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Fort Pickens State Park
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Fort Pickens State Park © Marshall Media
Fort Pickens State Park Gulf View © John Bunting
View from gun emplacement towards the Gulf of Mexico
Fort Pickens State Park Battery Worth © John Bunting
This site used to have eight 12 inch mortars for coastal defense
Fort Pickens State Park Disappearing gun © John Bunting
this would pop up to fire, then drop down to be reloaded.
Fort Pickens State Park Muzzle loading cannon in the fort © John Bunting
regular type cannon inside Ft. Pickens
Fort Pickens State Park Fort Pickens © Bonnie Woodson
Fort Pickens State Park Fort Pickens © Bonnie Woodson
Fort Pickens State Park Fort Pickens © Bonnie Woodson
Fort Pickens State Park Fort Pickens © Bonnie Woodson
Fort Pickens State Park Sea Oats © Bonnie Woodson
Fort Pickens beautiful sea oats.
Fort Pickens State Park Fort Pickens © Bonnie Woodson
Fort Pickens State Park Nature is imperfect © Bonnie Woodson
During our visit to Fort Pickens I found this broken shell but I think it still has beauty.
Fort Pickens State Park Solitude © Bonnie Woodson
A different view of Fort Pickens.
Fort Pickens State Park Duo © Bonnie Woodson
I found this pair of shells on the beach near Fort Pickens.
Fort Pickens State Park © Daniel Ewert
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Fort Pickens State Park, located's Pensacola Bay area, is a historic site featuring the largest of four forts built to defend the bay. Its pristine beaches and scenic trails offer visitors ample opportunities for bird watching, fishing or exploring diverse ecosystems. The fort itself provides an insight into 19th-century military architecture with its well-preserved structures and exhibits detailing significant historical events such as Civil War battles. Visitors can also enjoy camping under starlit skies within designated campgrounds offering modern amenities.

History of the Area
Fort Pickens, located in Florida's Santa Rosa Island, was completed in 1834 as part of the Third System Fortifications. The fort played a significant role during the Civil War when Union forces held it against Confederate attempts to take control. It remained operational until 1947 and saw use again briefly during World War II.

In 1971, after years of abandonment and deterioration due to hurricanes and time itself, Fort Pickens became part of Gulf Islands National Seashore under management by the National Park Service. Today visitors can explore its historic structures while enjoying recreational activities such as fishing or bird watching.

Annual Entrance Passes can be purchased at all park ranger stations and museums. If you require immediate use of your pass, this is the best option. Passes can be purchased during regular business hours 365 days a year. Please call the park in advance to ensure availability. Those who are eligible for discounted or free passes may use this method to receive their pass. Annual Entrance Passes may be purchased online by visiting the FLORIDA STATE PARKS ANNUALENTRANCE PASSES web page.
- Fort Pickens Campground: Offers 200 campsites with water, electricity, grills and picnic tables.
- Primitive Camping: Available for adventurous campers in designated areas only.
- Group Camping Site: Suitable for large groups or events.
- RV camping sites: Equipped with full hookups including sewer connection.
1. Fort Pickens State Park offers several swimming options in the Gulf of Mexico.
2. The park's beaches are popular for their clear waters and white sands, ideal for swimmers.
3. Lifeguards aren't always present so visitors should swim with caution.
4. Swimming is also possible at Langdon Beach, a designated area within the park featuring restrooms and picnic areas.
5. Snorkeling is another option to explore marine life around seashore areas while swimming.

Boating enthusiasts have a variety of options available in this Florida location. The park is home to several boat ramps that provide access to the Gulf Islands National Seashore and Pensacola Bay, ideal for both motorized boats and paddle crafts like kayaks or canoes. Fishing from your vessel is also popular due to the diverse marine life present in these waters. However, it's important to note there are no marinas within the park itself so boaters must come prepared with all necessary supplies before setting sail.

