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Chandler State Wayside
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Lakeview, Oregon   97630
(lat:42.4068 lon:-120.2895) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Take a break from the open road and pull into this uncharacteristically wooded area. Have a spot of lunch alongside a cool stream or rest in the shade of large ponderosa pine. The park has picnic tables, drinking water, flush toilets, and access to Crooked Creek, home to rainbow trout and crayfish.
History of the Area
Located in Oregon, this particular state park was established as a wayside for travelers during the 1930s. It is named after Solon Shingle Chandler who donated land to the State of Oregon with an intention to create a rest stop and picnic area along Highway 31.

The initial donation consisted of approximately eight acres which were later expanded by additional purchases from Mr. Chandler himself and other private owners over time, bringing it up to its current size of around eighty-five acres.

During World War II, there was significant logging activity within the site due to timber shortages caused by war efforts; however post-war restoration work helped recover much of its natural beauty.

Chandler State Wayside is

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1. Start by heading onto US:101 N from Newport.
2. Continue on US:101 N for approximately 10 miles until you reach the town of Yachats.
3. In Yachats, turn left onto W 4th St/Oregon Coast Hwy and continue driving northbound on this road.
4. After about 5 miles, you will arrive at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area Visitor Center; keep going straight past it.
5. Follow the signs for Neptune State Park as you drive along Oregon Coast Hwy/US:101 N for another mile or so.

At this point, there are two possible routes depending on your starting location:

Option A: If coming from Florence or points south:
6a) Just after passing Neptune State Park entrance (on your right), look out for a small sign indicating "Chandler" with an arrow pointing inland: take that right turn into NW Overlook Dr/Wayside Rd.

Option B: If coming from Waldport or points north:
6b) Drive further ahead until seeing a larger blue highway sign labeled "Waysides." Take the next available U:turn opportunity to head back southbound towards Chandler wayside parking area.

7. Once inside NW Overlook Dr/Wayside Rd., proceed uphill following any additional signage directing toward Chandler Beach Access Point/Parking Lot located within half:mile distance off Highway 101 itself.

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