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New Hampshire

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New Hampshire
Merrimack Valley Region
Binney Pond State Forest
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Binney Pond State Forest is a tranquil oasis nestled in the heart of New Hampshire, offering nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers a picturesque retreat. This serene forest encompasses a remarkable diversity of landscapes, ranging from lush meadows and dense pine groves to sparkling streams and the captivating Binney Pond itself. With its well-maintained trails meandering through pristine wilderness, visitors can indulge in invigorating hikes, bird-watching opportunities, and serene picnics in idyllic clearings. The forest's vibrant fauna and flora, including a variety of birds, mammals, and wildflowers, offer a breathtaking display of natural beauty, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the soothing embrace of nature's wonders. Binney Pond State Forest truly symbolizes the essence of New Hampshire's enchanting outdoors.
History of the Area
Binney Pond State Forest, located in New Durham, New Hampshire, has an interesting history. The land on which it is situated was originally inhabited by the Algonquian-speaking Abenaki people, who utilized the area for hunting, fishing, and gathering.

In the 18th century, European settlers arrived in the region, and the land around Binney Pond was gradually settled. The forest came under the ownership of the Binney family, who could trace their lineage back to colonial times. They were known for their successful farming, lumbering, and the development of mills along the nearby Branch River.

In 1909, George A. Binney donated the land surrounding Binney Pond to the State of New Hampshire, with the intention of preserving it as a public recreational area. This generous act established the state forest that exists today. The pond itself, which is the centerpiece of the forest, was likely created by the impoundment of waters for mill operations in the past.

Binney Pond State Forest has provided visitors with opportunities for outdoor recreation, including fishing, boating, hiking, and picnicking. The forest is known for its scenic beauty, consisting of mixed hardwood and evergreen trees, offering a peaceful environment for nature enthusiasts.

The New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands has been actively managing the forest, aiming to maintain its ecological integrity while also providing recreational amenities. It is a popular destination for local residents and visitors alike, seeking a serene natural retreat and a glimpse into the region's history.
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1. Binney Pond Trail: This is a moderate 2-mile trail that leads to the serene Binney Pond, offering picturesque views of surrounding mountains and forests.

2. Wapack Trail: A challenging hike stretching over 21 miles from Mount Watatic in Ashburnham, Massachusetts to North Pack Monadnock Mountain in Greenfield, New Hampshire; part of it passes through the forest providing stunning vistas along its route.

3. Cliff Walk Loop via Birchtoft and Cascade Link Trails: An approximately 5 mile loop featuring beautiful wildflowers during springtime with some steep sections requiring careful navigation but rewarding hikers with panoramic mountainous landscape on clear days.

4. Kidder Mountain Trailhead: Located near New Ipswich town center this easy-to-moderate difficulty level trail spans about two miles leading up to an open summit at Kidder Mountain which offers spectacular views especially during fall foliage season.

5. Spruce Ridge Cross-Country Ski Area Trails: These trails are primarily used for cross-country skiing purposes during winter months while hiking can be enjoyed rest of year round amidst dense spruces trees covering ridge area within state forest boundaries.

6. Turnpike Road-Old Country Road-Wildflower Way-Binny Hill Rd Loop: Approximately six-mile long moderately trafficked loop located close by Greenville region known for diverse flora fauna sightings including various bird species making it popular among nature enthusiasts.

7. Birchtoft-Piper-Round The Lake-Harriskat-Midstate-Dot's loops: Roughly seven-and-a-half mile heavily trafficked multi-loop network starting ending at Dublin lake campground suitable both beginners experienced trekkers alike due varied terrain features ranging flat paths rocky inclines.

8. Cascades Link: Spruce Knoll-Eastview-Lost Farm-Kilburn-Ted's trails-Around nine-mile strenuous trek traversing several peaks valleys across different ecosystems such as wetlands hardwood forests affording hikers unique opportunity explore biodiversity present within state forest region.

9. Wapack and Back Trail: This is an extension of the original Wapack trail, stretching over 42 miles round trip from North Pack Monadnock to Mount Watatic and back; it's a challenging hike with steep ascents but offers rewarding views at various points.

10. Binney Hill Road Loop: A less-traveled loop that spans approximately four miles through dense woodlands offering solitude tranquility away bustling city life perfect for those seeking peaceful hiking experience amidst nature.

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Field & Stream RV Park
7 Dupaw Gould Road
Brookline, NH
Woodmore Family Campground & RV Park
21 Woodmore Drive
Rindge, NH

1. Start by heading north on Interstate 93.
2. Take exit 23 onto NH:104 W towards Bristol/New Hampton.
3. Continue driving west on NH:104 for approximately 9 miles until you reach the town of Danbury.
4. In Danbury, turn left onto US Route 4 West/Main Street at the intersection with The Ragged Mountain Resort signpost.
5. Stay on US Route 4 West for about another mile before turning right onto North Road (also known as Old Andover Road).
6. Continue along North Road/Old Andover road for around half a mile until you see signs indicating Binney Pond State Forest entrance.

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire State Parks