Enjoy fishing from the pier or shoreline, with species like Redfish, Spanish Mackerel and Flounder. Deep-sea options include Snapper.

Kayak fishing is popular here for catching Speckled Trout and Pompano.

Fishing licenses are required in all areas of the park.

The Gulf side offers opportunities to catch King Mackerel, Cobia and Tarpon during certain seasons.

Nighttime brings chances for Shark Fishing along the beachfronts.

Remember that some fish have specific regulations regarding size limits and seasonality.

Fort Pickens State Park offers numerous picnic areas with grills, tables and restrooms. Some spots offer stunning beachfront views.
- Blackbird Marsh Nature Trail: A 0.8-mile loop trail, offers views of the marsh and wildlife sightings such as birds and turtles.

- Fort Pickens Discovery Center Loop: An easy 1.2-mile hike that loops around historic sites including old gun batteries, a discovery center with exhibits on local history, flora and fauna.

- Florida National Scenic Trail - Pensacola Beach Section: This is part of a statewide trail system; in this park it stretches for about two miles along pristine beaches offering stunning ocean views.

- Battery Worth Picnic Area to Langdon Beach Pathway: Approximately one mile long pathway connecting picnic areas to beachfronts through sand dunes covered by sea oats plants.

- Mine Storeroom Trails : Short trails leading from fort's main area towards storerooms used during war times providing insight into military life at Fort Pickens

-Dune Nature Trail - Located near Campground E within the Park boundaries; provides an opportunity for hikers to explore unique coastal habitats over its half-aile length

-Fort Barrancas Hiking Trial- Offers scenic view points overlooking Gulf Islands National Seashore across approximately three-quarters-of-a-miles distance

-Battery Cooper Loop - Half-Mile circular route passing through historical battery structures dating back World War II era

-Picacho Peak via Hunter's Pointe Road- Roughly quarter mile short walk suitable even for beginners featuring panoramic vistas atop peak point
Biking is a popular activity, with several trails available. Be aware that some paths can be challenging for beginners.

The park's paved roads offer easier cycling options and scenic views of the surrounding area. Always wear helmets for safety.

For more experienced cyclists, off-road biking on sandy tracks provides an adventurous option but requires caution due to uneven terrain.

Remember: Florida weather conditions may affect trail accessibility; always check before setting out on your ride.

Nighttime riding isn't recommended as visibility decreases significantly after sunset in this region.

Ensure you carry water bottles during rides since temperatures can soar high especially during summer months.

Please respect wildlife by maintaining distance and not disturbing their natural habitats while bicycling through these areas.
Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting a variety of species, including migratory birds and shorebirds. The park's diverse habitats like beaches, marshes, and forests attract different bird types. Notable sightings include the Reddish Egret or Black Skimmer. Birding is especially fruitful during spring migration season from March to May.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
November 26 Great History by Sandy_S_
park review stars; one to five I have been coming to Fort Pickens for over twenty years Never gets boring
October 2 Excellent walk through history by Tim & Susan Bland
park review stars; one to five Had a great time exploring the fort and surrounding areas. Very interesting to say the least. Great historical significance!
park review stars; one to five WONDERFUL PLACE WILL BE BACK AGAIN VERY SOON!!
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Directions from Pensacola, Florida:

- Start on E Chase St toward Bayfront Pkwy.
- Turn left onto S Alcaniz St.
- Take a right turn at the 2nd cross street onto E Gregory St.

Entering Gulf Breeze and Fort Pickens Road:

- Use any lane to take the ramp onto I10 W/US98 Truck W/Pace Blvd.
- Continue straight to stay on US98 West/Gulf Breeze Parkway.

Reaching Bob Sikes Bridge Toll Booth:

- You will pass by Wendy's (on your right).
- Pay toll fee upon reaching Bob Sikes Bridge Toll Booth.

Continuing through FL399/Fort Pickens Rd:

- After paying toll, continue straight ahead for about 13 miles until you reach Fort Pickens State Park Area.

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Florida State Parks