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Bullards Beach State Park
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Bandon, Oregon   97411
(lat:43.1512 lon:-124.4093) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Toll Free: 800-551-6949
Reservations: 541-347-3501
Bullards Beach is a large, family-oriented park located at the mouth of the Coquille River, two miles north of Bandon. The campground is nestled among shore pines and protected from strong ocean breezes. Visitors can enjoy strolling on the beach, riding horses, exploring a lighthouse and excellent fishing and crabbing in the river.

The historic lighthouse is located at the end of Bullards Beach Road. The signal room is open Thu. - Mon. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. closed Tue. - Wed. from mid-May through September. It's staffed with volunteers who interpret the history of the area. Tower is closed to the public for safety concerns.
History of the Area
Bullards Beach State Park, located on the southern coast of Oregon, has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes who relied on its abundant natural resources for their livelihoods.

In the 19th century, European settlers began arriving in this region and established small communities along Coos Bay. These early pioneers recognized the beauty and potential of Bullards Beach as an ideal location for farming due to its fertile soil and mild climate.

During World War II, Bullards Beach played a significant role in defending America's coastline. It served as a training ground for soldiers preparing to defend against possible enemy invasions from across the Pacific Ocean.

After the war ended, interest grew among locals and visitors alike about preserving this stunning coastal landscape. In response to these concerns, efforts were made towards establishing protected areas within Oregon's state park system - including what is now known as Bullards Beach State Park.
Day-UseSwimming Beachyes
BoatingLaunch Rampsyes
 Electric Sitesyes
 Water/Electric Sitesyes
 Full Hookup Sitesyes
1. Bullards Beach Campground: This campground offers more than 100 electrical sites with water, over a dozen full-hookup sites and around 13 yurt rentals for those who prefer glamping.

2. B Loop Sites: These are located in the interior of the park away from beach access but still within walking distance to all amenities including restrooms, showers and playgrounds.

3. A & C Loops Sites: Located closer to Coquille River Lighthouse offering easy access to both river and ocean beaches as well as hiking trails.

4. Horse Camping Area: For equestrians there is an area that provides eight primitive horse camp sites each equipped with four-stall corrals

5. Group Tent Camping Areas: There are two group tent camping areas available which can accommodate up-to-25 people per site making it perfect for large family gatherings or scout groups etc.

6. Yurts Rental - The Yurts at Bullard's Beach State Park come furnished with bunk beds that sleep three (one double bed below one single bunk), plus a futon that sleeps another two persons comfortably; they also have electricity inside along-with heating facility

7. RV Parking - RV parking spaces include electric hookups, sewer service ,and potable water connections . Some even offer cable TV services .

8. Hiker/Biker Campsites - Special campsites reserved only for individuals traveling by foot or on bicycle .
1. Bullards Beach State Park offers swimming in the Pacific Ocean.
2. The park's beach is long and sandy, ideal for swimmers of all levels.
3. Swimming conditions vary with tides and weather; always check local forecasts before entering water.
4. Lifeguards are not on duty at this location so swimmer safety depends on personal responsibility.
5. Nearby Coquille River also provides an option to enjoy a freshwater dip or float trip during summer months.
6. For those preferring calm waters, Bandon's municipal pool located nearby can be used for indoor swimming activities year-round.

The park offers a variety of boating options for visitors. There is access to the Coquille River, which allows for motorized and non-motorized boats alike. The river's calm waters are perfect for kayaking or canoeing as well. For larger vessels, there is also a boat ramp available at the Bandon Marina nearby.
Anglers can enjoy river and ocean fishing, targeting species like Chinook salmon, steelhead trout, flounder or rockfish. Crabbing is also popular.

1. Bullards Beach State Park offers numerous picnic spots with tables and grills.
2. Picnic areas are surrounded by lush greenery for a serene experience.
3. Some sites offer stunning views of the Coquille River Lighthouse.
4. There's also an accessible group picnicking area available to reserve in advance.
5. Visitors can enjoy their meal while watching local wildlife, including deer and birds.

