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Sebastian Inlet State Park
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Sebastian Inlet State Park Sunrise over the inlet © Richard Vogel
This show the sun just about to breach the horizon. The setting is Sebastian Inlet, Florida.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Juvenile Sea Turtle © Richard Vogel
A juvenile loggerhead sea turtle can easily be viewed on an incoming tide.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sebastian Bridge © Richard Vogel
This shows the Sebastian Inlet bridge with the museum in the distance.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Restaurant and Bait Shop © Richard Vogel
Peering through the bridge, the Sebastian Inlet Restaurant, and bait shop are shown on the north side of the inlet.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Last Light Before the Barrel © Richard Vogel
A body boarder is about to get tubed.
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Black Skimmer in Action © Richard Vogel
Black skimmer get their name from the way they forage for food. The skim the surface of the water, looking for small fish that inhabit the surface.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Juvenile Gannett © Richard Vogel
A juvenile gannett spies his meals and goes for the capture.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Caught on the Inside © Richard Vogel
Wrong Side of a Perfect Peak
Sebastian Inlet State Park Ruddy Turnstone Embracing the Morning Sun © Richard Vogel
A lone ruddy turnstone embracing the morning sun.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Nap Time © Richard Vogel
An adult brown pelican snuggles in to take a nap. The pelican is framed looking through hole of a large piece of driftwood that found its way to the shore.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sir Laughs A lot © Richard Vogel
Pelicans squabble for prime position on the rocks. This photo could also have gone with a funnier caption
Sebastian Inlet State Park Heading Out © Richard Vogel
Serious fishermen head off shore in hopes of filling the cooler.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Shorebirds on the Coast © Richard Vogel
A mix group of shorebirds glide in for a landing after a brief time feeding at the waters edge.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Willet in Flight © Richard Vogel
A flock of willet take to the air and are caught mid turn as they display the markings on their wings.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Pirates of the Sky © Richard Vogel
It seems that it is easier to steal someone elses catch, than do catch you own.
Sebastian Inlet State Park The Game is On © Richard Vogel
Shorebirds try to steal each others catch, but intimidation, or any other means possible.
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Hard Time Staying Dry © Richard Vogel
Wind driven waves keep the fishermen on their toes.
Sebastian Inlet State Park The Snow Princess Arrives © Richard Vogel
The snow princess meets the locals.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Brown Pelican © Richard Vogel
A brown pelican, in full breeding plumage, glides over the water.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Up Before the Sun © Richard Vogel
Fishermen stand on the tip of the south jetty and typically arrive well before the sun breaks the horizon.
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Perfect Day for Surfing © Richard Vogel
Waves were going off that day.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Just Washing Up © Richard Vogel
A shorebird bath in progress
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sea Turtle © Richard Vogel
A juvenile sea turtle surfaces for air momentarily before going back under.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Locals Only © Richard Vogel
A pelican catches the perfect wave, without a surfer in sight.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Ruddy Turnstone © Richard Vogel
The ruddy turnstone is a handsome bird. Their small size doesnt deter them from turning over rocks, almost as large as them, when foraging for food.
Sebastian Inlet State Park North American Stork © Richard Vogel
The north american stork is most beautiful in flight. The pattern on the outstretched wings can be identified easily from a distance. He does have a face that only a mother could love.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Gangster Stare © Richard Vogel
A brown pelican, in his breeding plumage, gives the photographer the gangster stare, after being awoken by the click of the camera.
Sebastian Inlet State Park American Avocet © Richard Vogel
An avocet hunts along the shoreline of the tidal pool adjacent to the inlet
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Secret Fishing Spot © Richard Vogel
Fisherman have the whole beach to themselves
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Proud Fisherman © Richard Vogel
An osprey, with catch in hand, has that determined look in his eye not to loose his hard won prize.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Flaring Tail Feathers © Richard Vogel
A seagull flares its tail feathers are it turns into the wind.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Black Skimmers Grace the Shoreline © Richard Vogel
A group of black skimmers fly along the shoreline in search of a treat.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Strolling Along the Shore © Richard Vogel
A willet strolls along the shore in search of a place to settle down and relax his bones.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Lunch in Hand © Richard Vogel
A royal tern returns to shore with lunch in hand.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Being Escorted by Experienced Fishermen © Richard Vogel
Walking the coast with an escort of experienced fishermen, an old salt waits for his cue from the local guides before casting out.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Black Crowned Night Heron © Richard Vogel
A black crowned night heron patiently waits for bait fish to get chased to the shore where he can grab a fast meal.
Sebastian Inlet State Park South Jetty © Richard Vogel
Fishermen crowd the south jetty on a windy day. The north jetty provided a little protection from the oncoming winds, allowing a break from the wind and waves.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Clean Waves and Cleaner Water © Richard Vogel
Sebastian Inlet is infamous for its beautifully formed First Peak break. Clean waves and even cleaner water make this an epic place for surfing.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Closer Inspection © Richard Vogel
The brown pelican in breeding plumage is quite a sight to see. The colors are vivid and these majestic birds love to be photographed
Sebastian Inlet State Park Dressed for Success © Richard Vogel
A fishermen stands along the rocks of the south jetty in his favorite spot. Dressed for success, he doesnt worry about the water breaking over the rocks.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Some Locals are More Engaging Than Others. © Richard Vogel
If looks could kill. I wasnt sure if I was standing on his rock, or just imposing by taking a photo, but this guys was quite engaging none the less.
Sebastian Inlet State Park The Green Room © Richard Vogel
