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River Rise Preserve State Park
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410 SE Oleno Park Road
High Springs, Florida   32643

Phone: 386-454-1853
The Santa Fe River goes underground in O'Leno State Park and reemerges over three miles away in River Rise State Park as a circular pool before resuming its journey to the Suwannee River. Surrounded by quiet woods and huge trees, anglers can spend a relaxing afternoon fishing on the river. Hiking and wildlife viewing is also a favorite pastimes for park visitors.

Equestrians can explore over 20 miles of trails and end the day camping overnight with their horses. Located near the entrance to the park, the horse camp has primitive campsites, restrooms, and a 20-stall horse barn available on a first-come-first-served basis. Equestrian fees and camping fees are paid first at O?Leno State Park before entering River Rise State park. The equestrian fee includes park admission. Proof of negative Coggins is required.

O?Leno State Park is located on U.S. 441, six miles north of High Springs. The entrance to the River Rise is two miles west of High Springs on U.S. 27.
History of the Area
From the 1500's through the 1700's a natural land bridge served as a crossroad between the Santa Fe River Sink and the River Rise. Still in existence today, you can observe where the Santa Fe River disappears within O'Leno State Park, goes underground and then reemerges several miles away at River Rise Preserve State Park. Its flow is expelled from the underground unto the surface to continue its flow to the Suwannee River. This natural bridge was traveled by Spanish explorers, Indians and settlers alike.
Primitive camping with fire circle, centrally located bathhouse, and 20 stall horse barn is available. For more information please contact the park office at 386-454-1853

River Rise Preserve State Park is located near Alachua, Gainesville and High Springs

River Rise has one covered pavilion that is available for rental for per day and can be reserved by calling the park office at 386-454-1853.
River Rise has approximately 20 miles of horseback riding trails. These trails pass through a variety of plant communities and take you to the River Rise for viewing of this unique feature. Daily horseback riding fees must be paid at O?Leno State Park. For more information, please contact the park office at386-454-1853.

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* Pets must be vaccinated against rabies, but owners are no longer required to show proof of vaccination (except horses- where proof of negative Coggins test are required) * Pets must be confined, leashed, or otherwise under the physical control of a person at all times. Leashes may not exceed six feet in length. Pets that are tethered at the campsite cannot be left unattended for more than 30 minutes. Pets may not be tied to trees, bushes, tables, shelter facilities even when the owners are present. * Pets must be well-behaved at all times. Pets must be confined in the owner's camping unit during the park's quiet hours (11 PM - 8 AM). * Pet owners are required to pick up after their pets and properly dispose of all pet droppings in trash receptacles. * Any pet that is noisy, dangerous, intimidating, or destructive will not be allowed to remain in the park. * Non-furbearing pets, such as reptiles, birds, or fish, must be confined or under the physical control of the owner. Some animals may be prohibited on park property. Captive wild species, whether native or non-native, and barnyard animals, except horses, are prohibited. * Pets are not allowed in cabins.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in the camper being asked to board the pet outside the park or to check out of the campground.

Park areas will be evaluated, as to the suitability of pets, on a periodic basis as part of the unit management planning process. Areas of the park designated as prohibited for pets shall be determined based on park natural and cultural resources, primary recreational activities, camper and pet health and safety, geographical location and layout of camping areas, and the ability to provide a quality recreational experience for all visitors.

When the Heat is on...Keep cool. Summer brings hot weather and family vacations. Your pets will be affected by both. For a healthier; happier travels with your pets: Never leave your pets in a parked car, even if the windows are open. Ten minutes could be too long on a hot day. By then, the temperature inside the car could reach 160 degrees F. That's hot enough to cause a dog to suffer heat stroke. Pets don't perspire as people do. They cool themselves by panting. With only very hot air to breathe, your pets could suffer permanent brain damage within moments. If emergency care is not given, your pets could die. They may want to come along, but it's much kinder to leave your pets at home with plenty of fresh, cool water and shade.

If your dog is overcome by heat exhaustion, immediately soak him or her down with water and take to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

River Rise Preserve State Park is located within O'Leno State Park. O'Leno State Park is located directly off of U.S. 441, six miles north of High Springs.

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Florida State Parks