For cycling enthusiasts, the park offers a 1.5-mile bike path that winds through forests and campgrounds.

The trail is relatively flat, making it suitable for all skill levels but caution should be exercised during wet conditions.

Mountain biking isn't recommended as trails are not designed to accommodate this type of activity safely or sustainably.

Riders must adhere strictly to designated paths in order to protect local flora and fauna from potential damage caused by off-road riding activities.

Bike rentals aren't available within the park boundaries; visitors need bring their own equipment if they wish to cycle around.

Remember: helmets are mandatory under Oregon law when bicycling on public roads including those within state parks.

Nighttime rides require lights so plan accordingly if you intend on enjoying an evening ride along these scenic routes.
1. Bandon to Bullards Beach Trail: This is a 4-mile trail that starts from the city of Bandon and ends at Bullards Beach State Park, offering beautiful views of Coquille River.

2. Lighthouse Loop: A short but scenic half mile loop leading hikers directly to the historic Coquille River Lighthouse with stunning ocean vistas along the way.

3. Campground Trails: Several small trails crisscross through three campground loops within park boundaries providing easy access for campers or day visitors looking for leisurely strolls amidst lush greenery.

4. Horse Camp Loop Trail: An approximately one-mile long horse-friendly path winding around open meadows and dense forests in close proximity to equestrian camping facilities.

5. Dune Accessible Boardwalks & Paths: These are wheelchair-accessible paths which lead you across sandy dunes towards beach areas while also giving glimpses into local flora and fauna.

6. Yurt Village Pathway: Short walking pathways connecting yurts (traditional round tents) located inside state park premises; ideal for those staying overnight in these unique accommodations.

7. Beachside Walking Routes: Numerous unmarked routes running parallel to shoreline allowing walkers unrestricted exploration opportunities on miles:long pristine beaches against backdrop of Pacific Ocean waves crashing onto shorelines.

8. Coastal Forest Hiking Route: Longer hiking route traversing coastal forest regions showcasing diverse plant species native only this part Oregon coast.

9. River Viewpoint Walkways: Small walkways branching off main trails taking hikers closer riverbanks where they can enjoy panoramic views over tranquil waters flowing out into sea.
The park offers birdwatchers a variety of habitats, including forested areas and wetlands. Species include herons, hawks, owls and waterfowl. The Coquille River Lighthouse is also an excellent spot for viewing seabirds.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
July 18 A true Gem - and so well looked after by Clare BC
park review stars; one to five July 2010 - we stayed for 6 nights in one of the yurts, it was worth the trip down from Canada to stay in this well run site. It is a mile from the sand dune beach (almost deserted - it was very breezy!) which you can drive or better, bike to. Nice Safe area for the little ones too. Active Jnr Ranger group (great for the kids to meet one another). Very clean, washrooms tidy, hot water was hot and plentiful.
September 16 our favorite park by Ted and KAthy Rossman
park review stars; one to five wonderful people, wonderful fishing, gorgeous views, awesome sites...the facilities are clean and hot water lasts!
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Area Campgrounds
Sun Outdoors Coos Bay
90281 Cape Arago Highway
Coos Bay, OR
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1. If you're coming from Portland or other northern areas, start by taking I:5 South towards Eugene.

2. Continue on I:5 until Exit 162 for OR-38/Drain/Cottage Grove and take this exit.

3. Merge onto OR:38 W/Diamond Lake Boulevard and follow it for about 70 miles until reaching Reedsport.

4. In Reedsport, turn right onto US Highway 101 S/West Coast Hwy and continue driving southbound along the coastline for around 20 miles.

5. After passing through downtown Bandon, keep an eye out for signs indicating Bullards Beach State Park (approximately two more miles).

6. Turn left at these signs into Bullards Beach Road which will lead directly to the state park entrance.

7. Once inside the park area,follow any additional signage directing you toward specific camping loops or facilities within Bullard's beach state parks.

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