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Sturgeon River State Forest
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The Sturgeon River State Forest, located in northern Minnesota, is a breathtaking oasis of natural beauty. Stretching over 11,000 acres, this forest encompasses a diverse landscape of rolling hills, dense woodlands, and pristine riverbanks. It is best known for its namesake, the Sturgeon River, which winds its way through the forest, offering stunning views, excellent fishing opportunities, and even the chance to spot the majestic sturgeon fish. With its abundant wildlife, numerous hiking trails, and peaceful surroundings, the Sturgeon River State Forest provides a tranquil escape for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
History of the Area
- Native American Presence: The area surrounding Sturgeon River State Forest has a long history of Native American inhabitation. Ojibwe, Dakota, and other Native American tribes have relied on the resources of the land for centuries, including the Sturgeon River itself for fishing and transportation.

- Logging Era: In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the lush forests of northern Minnesota attracted logging companies. Sturgeon River State Forest was once a bustling hub for logging operations, with sawmills, camps, and tree removal operations harming the forest ecosystem.

- Conservation Efforts: In the early 20th century, concerns grew about the deforestation and damage caused by logging. Conservation efforts started to emerge, and the State of Minnesota began acquiring land to establish state forests. In 1914, Sturgeon River State Forest was officially established.

- CCC and WPA Influence: During the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) played significant roles in the development of Sturgeon River State Forest. The young men of CCC and WPA participated in conservation work, including building trails, roads, bridges, campgrounds, fire towers, and other infrastructure that still exists today.

- Forest Management: After the CCC and WPA projects, management of Sturgeon River State Forest continued to focus on sustainable forestry practices. Timber harvesting has been conducted in a way that balances the ecological health of the forest with the economic benefits of timber production.

- Recreation and Wildlife: Sturgeon River State Forest has also become a popular recreational area over time. Opportunities for camping, hiking, fishing, and bird watching attract visitors year-round. The forest is home to various wildlife species, including white-tailed deer, black bears, wolves, and numerous bird species.

- Protection and Conservation: Today, the Sturgeon River State Forest is protected, and efforts are made to preserve its natural and historical qualities. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources manages the forest, ensuring sustainable use of its resources while also protecting the environment and wildlife.
1. McCarthy Beach State Park: This park offers camping options with 93 drive-in sites, 18 of which have electricity.

2. Bear Head Lake State Park: Located just outside the Sturgeon River Forest, this state park has over 70 campsites available for tent and RV campers alike.

3. Side Lake Campground: It is located within the forest itself offering both primitive and developed campsites along with picnic areas, swimming beaches, boat launches etc.

4. Pine Ridge Campground & Cabins: Offers a variety of accommodations including cabins as well as rustic to full hook-up campground spots.

5. Savanna Portage State Park: While not directly in Sturgeon River SF it's nearby and provides another option for those looking to explore more than one area during their trip.

6. Sherwood Forest Campgrounds: A family-friendly site that includes amenities such as water/electricity hookup points at each pitch plus shower facilities too!

7. Hayes Lake State Park: Although slightly further away from SRFSF (approx an hour's drive), Hayes lake still makes our list due its beautiful setting on shoreside woodland where you can enjoy fishing or simply relaxing by waters edge after day exploring local trails around your chosen basecamp spot!

8. Banning RV Parks And Resorts: If you're traveling via motorhome then Banning could be perfect choice; they offer spacious pitches complete all necessary utilities so guests feel right home whilst enjoying great outdoors MN style!

9. Big Aspen Trailhead Camping Area: For true wilderness experience why not try Big Aspen? Here there are no designated plots meaning visitors free choose own space amongst trees however please note because remote location some services may limited compared other listed here today i.e., potable water supply/restroom access etc but if prepared rough little bit peace tranquility guaranteed return investment tenfold!!
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Sturgeon River State Forest is

1. Sturgeon River Trail: This is a 3-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of the river and surrounding forest, with opportunities for bird watching and wildlife spotting.

2. Lost Lake Loop: A moderate difficulty level hiking path spanning around 4 miles in length; this trail takes you through dense woods to an isolated lake where one can enjoy fishing or simply appreciate nature's tranquility.

3. Big Aspen Recreation Area Trails: These trails span over 21 miles offering various routes suitable for all skill levels from beginners to advanced hikers, featuring beautiful wildflowers during springtime as well as diverse fauna throughout the year.

4. Taconite State Trail: Stretching across more than 165 miles within the state forest area, it provides stunning panoramic vistas of northern Minnesota landscapes including lakes, rivers and forests while also intersecting several other local trails along its course.

5. McCarthy Beach Hiking Club Route - Side Lake Section: An approximately six mile long route which includes sandy beaches alongside pristine waters making it perfect destination not only for avid walkers but swimmers too.

6. The Lookout Mountain Loop - Laurentian Divide Recreational Area: Approximately five-miles-long moderately difficult hike leading up towards top providing breathtaking view overlooking three different water sheds namely Rainy River Watershed, Mississippi watershed & Superior watershed.

7. Bear Head Lake State Park's Blueberry Hill Overlook- Norberg lake section: Roughly four mile round trip taking visitors past multiple picturesque spots like Bear head lake before culminating at summit known locally as blue berry hill due to abundance of these berries found here.

8. Soudan Underground Mine Tourist Center Pathway: Vermilion Range region ; Short yet informative half-a-mile walk introducing tourists about history related mining activities carried out previously in this part.

9. Mesabi Bike/Hike/ATV/Snowmobile Trail System: Virginia city sector ; Multi-purpose pathway stretching nearly 135 miles catering to various outdoor activities like biking, hiking, ATV riding & snowmobiling.

10. Superior Hiking Trail: This long-distance trail stretches over 300 miles from Duluth to the Canadian border and passes through Sturgeon River State Forest offering hikers an opportunity for multi-day backpacking trips with camping options available along the route.

11. Savanna Portage Trails: These trails offer a glimpse into Minnesota's fur trading history as they follow old portage routes used by Native Americans and European traders; ranging in length from one mile up-to six-miles providing varying difficulty levels suitable for all age groups.

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1. Start by heading north on I:35 towards Duluth.
2. Continue driving on I:35 for approximately 150 miles until you reach exit 237B to merge onto US-53 North towards Virginia and International Falls.
3. Stay on US:53 North for about 50 miles until you reach the city of Virginia.
4. In Virginia, take a left turn onto Highway 169/73rd Avenue West and continue following signs for Highway 169.
5. Continue traveling northeast along Highway.
6. Take a right turn at County Road (CR)16/Nichols Lake Rd after passing through Side lake.
7. Follow CR16/Nichols Lake Rd as it turns into FR2030/Sturgeon Valley Rd.
8. After around five miles,you will arrive at your destination:the Sturgeon River State Forest.

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Minnesota State Parks