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New York
Chautauqua / Allegheny Region
Allegany State Park
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Allegany State Park 2011-11-05 Science Lake 013 © Tom Weber
Science Lake Dam.
Allegany State Park West Island © Tom Weber
Red House Lake. West Island.
Allegany State Park Hungrey Osprey © Tom Weber
Osprey near Red House Dam. 2014
Allegany State Park Red House Fall 1 © Tom Weber
The view from the Administration Building.
Allegany State Park Quaker Lake Fall © Tom Weber
Quaker Lake Looking West.
Allegany State Park Deer Grazing © Tom Weber
2007, Near Quaker Lake.
Allegany State Park Red House East © Tom Weber
Red House Lake East. Main water inlet to the lake.
Allegany State Park Science Lake 2011 © Tom Weber
Looking East 2011
Allegany State Park Quaker Lake Fall. © Tom Weber
Quaker Lake looking East.
Allegany State Park Quaker Dam © Tom Weber
Cold Springtime water flows to the reservoir.
Allegany State Park Dog Walking © Tom Weber
2009 Thomas Kelly Covered Bridge.
Allegany State Park Quaker Beach © Tom Weber
The Lifeguards island at Quaker Lake.
Allegany State Park Kelly Bridge © Tom Weber
BW shot of the Thomas Kelly bridge.
Allegany State Park Science Lake © Tom Weber
Looking Northwest about early winter.
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2373 ASP, Route 1, Suite 3
Salamanca, New York   14779

Phone: 716-354-9121
Reservations: 716-354-9121
Allegany State Park?s 65,000 acres is known for its primitive forested valleys, un-glaciated landscape, fall leaves and wildlife. The two developed areas, Red House and Quaker, make this the largest state park in the system. Both areas offer sand beaches, picnic areas, museums, hiking trails and naturalist walks. Walkers and bicycle riders take advantage of the 5 miles of paved trails around Red House. The Art Roscoe Ski Touring Area has some of the finest groomed cross country skiing and mountain bike trails in the Northeast. Snowmobilers are attracted to Allegany State Park for its 90 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and over 150 winterized cabins. Other activities include bird watching, picnicking, fishing, hunting, snowshoeing, canoeing, and horseback riding.

Visitors looking for anything from a weekend retreat to an extended vacation are able to choose from Allegany State Park?s 424 campsites, 375 cabins and three group camps available for rental. There are year round vacation rental cottages that are fully equipped with the latest conveniences located in both the Red House and Quaker areas.

The seven Fancher Cottages are located in the southern part of the Allegany State park, adjacent to Quaker Run Creek and offer guests a unique camping experience. Named for Senator Albert T. Fancher, the "Father of Allegany State Park," each Fancher Cottage (located in the historic Quaker Area of the park) has a bathroom with shower, refrigerator, counter-top range and microwave. The fully handicapped accessible cottages sleep six, are furnished and stocked with pillows, bedding, cooking utensils, dishes and coffeemakers. In addition, each cottage has a grill and picnic table outside.

Reminiscent of a classic hunting lodge, the Pitt Cottage in the Red House Area offers the same amenities as the Fancher Cottages. One outstanding feature of the Pitt Cottage is its gas burning stone fireplace. Located on Allegany State Park Rte. 2, the cottage is adjacent to Congdon Trail and three miles from the Administration Building. Pitt Cottage is not handicapped accessible.
History of the Area
1. Native American Presence: The area surrounding Allegany State Park was inhabited by various Native American tribes for centuries before European settlement. Seneca and other Iroquois Confederacy nations used the land as hunting grounds and established villages along nearby waterways.

2. Early Settlement: In the early 19th century, European settlers began moving into the region around what would become Allegany State Park. They cleared forests to establish farms and built small communities.

3. Logging Era: By the mid-1800s, logging became a significant industry in this part of New York due to abundant timber resources available within present-day park boundaries (then privately owned). Lumber companies harvested vast quantities of trees from these lands until they were depleted by the late 1800s.

4. Creation & Development as a Public Recreation Area: Recognizing both ecological importance and recreational potential after decades of deforestation damage caused during logging operations; efforts emerged advocating for preservation measures on former logged areas near Salamanca townsite where Allegheny River flows through valley between two ridges forming Quaker Run Valley which later becomes Red House Lake at southern end while Kinzua Creek forms reservoir known today as Quaker Lake towards northern boundary line with Pennsylvania.

5. Establishment & Expansion:.
In response to public demand for outdoor recreation opportunities following World War II era when returning veterans sought places closer home rather than traveling far away destinations like Adirondacks or Catskills Mountains regions - Governor Thomas E Dewey signed legislation creating "Allegheny" [sic]StateParkin1948whichinitiallyencompassedapproximately7,squaremiles(18km2)oflandwithinCattaraugusCounty'sTownsofRedHouseandSalamanca

6. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Involvement: During the Great Depression in the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs led to significant development within Allegany State Park by employing young men through CCC camps. These workers constructed roads, trails, cabins and other infrastructure that still exist today.

