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Beach Plum Island State Park
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Beach Plum Island State Park is a secluded, tranquil park located. It offers pristine beaches and fishing spots along the Atlantic Ocean. The area's natural beauty includes sand dunes teeming with beach plum shrubs, hence its name. This 129-acre park provides habitats for various wildlife species including migratory birds making it an ideal spot for bird watching enthusiasts. Its remote location makes it less crowded offering visitors peaceful solitude amidst nature.

History of the Area
Located in Sussex County, Delaware, the park is a 129-acre nature reserve. It was established as public land in 1964. The area has been used for various purposes including military training during World War II and commercial fishing operations before its designation as a state park.

The name "Beach Plum Island" comes from the native beach plum shrubs that grow there naturally. In addition to these plants, it's home to diverse wildlife species such as migratory birds and marine life due to its coastal location.

Efforts have been made by local authorities towards conservation of this natural habitat while also providing recreational opportunities like surf-fishing for visitors.

- Primitive Camping: Beach Plum Island State Park offers primitive camping on a first-come, first-served basis.

- Tent Sites: There are four tent sites available for overnight stays.

- Fishing Access Campsites: These campsites provide easy access to fishing areas within the park.

Note that all campers must obtain a permit before setting up their tents and there are no facilities or amenities provided.

- Beach Plum Island Trail: This is the main trail that stretches across most of the park, approximately 1.5 miles long.

- Fishing Access Pathway: A short path leading to prime fishing spots along Delaware Bay; length unknown but relatively brief walk from parking area.

- Dune Crossing Trails: These are multiple small trails allowing access over dunes and onto beach areas; lengths vary but all under half a mile each.

- Wildlife Observation Paths: Several unmarked paths branching off main trail for birdwatching or wildlife spotting opportunities in various habitats within the park; exact lengths not specified due to their informal nature.

- North Shoreline Walkway: An unofficial pathway following northern shoreline of island with views out towards Broadkill River - distance covered depends on individual walker's preference as it isn't an established route.

- South Shoreline Stroll : Similar to its northern counterpart, this casual walking option follows southern coastline offering different perspectives on surrounding waterways and landscapes- again no set length due to informality.

- Picnic Area Footpaths : Short routes connecting picnic tables and grills scattered throughout wooded sections near carpark ; distances negligible given they're designed more for convenience than exploration purposes .

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Directions from Wilmington, Delaware:

- Start on N King St heading towards E 11th St
- Merge onto I-95 S via the ramp to Newark/Baltimore
- Continue for about 20 miles and take exit 4A-B toward DE -1/Christiana Mall Rd.

From Christiana:

- Keep left at the fork in the road. Follow signs for State Route 7 South/Stanton/Ogletown Road.
- After approximately a mile, merge with DE -1S (toll road).

On DE-1S:

- Drive straight ahead past Middletown and Smyrna until you reach Dover.

In Dover:

- Take Exit 91 which is North Little Creek Road/Dover AFB

After exiting off of Highway One:

- Turn right onto US9 W/N Little Creek Rd

Continue driving till Broadkill Beach:

- Following this route will lead directly into Beach Plum Island State Park.

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Delaware State Parks