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Grossman Hammock State Park
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Grossman Hammock State Park is a lush, tropical oasis filled with diverse wildlife and vegetation. The park features hiking trails through hardwood forests, wetlands teeming with birds and alligators, as well as picnic areas for visitors to relax. It's an excellent spot for nature enthusiasts seeking tranquility or adventure amidst the beauty of South Florida's unique ecosystems.

History of the Area
Located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the park was established as a state reserve in 1974. It spans over 6 acres of land and is known for its hardwood hammock ecosystem.

The area has been inhabited by Native American tribes such as Tequesta and Seminole before European contact. In the late-19th century, it became part of homesteader Samuel Grossman's property.

In an effort to protect this unique environment from urban development threats during the mid-20th century, conservationists advocated for its preservation leading to its designation as a State Archaeological Site.

Today it remains largely undeveloped due to accessibility challenges but continues serving scientific research purposes while preserving South Florida's natural history.
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Grossman Hammock State Park is located near Hialeah, Homestead and Miami

- Grossman Hammock Trail: A 2-mile loop trail that takes hikers through a dense hardwood hammock, offering views of native Florida vegetation and wildlife; moderate difficulty.

- Old Cutler Footpath: This is an easy-to-navigate 1.5 mile footpath which follows the historic route from Miami to Homestead; low difficulty level with flat terrain suitable for all skill levels.

- Red Mangrove Loop Trail: An approximately half-a-mile long boardwalk path winding its way through red mangroves along Biscayne Bay's edge; offers opportunities for bird watching and spotting marine life in tidal pools below.

- Coastal Prairie Spur Pathway: Branching off from the main trails, this short spur pathway leads towards coastal prairies showcasing unique ecosystems found only within South Florida region - length unknown but estimated less than one mile.

- Pine Rockland Habitat Walkway : Short walkable distance featuring pine rocklands habitat - home to many rare plant species including several types of orchids and bromeliads ; no specific length mentioned but considered as brief stroll rather than hike.

-Fern Gully Stroll : Named after lush ferns lining up on both sides , it's more like leisurely nature-walk instead of strenuous hiking experience ; exact measurement not known yet assumed under quarter-of-a-mile stretch .

-Cypress Dome Viewpoint Track : Not exactly a full-fledged track , however provides panoramic view over cypress dome swamp area if ventured little bit away from regular routes . Length unspecified .

-Sawgrass Marsh Overlook Route : Another viewpoint oriented mini-route leading towards sawgrass marsh overlook spot providing stunning vista across vast wetland expanse . Distance unmentioned though expected very minimal walking involved here .

-Picnic Area Access Pathways (multiple) :
These are multiple small pathways connecting different picnic areas scattered throughout park premises allowing visitors quick access without needing extensive trekking or navigation skills . No specific lengths provided .
The park offers birdwatchers a variety of species, including migratory birds and native Florida avian wildlife. It's known for its diverse habitats that attract different types of birds throughout the year. Birding trails are available to help visitors spot these creatures in their natural environment.

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Directions from Miami International Airport to Grossman Hammock State Park, Florida:

- Start by heading west on NW 21st St toward Miad Cir.
- Use the right lane to take ramp for FL-953 S/Le Jeune Rd.
- Merge onto FL -112 W via left fork towards I95/Miami Beach
- Continue straight and merge onto Dolphin Expy/I395W.

Driving through Homestead:

- Take exit 1A for US41/SR90 towards Naples/Gulf beaches/Tamiami Trail.
- Turn right at SW8th Street/F Tamiami trail/U.S Hwy41S.

Entering Everglades National park area:

- Drive along Main Park Road (State road9336) until you reach Flamingo Visitor Center turnoff point.
- Make a U-turn here and head back northwards about half mile till you find an unmarked dirt road leading eastward into hammocks.

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Florida State Parks