7. Modern Era & Recreational Activities:.
Allegany State Park has evolved into a popular recreational destination offering various activities such as camping, hiking on over 200 miles of trails including portions Appalachian Trail system; fishing at numerous lakes streams throughout park boundaries - notably Red House Lake Quaker Run Valley Reservoir known locally simply "Quaker" ; boating/canoeing/kayaking opportunities abound with rentals available from concessionaires operating marinas located both aforementioned bodies water plus smaller ones like Science Lakes or Bear Paw Pond among others

BoatingLaunch Rampsyes
 Electric Sitesyes
Allegany State Park in New York offers a variety of fishing options for both experienced and novice anglers. The park is home to several bodies of water, including Red House Lake and Quaker Run Creek where you can fish from the shore or by boat.

The species available include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, brown bullhead catfish as well as rainbow trout which are stocked annually. In addition to these common catches, there's also an opportunity to catch rare brook trout in some streams within the park boundaries.

Fishing licenses are required for those aged 16 years old and above. Ice fishing is allowed on certain lakes during winter months when conditions permit it.

Allegany State Park is located near Bradford, Warren

Allegany State Park in New York offers a variety of picnicking options for visitors. The park is divided into two main areas: the Red House Area and the Quaker Run Area, both offering different picnic spots.

1. Picnic Areas: There are several designated picnic areas throughout Allegany State Park where you can enjoy your meal amidst nature's beauty. These sites often come with amenities like tables, grills for barbecuing, restrooms nearby and some even have pavilions that provide shelter from sun or rain.

2. Pavilions: If you're planning on having a large gathering or want to ensure cover regardless of weather conditions, renting one of their 13 available pavilions might be an ideal option (reservation required). Some larger ones can accommodate up to 100 people while smaller ones cater around 40-50 guests comfortably.

3. Beachside Picnics: During summer months when swimming beaches at Red House Lake & Quaker Lake open; these make great locations for beach-side picnics as well!

4. Beach Hill Fire Tower area also has few picnic tables providing panoramic views over surrounding landscapes making it another unique spot within this state park.

5. Picnic Island located in middle of Red house lake accessible by footbridge provides secluded yet scenic setting perfect if looking forward peace tranquility during your outing.

6. Trail-Side Snacks: For those who prefer more active outings there numerous hiking biking trails across which could stop along way snack whilst enjoying natural surroundings.
Allegany State Park in New York offers a variety of birding options for enthusiasts. The park is home to over 200 species of birds, making it an ideal location for both casual and serious bird watchers. There are several trails within the park that provide excellent opportunities for spotting different types of birds.

The Red House Area has five miles worth trail system which includes wetlands where waterfowl can be spotted along with songbirds during migration seasons. Birders may also spot raptors such as hawks or eagles soaring above this area.

In contrast, Quaker Run Valley features forested areas perfect for sighting woodland species like warblers, thrushes and woodpeckers while Thunder Rocks provides habitat suitable to cliff-dwelling varieties including swallows and swifts.

Bird watching tours led by experienced guides are available at certain times throughout the year providing insights into local avian life whilst helping beginners identify various species correctly.

For those who prefer self-guided exploration there's 'Bird Island', located on Red House Lake - accessible via rowboat rentals from the boathouse; here one might see herons nesting among other aquatic fowls.

Finally Allegany State Park hosts annual events related to ornithology such as "Warbler Weekend" every May when many migratory breeds pass through en route northwards offering unique viewing experiences each time you visit!

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
January 16 Great campers vacation spot by J.E.R.
park review stars; one to five My family and I have been camping at the Quaker area camp grounds for a very long time. It is one of our favorite places to go to for camping and out door fun.
August 10 Family friendly,beautiful,great price by Bob
park review stars; one to five Beautiful scenery, many animals, museum, restaurant. Have been going for many, many years. Our adult kids & grandkids continue the tradition.
November 25 Amazing by nature man
park review stars; one to five Beautiful park.
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Pope Haven Campground
11948 Pope Road
Randolph, NY
Elkdale RV Resort
4768 Route 353
Salamanca, NY
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M & T Bait & Tackle Shop
215 Central Ave
Salamanca, NY
(716) 945-9273
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1. Start by heading west on I-86 W (Southern Tier Expressway) towards Jamestown.
2. Continue driving for approximately 70 miles until you reach Exit 18 for NY-280 S/Portville-Olean Road.
3. Take the exit and merge onto NY-280 S/Portville-Olean Road.
4. Follow this road for about 7 miles until you reach a roundabout; take the second exit to stay on Portville-Allegany Rd/NY-417 E.
5. Drive straight ahead on NY-417 E for around 10 miles, passing through several small towns along the way including Kill Buck and Carrollton Center.
6.Once in Salamanca city limits continue eastbound past Seneca Gaming & Entertainment Casino located at Broad Street
7.Continue East bound till intersection of Route #353 South / Central Ave
8.Turn right or southbound onto route#353/Central ave
9.Follow Rt.#353 South approximatley ten(10)miles into park entrance

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New York

New York State Parks