They call it the Green Room for obvious reasons. Sebastian is a surfers, boaters, and fishermans paradise. Beach combing isnt so bad either.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Pelicans Grace the Shoreline © Richard Vogel
Brown pelicans are found in and around the park. They are constantly diving into the water and soaking up sun on the shoreline. Great photo opportunities exist at the park.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sebastian Inlet - drift fishing through the inlet © Richard Vogel
A solitary fishermen lets the tide do the work, as he drift with the current, through the inlet. The biggest catches are those made drifting along with the bait.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sebastian Inlet - view from the bridge © Richard Vogel
A breathtaking view of the restaurant and bait shop on the north side of the inlet. Nothing but sunshine and blue water are on the menu - all year long.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sebastian Inlet - searching for bait © Richard Vogel
A fisherman tries sneaking up on some bait fish, with the hopes of filling up his bait bucket. This is a common morning ritual shared by all avid fishermen.
Sebastian Inlet State Park The North Jetty © Richard Vogel
There is lots of space for fishermen. Huge redfish, snook, and other prize fish are commonly caught during season.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Large Fish is Landed on the Beach © Richard Vogel
The women on the beach lands a rather large fish, while a couple of men watch in awe, as she drags it ashore.
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Winters Day © Richard Vogel
Heavy seas dont deter the avid fisherman. Proper gear and determination is all that is needed.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sports Fishing in style © Richard Vogel
Big boys come to play at the inlet. This guy is rigged for some serious fishing.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Morning Commute © Richard Vogel
Local fishermen on their way to work parade through the inlet during the early morning hours.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Searching for Food © Richard Vogel
A willet searches for a quick snack as the tide gently sweeps over the rock he was standing on.
Sebastian Inlet State Park On Alert © Richard Vogel
A pair of ruddy turnstones appear to be on alert. The grass is always greener on the next rock. A watchful eye is needed to move quickly when food has been located.
Sebastian Inlet State Park You Know When the Fishing is Good © Richard Vogel
You know the fishing is good, when the tide comes in, and the fishermen wont give up their spot.
Sebastian Inlet State Park The Early Bird Gets the Beach to Himself © Richard Vogel
With nothing but sand between his toes, this early bird gets a front row seat along the seashore.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Warmth from the Morning Sun © Richard Vogel
A willet closes its eye as the sun rises over the horizon. Who can resist that feeling you get, when you feel the warmth from the sun, as it falls upon your bones.
Sebastian Inlet State Park He Couldnt Resist © Richard Vogel
Who could resist taking a dip in a natural bubble bath. No this guy. He looked as if this was more than just a normal day at the beach.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Just for the Fun of It © Richard Vogel
The only thing that these guys were sure to catch was a cold. Some guys will go fishing in any conditions, more for the sport of just killing time.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Friends Just Hanging Out © Richard Vogel
The brown pelicans are on the prowl for a mate. Dressed in their breeding plumage, these guys put on quite a display.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Morning has Broken © Richard Vogel
A man casts a silhouette as he watches a boater haul in a net full of mullet. In the distance fishermen have already arrived. The day has just begun.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Early Morning Fishermen Arriving © Richard Vogel
A trio of early morning fishermen arrive for a day at the beach. After breakfast, theres plenty of time for laying back and soaking up a little sunshine.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Mid Turn © Richard Vogel
A flock of black skimmers are mid turn with the north jetty as a backdrop. From the side the bird bills appear quite thick. A straight on view will show the bill to be razor sharp to be able to cut through the water - hence the name Black Skimmer.
Sebastian Inlet State Park More Than a Feeling © Richard Vogel
A black skimmer comes directly at the camera. The razor sharp bill is used to cut through the water as is skims the surface is search of food. A magnificent view to behold.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Frozen in Time © Richard Vogel
A willet stops to pose for a picture, not paying attention to an incoming wave. He was able to move out of the way and actually enjoyed some playtime in the surf
Sebastian Inlet State Park Even the Birds Know Where to Go to Get Away © Richard Vogel
Black skimmers hang out along the shore. These birds skim the waters surface for small fish.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Heading South for the Winter © Richard Vogel
There is no place like Florida in the Winter... Birds of all different feathers wait their turn to take flight in search of a meal.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sebastian Inlet southern shore © Richard Vogel
View overlooking the south jetty and beaches. Fishermen spend a relaxing day, with hopes of a fresh catch, to bring home to the family.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Always Sunny Somewhere © Richard Vogel
Florida weather - if you wait and hour it will change. You can always find it sunny somewhere
Sebastian Inlet State Park At the Speed of Flight © Richard Vogel
A seagull drifts along over the water without a care in the world. Life is so much simpler when all you have to do is exist.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Natural Framing © Richard Vogel
A brown pelican in breeding plumage is framed by the remnants of a fallen tree. Photo opportunities are abundant, since the pelicans are so friendly.
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Family that Plays Together... © Richard Vogel
Silhouetted by the rising sun, it was obvious that a father and son were there to pass the time, as generations before them did.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Pilates Instructor © Richard Vogel
While on vacation in Florida, even the birds are staying in shape with pilates.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Endangered Species © Richard Vogel
A lone surfer walks along the shoreline after a full filling day of surfing.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Silhouetted Fisherman © Richard Vogel
Rough seas and morning skies gave a nice backdrop to this icon photo of a true sportsman.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Bringing Home the Bacon © Richard Vogel
An osprey, flies slowly in front of the fishermen, with proof of who is the better fisherman.
Sebastian Inlet State Park A Sign that the Storm is Over © Richard Vogel
A break in the storm clouds, silhouetted by one of the locals, signaled the end the storm was upon us.
Sebastian Inlet State Park Sisters © Cleveland Cox
Florida Girls
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9700 South A1A
Melbourne Beach, Florida   32951

