by Jackrebbit
park review stars; one to five The staff at this park is very nice and helpful. The blacktop path around the beach is broken up and I would like to see a better maintenance program in place on the facilities. Some of the showers are leaky and light fixtures are loose. Nice picnic areas and play area for the kids though.
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