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Battle Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor
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Pilot Rock, Oregon   97868
(lat:45.2836 lon:-118.9677) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Battle Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor -- located on U.S. 395 nine miles north of Ukiah -- was purchased to protect the forest of ponderosa pine, larch, Douglas fir and spruce. It provides prime habitat for all kinds of wildlife. The name commemorates one of the last battles between native Americans and settlers in eastern Oregon. This confrontation took place near the park.

The park also served as a Civilian Conservation Corps camp, whose members constructed the water system, installed picnic tables and built the large granite stone fireplace still available for use in the park. The park offers a convenient place to gather for summer visitors. Spring brings with it the beauty of abundant wildflowers and wildlife. Many people enjoy the many species of birds in the park throughout the spring and summer.

Whether you are traveling the highway and need a place to stretch your legs, or are looking for a place to have a family reunion or get together for a large group, be sure and consider Battle Mountain.
History of the Area
Before European settlers arrived, indigenous people utilized the land for hunting and gathering resources. They had deep connections with nature and recognized its beauty and significance.

In the 19th century, pioneers began exploring these lands as they ventured westward during America's expansion period. The rugged terrain posed challenges but also offered opportunities for logging and mining activities.

Logging became an important industry in this area due to its abundant forests filled with valuable timber species such as Douglas fir. Logging camps were established throughout the corridor, attracting workers who sought employment within this booming sector.

Mining was another significant activity that shaped the landscape around Battle Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor. Prospectors flocked here hoping to strike it rich by extracting precious minerals like gold or silver from underground veins or riverbeds nearby.

As time went on, conservation efforts gained momentum across Oregon amid concerns about preserving natural areas for future generations' enjoyment. In response to these growing sentiments, local communities rallied together advocating for protection of scenic landscapes including what would become known as Battle Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor

Eventually designated as part of Oregon's state park system, today visitors can explore hiking trails winding through lush forests while admiring breathtaking views along their journey . This beautiful stretch offers glimpses into both human history - evident through remnants left behind by loggers & miners- alongside stunning displays provided courtesy Mother Nature herself

Battle Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor is

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1. Start by heading onto US:395 N from your current location.
2. Continue on US:395 N for approximately 40 miles until you reach Riley.
3. In Riley, turn left onto OR:20 W/US-395 BUS S and continue driving westward on OR-20 W for about 50 miles.
4. After passing through Burns Junction, stay on OR:20 W as it turns slightly right towards Juntura/Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
5. Drive along OR:20 W for another 30 miles until you arrive at a junction with Harper Road/Battle Creek Road (County Rd #201).
6. Turn left onto Harper Road/Battle Creek Road (County Rd #201) and follow this road northbound into the scenic corridor.

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Oregon State Parks