Phone: 772-589-9659
Reservations: 772-589-9659
The premier saltwater fishing spot on Florida's east coast, this park is a favorite for anglers nationwide for catching snook, redfish, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel from its jetties. Surfing is also a popular recreation and several major competitions are held here every year. Two museums provide a history of the area. The McLarty Treasure Museum features the history of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet; the Sebastian Fishing Museum tells the history of the area's fishing industry. Three miles of beautiful beaches provide opportunities for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, shelling, and sunbathing. Canoeing and kayaking in the Indian River Lagoon are also favorite pastimes. Visitors can relax with a stroll down the mile-long Hammock Trail. Waterfront pavilions and picnic areas are great for family outings. Full-facility campsites and a boat ramp are available. Located on State Road A1A 15 miles south of Melbourne Beach.
Nature of the Area
Sebastian Inlet State Park is a wonderful place to view wildlife. Located on the tip of two barrier islands and surrounded by water, birds flock to Sebastian Inlet State Park. Visitors have a chance to view over 180 species of birds during the course of a year. The Sebastian Inlet State Park is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. Sebastian Inlet State Park and the surrounding beaches have the largest nesting assemblage of sea turtles in the United States. During June and July visitors have an opportunity to witness nesting loggerhead sea turtles on a ranger-led walk. Reservations for these tours are necessary. Juvenile green sea turtles feed in the seagrass beds of the Indian River Lagoon and can be seen on the reefs off of the McLarty Treasure Museum. In the water surrounding the park Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are commonly seen. Manatees inhabit these waters from March to October. The most endangered whale species in the world is the right whale, with a population of only 300. During the months of January and February, right whales can sometimes be observed traveling close to the coast. Raccoons, opossums, and many other small animals can be routinely observed. Bobcats, alligators, and river otters are occasionally seen.
History of the Area
The history of the Sebastian Inlet area goes back to the end of the last ice age. The barrier islands formed from sandbars off the coast of the mainland. As vegetation took hold on the sandbars, animals moved in, followed by the first human inhabitants, the Paleo hunters.

