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Conecuh National Forest
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Conecuh National Forest Flintlock shooting © John Bunting
Firing the .50 caliber Hawken flintlock at 50 yard targets.
Conecuh National Forest 1911A1 at Conecuh © John Bunting
Firing the 1911 at the 25 yard targets
Conecuh National Forest Swim at Blue Lake © John Bunting
Conecuh National Forest Taking a dip at Blue Lake © John Bunting
Refreshing swim at Blue Lake in the Conecuh National Forest
Conecuh National Forest Shotgun action in Conecuh © John Bunting
Shotgunning at the new Conecuh rifle Range in conecuh National Forrest.
Conecuh National Forest New Conecuh Rifle Range © John Bunting
M1A rifle firing at the new Conecuh Rifle Range near Bradley, AL.
Conecuh National Forest AR-15 Action © John Bunting
Firing on the 100 yard line
Conecuh National Forest 100 yards © John Bunting
Firing the M1A at Conecuh Rifle Range
Conecuh National Forest Downrange at © John Bunting
View downrange at the Conecuh Rifle Range
Conecuh National Forest Blue Lake © John Bunting
View across lake
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24481 Alabama 55
Andalusia, Alabama   36420-5467
(lat:31.0808 lon:-86.6207) map location

Phone: (334) 222-2555
Conecuh National Forest, located in southern Alabama, is a lush expanse of longleaf pine forests and swamps. The forest offers recreational activities like hiking on the Conecuh Trail or fishing at Open Pond. It's home to diverse wildlife including deer, turkey and various bird species making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts. Its serene environment provides visitors with opportunities for camping under star-filled skies while enjoying the soothing sounds of nature.

History of the Area
The National Reservation Commission established the Conecuh Purchase Unit in Escambia and Covington Counties on January 21, 1935.

On July 17, 1936, the Conecuh National Forest was created by presidential proclamation. The Conecuh National Forest initially contained 54,177 acres of cut-over and burned-over lands.


Visit the Conecuh National Forest and you're sure to find your place at Open Pond Recreation Area. The newly renovated recreation area is especially nice in early spring and during the fall and winter months. The area is open year round since South Alabama has a very mild winter, most times, and is hot during the summer months. It offers camping, picnicking, hiking and fishing.

Open Pond Recreation Area has an area strictly for picnicking. Also, available is a group shelter that was built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). It retains its original distinct design and is interesting to those who enjoy CCC history.

Conecuh National Forest is located near Andalusia

1. Blue Springs Loop: A 6.2-mile trail, offers a moderate hike with views of the forest and blue spring.

2. Conecuh Trail North Loop: Approximately 13 miles long, this loop provides hikers an opportunity to explore diverse ecosystems including wetlands and pine forests.

3. South Loop Trail: This is another part of the larger Conecuh trail spanning about 10 miles; it features several streams along its path for water sources during hiking trips.

4. Open Pond Recreation Area Trails: These trails range from half mile to one-and-a-half-miles in length around a beautiful pond area ideal for bird watching or picnicking after your walk.

5.Pond Pine Wilderness Hiking Pathway - An easy-to-navigate pathway that's approximately two miles long through dense woods filled with old-growth pines surrounding ponds.

6.Natural Bridge Walking Track - Shorter than most at just under one mile but includes unique geological formations like natural bridges formed by erosion over centuries.

7.Sweetwater Lake Overlook Route- At roughly three-quarters-of-a-mile-long, this route leads you up towards panoramic vistas overlooking Sweetwater lake amidst lush greenery all year round.

8.Butterfly Garden Walk - Less than half a mile stroll within Butterfly garden showcasing native plants attracting butterflies throughout different seasons making it perfect spot for nature photography enthusiasts as well as families looking out for educational experiences on biodiversity conservation efforts locally.

9.Conecuh River Scenic Drive & Hike- Though primarily designed as scenic drive stretching across twenty-one miles alongside picturesque river landscapes,it also incorporates short hikes offering glimpses into local flora fauna habitats besides stunning riverside views.

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From Montgomery, Alabama:
1. Start by heading south on I:65.
2. Take exit 93 for AL:84 toward Evergreen/Monroeville.
3. Turn right onto AL:84 W/US Hwy 31 S (signs for Conecuh National Forest).
4. Continue to follow US Hwy 31 S until you reach the forest.

From Mobile, Alabama:
1. Start northbound on I:65 N towards Montgomery.
2. Take Exit 96 and turn left onto County Road #42 / Liberty Street in Castleberry.
3. Continue straight into Brooklyn Rd which leads directly to the national park.

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Alabama State Parks