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Jack London State Historic Park
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Jack London State Historic Park © Daderot / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Jack London State Historic Park, 2400 London Ranch Road, Glen Ellen, California, USA.
Jack London State Historic Park © Chrissypan / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Garden behind Jack Londons Cottage.Jack London State Historic Park, Glen Ellen, California.
Jack London State Historic Park © Daderot / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Jack London State Historic Park, 2400 London Ranch Road, Glen Ellen, California, USA.
Jack London State Historic Park © Richard Wood / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jack London State Historic Park. View from near the top of Sonoma Peak, looking southeast over Sonoma Valley. Mount Diablo is visible in the far distance on the right.
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2400 London Ranch Road
Glen Ellen, California   95442

Phone: 707-938-5216
Jack London State Historic Park is a memorial to writer and adventurer Jack London, who made his home at the site from 1905 until his death in 1916. The park was once part of the famous writer?s Beauty Ranch.

The park contains the cottage residence where he wrote books, short stories, articles and letters while he oversaw various agricultural enterprises. After London?s death, his wife, Charmian, continued to live in the cottage until her death in 1955. It was her wish that the ranch be preserved in memory of Jack London and his work.

History of the Area
Located in Glen Ellen, California, this historic park was once the home of renowned author Jack London. The property became a state park after his widow Charmian gifted it to the State of California upon her death in 1955.

The site includes several historical buildings such as "Wolf House", which tragically burned down before completion and remains preserved as ruins today; "House of Happy Walls" built by Charmian London that now serves as a museum dedicated to Jack's life and work; plus their cottage residence where they lived from 1911 until Jack's untimely death in 1916.

In addition to these structures, there are also hiking trails through forests and pastures with stunning views over Sonoma Valley - landscapes that inspired many scenes within London's novels.

Over time additional land has been added bringing its total size up to approximately1400 acres making it one of Northern California's largest parks.
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Jack London State Historic Park in California offers several options for picnicking. The park has designated picnic areas equipped with tables and benches, perfect for a family outing or group gathering. Visitors can enjoy their meal amidst the beautiful surroundings of vineyards, redwood trees and rolling hills that this historic park is known for. Picnickers are also allowed to bring portable grills but must ensure they leave no trace behind after use. It's an ideal place to relax while enjoying outdoor activities like hiking or horseback riding available within the park premises.
1. Jack London Lake Trail: This 2-mile trail leads to the man-made lake that was built by Jack London himself, offering beautiful views of vineyards and forests along the way.

2. Beauty Ranch Loop Trail: A moderate difficulty level hike spanning about two miles through mixed evergreen forest with a stop at an old winery ruin site for history buffs.

3. Wolf House Ruins Pathway: An easy half mile walk leading directly from parking lot to ruins of author's dream house which burned down before he could move in; interpretive signs provide historical context throughout journey.

4. Vineyard Trail - Upper Route & Lower Route : The upper route is more challenging due its steep incline but offers stunning panoramic views while lower route provides easier terrain amidst lush green vineyards on property grounds

5 . Fern Lake Road Hike - It's a strenuous uphill trek over four miles long taking hikers past historic buildings like Pig Palace and Manure Pit towards secluded Fern Lake nestled among redwoods

6 . Ancient Redwood Run - Short yet rewarding one-third mile loop showcasing some park's oldest trees including majestic 'Grandmother Tree' estimated be around 2000 years old .

7 . Sonoma Mountain Ridge Trial- Longest within park stretching nearly nine-miles across mountain ridge providing spectacular vistas valley below as well glimpses Pacific Ocean distance during clear days ; recommended experienced hikers only because rugged terrains high elevation changes involved .

8 . Bathtub Row via Happy Walls Museum- Easy stroll less than quarter mile length starting near museum ending row bathtubs used ranch workers early twentieth century , great option families young children or those looking quick interesting detour between longer hikes .

9.The Cottage Walk - Less than half-a-mile round trip, this flat path takes you straight up to where famous writer lived last few years his life until death.

10.House Of Happy Walls To Orchard And Distillery Trails- Moderate difficulty level hike of about 1.5 miles, taking you through the historic orchard and distillery where Jack London experimented with various farming techniques.

11.Silva Trail - A short but steep trail that takes hikers to a beautiful redwood grove; it's less than half-a-mile long but has an elevation gain of nearly 200 feet.

12.The Lake Via The Orchard And Vineyard Trails- This is a moderate three mile round trip hiking route which includes views over vineyards, forests and ends at the lake built by Jack London himself.
While exploring this renowned historic location in California, it's important to note that there are certain restrictions when it comes to bicycling. The park offers a variety of trails for biking enthusiasts; however, not all paths within the site permit cycling.

The majority of these bike-friendly routes can be found on fire roads and paved areas throughout the property. These include portions such as Vineyard Trail or Mountain Trail which offer an enjoyable ride through beautiful landscapes while respecting preservation efforts at play here.

However, caution is advised due to some steep sections along these tracks which may pose challenges even for experienced cyclists. Additionally, riders should always yield right-of-way to hikers and horseback riders who also frequent these pathways.

It's crucially important that visitors adhere strictly with posted signs indicating where bikes are allowed since many parts of this historical landmark have been designated off-limits for bicycles in order protect its natural resources and maintain safety standards set by local authorities.

Lastly but importantly too - helmets must be worn at all times whilst riding your bicycle inside the premises according state law regulations ensuring everyone has safe experience during their visitation period here without compromising any aspect related towards preserving our shared heritage sites like one we're discussing now!
The park, located in California, offers a variety of birding options for enthusiasts. It is home to numerous species including the Acorn Woodpecker and Oak Titmouse which can be spotted around the historic buildings or along trails such as Lake Trail or Vineyard Trail. The Beauty Ranch area provides opportunities to see Red-tailed Hawks soaring above while Sonoma Creek attracts waterfowl like Mallards and Mergansers during winter months. Birdwatchers may also spot Wild Turkeys near picnic areas throughout the year.

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The historic park is at 2400 London Ranch Road in Glen Ellen, about 20 minutes north of Sonoma.

The park?s upper parking lot provides access to a picnic area, London?s cottage, stables, stone barns, silos and "pig palace." The Kohler & Frohling winery ruins are near the cottage.

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