The Ais Indians were more recent inhabitants of the barrier islands. They were a tribe of hunters and gatherers who lived off the bounty of the land and sea. The Ais captured the English Quaker Jonathan Dickinson after his ship wrecked in 1696. Dickinson?s descriptions of the Ais and their lifestyles are the best record we have of these people. By 1760, all of the Ais Indians were gone. Like the other natives of Florida, they succumbed to European diseases and mistreatment.

In 1715, eleven Spanish treasure galleons sank along the east central Florida coast. One of the survivors? campsites was located on the present day site of the McLarty Treasure Museum. Seven hundred people lost their lives in this disaster, while 1,500 people survived.

The Inlet

In 1872, Captain David P. Gibson promoted a movement to dig an inlet across a quarter mile strip of barrier island near present day Sebastian Inlet. The next attempt to dig an inlet was in 1881 by Thomas New. New?s Cut was listed on the United States geological map of 1880. It was not until 1895 that water flowed for the first time between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon at Gibson?s Cut. This was a spot where the ocean frequently washed over the dunes. The inlet was quickly closed the same year by a storm and shifting sands.

Twenty-three years later in 1918, Roy D. Couch spearheaded a project using his own dredge to cut an inlet through the sandy banks and build a jetty to project the opening. This was the first time a dredge was used to cut through the barrier island. The cut was completed but a storm wrecked the project. The next attempt to open an inlet was in 1919 organized by commercial fishermen that wanted quick access to the ocean. Working with the Florida Legislature the Sebastian Inlet Tax District was created to build and maintain a permanent inlet. Roy Couch was elected as chairman and served at this post for 32 years.

In 1924, using funds from a $100,000.00 bond issue, the Sebastian Inlet Tax District re-cut the Sebastian Inlet 100 feet wide and 6 feet deep. A 400-foot long rock jetty was constructed to protect the new Sebastian Inlet. Between 1924 and 1941 the Sebastian Inlet was opened and closed as sand washed in from the ocean and men re-dug the narrow cut. In 1941, due to fear of German attack and wartime (WWII) lack of maintenance, a sandbar formed and closed the inlet. In 1947, after World War II was over, Sebastian Inlet was moved a little south and reopened to a width of 100 feet and a depth of 8 feet. In just a few months a storm closed the inlet again. On October 28, 1948, the inlet was reopened and has remained open ever since. The jetties were also strengthened and capped with concrete. In 1952, the north jetty was extended 300 feet. In 1955, the north jetty was extended another 250 feet. The south jetty was extended 175 feet. In 1959, Brevard and Indian River County residents voted to transfer three miles of barrier island south of Sebastian Inlet. This was done in exchange for Indian River County building a bridge across Sebastian Inlet and making a paved road from Wabasso to the inlet bridge.

