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Flambeau River State Forest
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Flambeau River State Forest © Thomas Brain
Flambeau River State Forest © Thomas Brain
Flambeau River State Forest © Thomas Brain
Flambeau River State Forest © Thomas Brain
Flambeau River State Forest © Thomas Brain
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W1613 Co. Rd. W
Winter, Wisconsin   54896

Phone: 715-332-5271
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The Flambeau River State Forest was officially established in 1930. Beginning with 3,600 acres in public ownership, the forest has since grown to include 90,000 acres. Northern hardwood species such as sugar maple, red maple, yellow birch and white ash dominate the forest, which creates a spectacular fall display.

The North and South Forks of the Flambeau River combine within the forest to provide over 75 miles of nearly uninterrupted natural beauty and white water excitement. The river is a major life force of the forest and along its tree-lined shores one can see deer, wolves, raccoon, black bear, otter, bald eagles and ospreys.

Canoeing is the most popular activity on the forest. Different portions of the river offer varying degrees of difficulty. The North Fork is ideal for the novice, while South Fork is for the advanced canoeist. Musky, sturgeon, trout, walleye, bass, and panfish can be caught from the river as well as the lakes in the forest. The forest is open to public hunting for bear, waterfowl, deer and grouse, just to name a few.
History of the Area
Flambeau River State Forest is located in northern Wisconsin and covers an area of approximately 90,000 acres. The forest is named after the Flambeau River, a major water body that runs through the area. The history of Flambeau River State Forest is closely tied to the logging industry and the conservation efforts that followed its decline.

In the late 19th century, logging became a booming industry in northern Wisconsin, attracting numerous loggers and timber companies to the area. The Flambeau River served as a crucial transportation route for floating logs downstream to mills. However, over time, unsustainable logging practices led to extensive deforestation, causing significant environmental damage and threat to wildlife habitats.

Recognizing the need for conservation and sustainable management, the Wisconsin Conservation Commission purchased lands along the Flambeau River in the 1930s, laying the foundation for the state forest. Efforts were made to replant trees and restore the forest ecosystem. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a public work relief program during the Great Depression, played a significant role in the reforestation of the area.

In 1949, Flambeau River State Forest was officially established as a state forest to protect and manage the natural resources of the area. The forest offered recreational opportunities such as hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking, attracting outdoor enthusiasts.

In the 1980s, the forest faced threats from plans to mine for copper and zinc within its boundaries. This led to significant public opposition, as local residents and environmental groups raised concerns about the potential negative impact on the forest's ecosystem. Ultimately, those plans were not approved, and efforts to protect the forest and its natural resources intensified.
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1. Connors Lake Campground offers 29 sites, some with electric hookups.
2. Lake of the Pines Campground has rustic campsites and a swimming beach.
3. Backcountry camping is allowed throughout Flambeau River State Forest for adventurous campers.
4. Canoe:in campsites are available along both North and South Forks of the Flambeau River.
5. Group camping options exist at Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area in winter months only.

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1. The Flambeau River State Forest Trail: A 38-mile trail that follows the scenic Flambeau River, offering views of wildlife and diverse plant life.

2. Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area Trails: These trails cover about three miles in total with stunning waterfalls, rapids and rock formations to explore.

3. Lake of the Pines Nature Trail: This is a self-guided interpretive trail spanning one mile around Lake of the Pines campground area; it's ideal for birdwatching activities.

4. Connors Meadow Horse Campground Loop: Approximately five miles long, this loop offers horse riding opportunities through beautiful meadows filled with wildflowers during summer months.

5. Bass Lake Wilderness Hiking Trail - North Fork Jump Off Point: It's an easy-to-moderate difficulty level hike covering approximately two-and-a-half miles along pristine lakeshores and dense forest areas.

6. Edison Logging Camp Interpretative Walking Pathway: An educational half-mile walk showcasing historical logging practices used by early settlers within Wisconsin forests.

7. Wild Rice Nature Walk: Short quarter mile nature path located near Wild Rice lake boat landing providing insight into local flora/fauna.

8. Bear Wallow ATV/Snowmobile/Hike/Bicycle: Multi-use pathway- Roughly 60+ Miles multi-purpose track running across various landscapes including wetlands & hardwoods.

9. Connors Creek Ski Touring Area Cross-Country Track: Winter-only cross-country ski route stretching over seven kilometers amidst picturesque snow-covered terrains.

10. Haymeadow Flowage Canoe Portage Route: Not strictly hiking but involves portaging canoes between Haymeadow creek & East fork river encompassing roughly four-tenths-of-a-mile distance.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
November 28 A historic time capsule by Chad Steenberg
park review stars; one to five My family has traveled to this area for about a century. My Grandfather and Grandmother (Herb and Sally Steenberg) frequented the Dix Dox resort with their children (Bob and Bill). I drive past the once beautiful resort (now boat landing) every time I head to the woods to hunt. Truly the most sentimental area for me and my dad. I have heard many fantastic stories of the Harz family that my family knew so well that owned this resort.
November 23 Heaven on Earth even without Dix Dox by Neal Brunner
park review stars; one to five I first experienced this beautiful area in the 1950s, staying at Dix Dox resort and hunting grouse and whitetail deer. I go back many times to canoe the Flambeau and marvel at how stunning this area has remained.
August 5 Flambeau the beautiful by JosieBear
park review stars; one to five Our family and friends take a weekend canoe trip down the south fork of the Flambeau every year. I have traveled far and wide in this country but this river is just amazing. Always so clean and it never seizes to amaze me. Every year she changes but still remains the same. I cherish her. I am from NW WI and this is our secret treasure.
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Area Campgrounds
Flambeau Lodge & Campground
N7870 Flambeau Rd
Ladysmith, WI

Use Mapquest and the address provided below to create a custom set of directions from your location to the Forest:

Flambeau River State Forest

W 1613 County Road

Winter, WI 54896


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