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New York
New York City / Long Island Region
Ellis Island
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Ellis Island Ellis Island Part of Statue of Liberty National Mo credits Share the Experience, Frank Marrero
Ellis Island Part of Statue of Liberty National Monument
Ellis Island Ellis Island Museum of Immigration credits NPS Photo
Over 12 million immigrants were processed at Ellis Island during the peak years of 1892-1924, most through this building which opened in 1900.
Ellis Island Ellis Islands Registry Room credits NPS Photo
The Registry Room, also known as the Great Hall, is where millions of immigrants were inspected. They were required to pass both a medical and legal inspection before being allowed to enter the United States.
Ellis Island Birds Eye View of Ellis Island credits NPS Photo
Ellis Island was expanded from just a couple acres to over 30 to make room for a large immigration processing station, that included a state of the art hospital complex.
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Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration
New York, New York   10004
(lat:40.6995 lon:-74.0396) map location

Phone: 212 363-3200
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How far would you travel to find a better life? What if the journey took weeks under difficult conditions? If you answered "Whatever it takes," you echo the feelings of the 12 million immigrants who passed through these now quiet halls from 1892 to 1954. Ellis Island afforded them the opportunity to attain the American dream for themselves and their descendants. Come hear their stories.

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Ellis Island is located in New York Harbor, and can only be reached by boat. Ferries are operated by Statue Cruises, and depart from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan in New York City. Ferries are also available from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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New York

New York State Parks