Annual Entrance Passes can be purchased at all park ranger stations and museums. If you require immediate use of your pass, this is the best option. Passes can be purchased during regular business hours 365 days a year. Please call the park in advance to ensure availability. Those who are eligible for discounted or free passes may use this method to receive their pass. Annual Entrance Passes may be purchased online by visiting the FLORIDA STATE PARKS ANNUALENTRANCE PASSES web page.
 Swimming Beachyes
 Bike Trailsyes
BoatingLaunch Rampsyes
CampingWater/Electric Sitesyes
The central location of Sebastian Inlet?s Tent campground makes it a popular camping spot. It is a mere stone?s throw from the inlet and a short stroll from the beach. All 51 campsites have water and electrical hook-ups, a fire ring with grill, and a picnic table. Also available are full restroom facilities (A.D.A. accessible), a dump station, laundry facilities, and pay phones. Reservations are offered up to 11 months in advance. Check-in time is from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Reservations for campsites may be made by contacting ReserveAmerica, toll-free, at 1-800 326-3521 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm), 1-888-433-0287 (TDD) (For Hearing Disabled). A.D.A. campsites may be requested. Sebastian Inlet State Park also offers the Bedtime Story Camper Lending Library of picture books for campers aged four to nine. From sea turtles to pirates, the Lending Library is a fun way to enhance your child?s experience in the Real Florida. For a quiet afternoon or bedtime, share a story with your child to help explain the sights and sounds of Sebastian Inlet. Ask the Ranger Station to find out how to check out a book.
Park Store
The concession/restaurant/gift shop is now open under a new service provider. The new concession/gift shop is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The bait and tackle shop will remain open except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Swimming opportunities abound along the three miles of Sebastian Inlet State Park?s Atlantic Ocean beaches. There is a section of beach that has lifeguard protection from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Beach wheelchair is available upon request. For those who prefer to play in the water but do not like waves, "The Cove" on the north side of Sebastian Inlet is ideal. The Cove is a protected area with a hard bottom and a gentle slope, making it a favorite locale for parents with kids wanting to splash and swim.
Sebastian Inlet State Park has three miles of beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches. There is one mile of beach north of the inlet and two miles south of the inlet. Favorite activities conducted from the beach include surfing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, shelling and sunbathing. Beach wheelchair is available upon request. For information about our beach wheelchair call 321-984-4852.
Boat ramps are located on both sides of Sebastian Inlet State Park. Boaters have access to the brackish waters of the Indian River Lagoon, the Intracoastal Waterway, the freshwater of the Sebastian River, and to the salty water of the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream is located about 25 to 30 miles east of Sebastian Inlet.

Boat launch ramps are available on both sides of Sebastian Inlet. The main boat launch facility with 4 boat ramps is located on the south side of Sebastian Inlet. It is open 24-hours, everyday. A mile north of Sebastian Inlet, the Inlet Marina boat ramp is open only during Inlet Marina business hours. Ramp docks are A.D.A. accessible.

A non-motorized boat launch is located on the south side of Sebastian Inlet at Coconut Point. Canoes, kayaks and sailboats are easily launched from this sandy, gentle sloping area.
Canoes and kayaks can be paddled to islands and along the mangrove fringed shoreline of the Indian River Lagoon.
Sebastian Inlet and the surrounding waters provide fantastic Florida fishing for beach, river, and inlet anglers. Impressive catches are often made from the two jetties extending into the Atlantic Ocean. Both jetties and bridge catwalks are A.D.A. accessible. Boat launch facilities provide access to nearby offshore fishing and diving. Information on fishing regulations is available at both entrance stations and salt water fishing licenses can be obtained at the bait shop. Spearfishing is prohibited.
Scuba Diving
Scuba diving and snorkeling are permitted in all in the waters of Sebastian Inlet State Park, with the exception of under the Sebastian Inlet Bridge and in the boat channel. Rock reefs stretch for miles starting south of Sebastian Inlet in the nearshore waters. Water visibility is best in the summer months. All divers and snorkelers must be within 100 feet of a dive flag. Spearfishing is prohibited.
Three miles of Atlantic beach offer some of the best surfing on the East Coast. One of the most consistent surf breaks in Florida is Sebastian Inlet's first peak, located next to the north jetty. Another hot surf spot is Monster Hole--located about 1/3 mile off the beach, on the south side of Sebastian Inlet. The contour of the ocean floor rises up and when the surf is big, the waves form long lines, giving a long ride.

