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The Palouse Region
Steptoe Butte State Park
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Steptoe Butte State Park © Pat Schilling
Steptoe Butte State Park © Pat Schilling
Steptoe Butte State Park © Pat Schilling
Steptoe Butte State Park © Susan K Bateman
Steptoe Butte State Park © Susan K Bateman
Steptoe Butte State Park © Susan K Bateman
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Steptoe Butte National Park
Colfax, Washington   99111
(lat:47.0323 lon:-117.2968) map location

Phone: 509-337-6457
Steptoe Butte State Park is a 150-acre, 3,612-foot-tall natural monument. Thimble-shaped, the quartzite butte looms in bald grandeur over the prevailing flat lands. The park is famous for its stark, dramatic beauty and the panoramic view it provides of surrounding farmlands, the Blue Mountains, and other neighboring ranges and peaks. From the top of the butte, the eye can see 200 miles.
History of the Area
Native Americans called the butte "the power mountain." It was believed that a journey to the butte bestowed a gift of power from the mountain's guardian spirit.

The butte's present name honors Colonel Edward Steptoe, who gave years of service maintaining peace in the region. His men were killed in a conflict, which he tried to prevent, with Native Americans.
A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.
The park has no camping.

Steptoe Butte State Park is

The park offers seven unsheltered picnic tables and four braziers for cooking, all available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Nature Programs
Interpretive signs provide information on the butte and surrounding mountain ranges. A sign interpreting the history of the Cashup Hotel, which once stood on top of the butte, is also featured in the park.
Birdwatchers can spot species like the Horned Lark, Western Meadowlark and American Kestrel. Raptors such as Red-tailed Hawks are also common sights. During migration season, Swainson's Hawks become prevalent. The park is home to various owl species including Great Horned Owls and Short-eared Owls.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
November 4 Favorite Hangout Place by toastyterri
park review stars; one to five My brother And I grew up in Oakesdale, WA. We used to go out there on our bikes and then when we would have family over from out of town we would drive to the top and take pictures. It was really cool trying to figure out what towns we could see. Hope that it is still getting used by other family members.
November 10 Great for flying! by Steve Baran
park review stars; one to five Hang gliding and paragliding is great here. Especially for making your first higher flights under the supervision of experienced pilots.
May 11 An Eye on the Palouse by Star
park review stars; one to five Steptoe Butte is a formation of granite pushed up from the bedrock vertically and has become a viewpoint where one can see the extreme beauty the rolling hills of the Palouse for over a hundred miles. A must see if near the area.
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Located 12 miles north of Colfax, Wash., near the state's eastern border in Whitman County.

From U.S. 195:Six miles north of Colfax, turn east on Scholz Rd. Follow signs to Oakesdale and Steptoe Butte.

In the winter, please drive carefully on the road to the park. The entrance may be covered with snow and ice.

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