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J S Burres State Park
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J S Burres State Park 1000Hp © Tom Miller
Cottonwood Canyon
J S Burres State Park Valley of Shadows © Tom Miller
J S Burres State Park Murtha Cow Camp © Tom Miller
Cottonwood Canyon
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Condon, Oregon   97823
(lat:45.4771 lon:-120.4669) map location

Phone: 541-394-0002
J S Burres State Park is a beautiful and serene natural retreat that offers visitors an array of outdoor activities. Nestled along the Clackamas River's banks, this park provides opportunities for fishing and boating with its boat ramp access to the river. The lush greenery surrounding it makes it perfect for picnicking or simply relaxing amidst nature while enjoying scenic views of the waterway. It also features well-maintained trails ideal for hiking enthusiasts who want to explore more of its picturesque landscapes filled with diverse flora and fauna.

History of the Area
Located in Clackamas County, Oregon near the town of Estacada, this natural area was initially established as a state park by the State Highway Commission in 1963. The land for it had been acquired between 1954 and 1970 through purchases from private owners.

The site is named after John S. Burres who served on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee during its formative years (1947-1951). He played an instrumental role in developing policies that guided early operations of parks throughout Oregon.

Over time, additional lands were added to expand recreational opportunities at this location which now spans over nine acres along with access to fishing spots on both sides of Clear Creek's confluence with Clackamas River.

J S Burres State Park is

1. Clarno Unit Trails: This trail is a 0.25-mile trek that takes you to the base of Palisades, which are massive cliffs formed by volcanic activity about 44 million years ago.

2. Trail of Fossils: A short but steep hike at just under half a mile long, this path leads hikers through an area rich in plant and animal fossils from millions of years ago.

3. Arch Trail: At only .15 miles long, it's one of the shortest trails within J S Burres State Park; however, its highlight is undoubtedly the natural rock arch formation visible along your journey.

4. Geologic Time Trail: As part of this moderate difficulty level hiking route spanning over two miles round trip distance with some elevation gain involved for added challenge - visitors can learn more about Earth's history as they walk past interpretive signs detailing various geologic periods represented here due to unique fossil deposits found throughout park grounds.

5. The Island In Time Walkway: An easy quarter-mile stroll on boardwalks and gravel paths leading towards scenic views overlooking John Day River valley below while also providing access into heartland where numerous prehistoric species once roamed freely during Eocene epoch approximately forty-four million year back according available paleontological evidence discovered so far onsite.

6. Picnic Area Loop: Ideal family-friendly option offering gentle terrain suitable even youngest members group plus several picnic tables strategically placed alongside pathway allowing everyone enjoy their meals amidst serene outdoor setting surrounded lush greenery all around.

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1. Start on the nearest major highway or interstate that will take you to the city of Lebanon, Oregon.
2. Once in Lebanon, head east on Highway 20 for approximately 5 miles.
3. Look for signs indicating J S Burres State Park and turn left onto Berlin Road SE.
4. Continue driving along Berlin Road SE until you reach a T:intersection with Fairview Drive SE (approximately 0.7 miles).
5. Turn right onto Fairview Drive SE and continue straight for about half a mile until you see another sign directing you to J S Burres State Park.
6. Take a left at this intersection onto Ames Creek Road/County Hwy:11A E.

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Oregon State Parks