Sebastian Inlet State Park is located near Melbourne, Melbourne Beach and Palm Bay

Day Use Area
We have two bathhouses with ADA access on the north side of the park. We have restrooms with ADA access at the fishing museum, the L-dock and the boat ramp area. There are also two bathhouses with ADA access to toilets and showers in the campground. There is a bathhouse with ADA access in the day-use area. There are also restrooms at the McLarty Museum.

Four waterfront picnic pavilions are clustered together on the south side of Sebastian Inlet. Each picnic pavilion can accommodate up to sixty people each and can be reserved for full day or half day events. The picnic pavilion rental time is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For reservations, please call 772-589-9659. Nearby restroom and pavilion have ADA accommodations.

Cold, outdoor showers are available on all the beach access boardwalks and by the Sebastian Fishing Museum.
Picnic areas are located on both sides of Sebastian Inlet. The north side picnic area is adjacent to the beach, catching the ocean breeze, under the shade of a hundred palm trees. The picnic areas on the south side of the park overlook the waters of Sebastian Inlet.
A multi-use, paved path runs through the park parallel to state road A1A and ,in sections, parallel to the Indian River Lagoon. Bicyclists will enjoy this forty mile long path with numerous beach access points.Three mountain bicycle trails are located within the park. Florida is known for its flatland, and the term "mountain bike trail" is used where sandy and swampy flatland challenge the off-road cyclist. The three trails are a combination of off-road and paved courses. All three trails begin and end at the State Park Inlet Marina. Check with Inlet Marina staff before venturing out on any trail.
For a relaxing stroll, take a walk down the Hammock Trail. This mile long nature trail meanders under the shade of a coastal, sub-tropical, palm/oak hammock and along the fringe of the mangroves. Plant identification signs tell about many of the unique species in this habitat. A 10-km Volksport walking trail begins on the north side of the park at the Inlet Concession. The walking trail goes on the jetty, down the beach, around the cove, down part of the nature trail and partly on a paved walking/bike path. The Volksport trail covers most of the north side of Sebastian Inlet State Park. Here's a wonderful map of our trails.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
May 31 Cox, Hodges, McNeil family fun 2023 by Cleveland_C_
park review stars; one to five Our family had an amazing time on the water. We fish, we swim, we rode the pontoon around the crisp beautiful gulf blue waters.
September 23 Beautiful . by Rita
park review stars; one to five
September 16 North Jetty by Jackfinal
park review stars; one to five Beautiful setting. But the jetty has become clutter with large fishing rigs and chairs ,leaving a small walkway. I took my brother-in-law out in his wheel chair. Even in this small aisle, I had to maneuver around bucket and casting nets. The people were rude and intimidating. The end area was covered with bait and cut up fish part and smelled awful. What a shame that such a lovely place has been taken over by people who have little regard for keeping it as beautiful and neat as it once was.
write a review read more reviews
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From Indian River County: From Interstate 95, take the Fellsmere/Sebastian exit and go east (towards Sebastian) on County Road 512. After a short distance, turn right on County Road 510. This road will intersect with U.S. Highway 1. Continue east, over the Indian River, to State Road A1A. Turn left (north) and go 7 miles on State Road A1A, you will have arrived at Sebastian Inlet.From Brevard County: From Interstate 95, take the U.S. 192 exit and go east until you reach State Road A1A in Indialantic. Turn right (south) on State Road A1A and go 18 miles to get to Sebastian Inlet.

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