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Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site
Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site © DPLA bot / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site © Jan Hazevoet / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jackson F Kimball State Park
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Chiloquin, Oregon   97624
(lat:42.733 lon:-121.9774) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
J. F. Kimball State Park is a pristine site located at the headwaters of the Wood River. This stream flows from the pine forest into open meadow land laced with picturesque quaking aspen surrounded by the southern Cascade Mountains. Wood River offers fine fishing that can be accessed from the park by canoe. Kimball Park offers primitive camping next to a spring-fed lagoon at the beginning of this waterway.

A walking trail connects the campground to the site where the clear spring bubbles from a rocky hillside. The park is a secluded place where you can contemplate the moment while relaxing in the whispering lodgepole pines.
History of the Area
Located in southern Oregon, near the town of Fort Klamath, this recreational area is named after Jackson F. Kimball who was a pioneer settler and rancher in the region during the late 19th century.

The site's history dates back to when it became part of Crater Lake National Park upon its establishment by President Theodore Roosevelt on May 22nd,1902. However, due to boundary adjustments over time between federal agencies managing public lands around Crater Lake National Park - including U.S Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management - some areas were excluded from park boundaries.

In one such adjustment made effective July 1st ,1926; approximately two acres surrounding springs feeding into Wood River (known as Annie Springs) that had been previously included within national park's territory got transferred out under jurisdictional control of State Forestry Department for state purposes instead being managed federally through United States' National Parks System anymore.

This small parcel then came under management by Oregon Parks & Recreation Department following creation thereof via legislation enacted during year ending June30th ,1947 . It has since remained an integral component among network comprising more than180 sites across Beaver State offering outdoor recreation opportunities ranging from camping or picnicking amidst natural beauty spots like waterfalls / forests etc., hiking along scenic trails leading up mountainsides down valleys alike besides fishing at rivers/lakes teeming with diverse species fish too!
The site offers fishing opportunities in the crystal-clear waters of Spring Creek. Anglers can catch rainbow trout here.

Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site offers picnic tables and fire pits, perfect for a family outing or group gatherings.
1. Kimball State Park Loop: This is a 0.5-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of the park and its surroundings, including Jackson F. Kimball Springs.

2. Wood River Trail: A moderate difficulty level hiking path stretching for about 3 miles along the beautiful Wood River with opportunities to spot wildlife like deer or birds.

3. Crater Lake National Park Trails: Located nearby, these trails offer various lengths and difficulties ranging from easy walks around Rim Drive to challenging hikes up Mount Scott offering stunning lake vistas.

4. The Pacific Crest Trail Section D - Oregon Border To Highway 140: It's an adventurous long-distance hike covering approximately 60 miles through diverse landscapes starting near Jackson F.Kimball state recreation site.

5. Headwaters Loop Hike: An accessible short walk (about half mile) leading you directly to where spring water bubbles out of ground forming headwater of wood river.

6. Sun Pass Forest Campground Trails: These are several interconnected paths within Sun Pass forest campground area which can be explored on foot or by bike.

7. Williamson River Blueway: Though primarily used as canoeing/kayaking route, it also provides ample opportunity for riverside walking/hiking in certain stretches.

8. Oc&E Woods Line State Trail: While not located inside but close enough,this rail:trail conversion covers over hundred miles providing hikers/bikers unique experience traversing different terrains.

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1. Start by heading onto Interstate 5 (I:5) if you are coming from outside the area.
2. Take exit 238 toward Albany/Lebanon/Sweet Home.
3. Merge onto OR:228 E/Waverly Drive SE and continue on this road for approximately 10 miles.
4. Turn left onto Pacific Boulevard SW/OR:99E S, following signs for Sweet Home/Brownsville/Halsey/Junction City.
5. Continue driving south on OR:99E S/Pacific Blvd SW until you reach Brownsville Road NE/Oakville Road NW; turn right at this intersection.
6. Follow Oakville Rd NW as it curves slightly to become North Main Street in Brownsville.
7. After about half a mile, take another slight right turn to stay on N Main St/North Park Avenue W.
8. Drive straight through town until you see signage indicating the entrance to Jackson F.Kimball State Recreation Site: it will be situated along your route just before leaving town limits.
9. Turn into the designated parking lot or find suitable roadside parking nearby depending upon availability.

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Oregon State Parks