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New Mexico

New Mexico State Parks

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New Mexico
North Central Region
Santa Fe National Forest
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1474 Rodeo Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico   87504-1589
Some of the finest mountain scenery in the Southwest is found in the 1,567,000 acres covered by the Santa Fe National Forest. Elevations rise from 5,300 to 13,101 feet at the summit of Truchas Peak, located within the Pecos Wilderness. The diverse topographic and climatic conditions create a wide variety of landforms and plant and animal habitats. The forest has five Ranger Districts: Coyote, Cuba, and Jemez on the west side of the forest while the Espanola and Pecos/Las Vegas districts manage lands on the east side.
Nature of the Area
There are four wilderness areas in the Santa Fe National Forest. They cover almost 300,000 acres of land. Wilderness areas provide primitive recreation options.

Wilderness is described as federal land designated by Congress as a place where"earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain" (Wilderness Act of 1964). Such deeemed wilderness areas are managed as places where natural biological processes are allowed to occur unhindered by human interference.

Given the non-intrusive manner in which the wilderness is maintained, recreation in these areas provides the opportunity to see nature in its purest form. We ask that you help us keep it that way by reading our Wilderness Ethics reminder to the right.

The Santa Fe National Forest has over 300,000 acres of wilderness areas within its boundaries.
 Hiking Trailyes

With nearly 1000 miles of streams and nearly 20 fish- bearing lakes, the Santa Fe National Forest offers a variety of fishing experiences. You can try hard-core backpack fly fishing in the wilderness or a family experience at established fishing areas.

You will find waters that provide habitat for warm water and cold water fish. The New Mexico State Fish, Rio Grande cutthroat trout, can be found in some remote areas. Whatever type of experience you are looking for, you will likely find it on or near the Santa Fe National Forest. So get your fishing license, clean your tackle and head for the waters of your national forests.

FS employee GPSing a river in the Santa Fe National Forest, photoThe fisheries program on the Santa Fe is working hard to recover the native aquatic critters. The recent introduction of whirling disease makes it that more important for efforts to be made restoring our watersheds to a more healthy condition. You can join our on-going efforts by leaving no trace when you visit and participate in our volunteer program, Respect the Rio.

Santa Fe National Forest is located near Espanola

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From Santa Fe, Interstate highway 25 north or State highway 68 north provide access into the forest.

New Mexico

New Mexico State Parks