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Oregon Coast Region
Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor
Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor © OregonDOT / CC BY 2.0
Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor © msprague / CC BY-SA 2.0
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Gold Beach, Oregon   97444
(lat:42.3342 lon:-124.4218) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Cape Sebastian ... the very name invokes images of early Spanish explorers and long journeys. The cape was named in honor of Saint Sebastian in 1603 by the Spanish navigator Sebastian Vizcaino. The most striking features of this park are its two parking vistas. The parking lots are over 200 feet above sea level. At the south parking vista, you can see up to 43 miles to the north with Humbug Mountain filling the view. Looking south, you can see nearly 50 miles toward Crescent City, California and Point Saint George Lighthouse.

A deep forest of Sitka spruce covers most of the park and a 1.5 mile walking trail takes you out to the cape. If you're lucky, the trail will give you a chance to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the gray whales on their migration.
History of the Area
Located on the southern Oregon coast, Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor is a breathtaking natural area that has captivated visitors for centuries. The history of this stunning coastal landscape dates back to ancient times when indigenous tribes inhabited the region.

For thousands of years, Native American communities thrived along these shores, relying on the abundant resources provided by both land and sea. They fished in nearby rivers and hunted game in the dense forests surrounding Cape Sebastian. These native peoples held deep spiritual connections with their surroundings and recognized its significance as a place where nature's beauty met raw power.

In 1543, European explorers led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed past what would later become known as Cape Sebastian during their quest to map new territories for Spain. However, it wasn't until much later that Europeans began settling permanently in this part of Oregon.

During the mid-19th century gold rush era, settlers arrived seeking fortune further inland but were undoubtedly struck by the majestic coastline they encountered at Cape Sebastian. As more people ventured westward along newly established trails like Highway 101 (which now runs through parts of today's scenic corridor), word spread about this awe-inspiring stretch of shoreline nestled between towering cliffs and pristine beaches.

Recognizing its unique allure and ecological importance amidst increasing development pressures along Oregon's coastlines throughout early-mid 20th century; conservationists rallied together to protect areas such as Cape Sebastian from potential destruction or overexploitation due to logging or urbanization projects.
Enjoy fishing in the Pacific Ocean for species like salmon, halibut and rockfish. Nearby rivers offer steelhead and trout options.

Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor offers picnic tables with ocean views, hiking trails nearby and beach access for picnicking.
Biking in this area of Oregon can be challenging due to steep terrain and often unpredictable weather conditions.

Mountain biking is possible, but trails are rugged and not well-maintained.

Road cycling options exist along Highway 101, though traffic can pose safety concerns.

Cyclists should always wear helmets for protection against potential falls or collisions with vehicles on the highway.

Ensure your bike has good brakes as descents here can be quite sharp and sudden.

Always carry a map; trail signage may not always be clear or present at all times.

Check local forecasts before setting out since foggy conditions could reduce visibility significantly.

Remember that wildlife encounters might occur so stay alert while riding through forested areas especially during dawn/dusk hours.

Carry enough water & snacks because there aren't many facilities available once you leave the main roadways behind.

1. South Trail: This 3-mile round trip trail descends from the parking area to a secluded beach, offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding coastline.

2. North Viewpoint Trail: A short half mile hike that leads you to an overlook with stunning vistas of Gold Beach and Rogue River Jetty.

3. Hunter's Cove Lookout Point: Accessible via a small side-trail off the main path, this lookout offers breathtaking views over Hunter's Cove and offshore rocks where seals often bask in sun.

4. Cape Sebastian Main Hiking Loop: An approximately five miles long loop starting at south end parking lot which takes hikers through dense coastal forest before opening up onto sweeping ocean viewpoints along cliffs edge; includes steep sections but is well-maintained throughout its length.

5. The Oregon Coast Trail Section - Cape Sebastian Segment: Part of larger state-wide hiking route stretching for about 382 miles (615 km), it passes directly through park providing access both north towards Pistol River State Park or southwards down coast line toward Myers Creek Beach viewpoint.

6. Picnic Area Trails: Short trails leading out from picnic areas near car parks provide easy walks suitable even for families with young children while still delivering beautiful scenery including wildflowers during spring season.

7. Lower Elevation Forested Pathways: These less frequented paths wind their way around base level elevation within corridor allowing exploration into lush greenery away from cliff edges ; expect sightings local wildlife such as deer, raccoons etc.

8. Off:Trail Exploration Opportunities: While not officially marked routes there are numerous opportunities adventurous types who wish venture further explore untouched parts scenic corridor under own responsibility ensuring they respect natural environment leave no trace behind them.

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The Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor is located on the southern coast of Oregon, approximately 10 miles south of Gold Beach. To reach this beautiful destination, follow these directions:

1. Start by heading onto US:101 South from Gold Beach.
2. Continue driving along US:101 for about 9 miles until you see signs indicating the entrance to Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor.
3. Turn left into the designated parking area and make sure to pay any required fees or display your valid state park pass.

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