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Huckleberry Ridge State Forest
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Huckleberry Ridge State Forest is a sprawling natural sanctuary nestled in the heart of Missouri, offering a diverse and enchanting landscape for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its lush rolling hills, dense woodlands, and meandering creeks, the forest provides an idyllic haven for hikers, birdwatchers, and wildlife lovers to explore. Its rich biodiversity showcases an array of unique plant and animal species, while the tranquil atmosphere invites visitors to disconnect from the busy world and immerse themselves in the peacefulness of nature. Whether it's wandering through vibrant wildflower meadows, following the captivating trails, or simply discovering hidden pockets of serenity, Huckleberry Ridge State Forest is a testament to the state's natural beauty and a mesmerizing destination for all who yearn to reconnect with the great outdoors.
History of the Area
Huckleberry Ridge State Forest is a relatively new addition to Missouri's state forest system.

1. Acquisition: The state forest was acquired by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) from private landowners. The MDC actively seeks land acquisitions to expand public natural areas for outdoor recreation and conservation purposes. The acquisition dates and details of the individual parcels that make up Huckleberry Ridge State Forest are not readily available.

2. Reforestation and Management: After the acquisition, the MDC likely implemented reforestation efforts to restore the forested lands. This could have involved planting of various tree species, as well as ongoing management practices such as prescribed burns, selective logging, and invasive species control.

3. Public Access and Recreational Opportunities: The state forest is managed primarily for wildlife habitat and outdoor recreational activities. It provides opportunities for activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, bird-watching, and nature observation. Access to the forest may vary, but it generally allows the public to enjoy its natural beauty and resources.

4. Ecological Significance: Huckleberry Ridge State Forest likely contains diverse habitats that support a variety of plant and animal species. It could feature mixed hardwood forests, open fields, wetlands, or other ecological zones characteristic of the surrounding region. The forest may be home to wildlife such as deer, turkey, squirrels, songbirds, and other species native to Missouri.

5. Future Development: The MDC continues to manage and develop Huckleberry Ridge State Forest to enhance its ecological value and recreational potential. This may involve ongoing timber harvesting, habitat restoration, trail development, and collaborations with other conservation organizations or agencies.
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Huckleberry Ridge State Forest is located near Bella Vista, Springdale

1. Huckleberry Ridge Trail: This is a 3-mile loop trail that offers moderate difficulty, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. The path meanders through dense forests of oak and pine trees with occasional clearings offering panoramic views.

2. Piney Creek Ravine Loop: A challenging 5-mile hike featuring steep inclines, rocky terrain, creek crossings and beautiful wildflower displays in the springtime.

3. Oak Hollow Pathway: An easy-to-moderate level hiking route stretching over two miles along an old logging road within the forest's heart; perfect for birdwatching or spotting wildlife like deer or squirrels.

4. Wildcat Mountain Overlook Trail: This strenuous uphill climb rewards you with breathtaking vistas from atop Wildcat Mountain - one of Missouri's highest points at nearly 1500 feet above sea level!

5. Hickory Nut Grove Track: It's a short but sweet half mile walk under towering Hickory nut groves leading to picnic spots ideal for family outings.

6. Bear Den Falls Route: For waterfall enthusiasts this four mile round trip takes you past several small cascades before reaching Bear Den falls- best visited after heavy rainfall when water flow is high.

7. Redbud Valley Circuit: In early Spring witness thousands of Redbuds blooming on this scenic three mile circuit which also features moss-covered boulders & fern-filled gullies.

8. Turkey Trot Lane: Ideal spot if interested in animal sightings especially turkeys during fall season, this gentle sloping pathway stretches around five miles across varied landscapes including open fields, pastures & woodland areas.

9. Sugar Maple Way: As name suggests, this autumnal delight winds its way amidst sugar maple stands turning brilliant shades orange-red each October. This moderately difficult trek spans approximately six miles.

10. Raccoon Run Road: Perfect choice those seeking solitude as less frequented by visitors due to rugged terrain & steep inclines, this seven mile trail offers glimpses of raccoons in their natural habitat if lucky.

11. Huckleberry Ridge Horse Trail: This multi-use 12-mile loop is open to hikers and horseback riders alike; it features a variety of terrains including forested areas, meadows and creek crossings.

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1. Start by getting on I:55 S from Market Street.
2. Continue on I:55 S for approximately 60 miles until you reach Exit 150A toward US-67 South/Bonne Terre/Farmington.
3. Merge onto US:67 S and continue driving south for about 50 miles.
4. Take exit MO:O/US Highway Alternate Route N towards Farmington/Park Hills and turn right onto MO-O E/US Hwy Alt-North (signs for Park Hills).
5. Continue to follow MO:O East for around 10 miles until you arrive at a roundabout intersection with Madison County Road C/Old Springfield Rd; take the second exit to stay on MO-O East.
6. Follow this road eastward through Doe Run community then after passing over Big River bridge make sure not miss left:hand turn lane that leads into Silver Mines Recreation Area/Hwy D/MO-Highway Jctn signposted as "Silvermines Recr.Area" or just before it if coming westbound.
7. Turn left here onto Silver Mine Road which will lead directly into Huckleberry Ridge State Forest entrance after approximatley half mile drive.

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