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Jesse Owens State Park
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9290 State Route 284
McConnelsville, Ohio   43756
(lat:39.7068 lon:-81.725) map location

Phone: 740-767-3570
Jesse Owens offers four no-fee campgrounds. Campers should follow the self-registration process. Campsites may be occupied on a first-come, first-served basis with a two-week maximum stay.
History of the Area
Jesse Owens State Park is a relatively new state park located in the southwestern part of Ohio. It was officially opened to the public on July 21, 2016.

The park is named after Jesse Owens, a legendary American track and field athlete who gained international fame during the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, Germany. Owens won four gold medals in various track and field events, breaking multiple world records in the process. He became a symbol of triumph over adversity, disproving Adolf Hitler's theory of Aryan superiority.

The idea to name a state park after Jesse Owens originated from the Ohio State Parks and Natural Resources Bond Issue of 1993. This bond issue led to the acquisition and development of various state parks, including a new one to be named after Owens.

Jesse Owens State Park is situated in Fairfield and Pickaway counties, covering approximately 5,735 acres. The park is still in the process of being fully developed and currently offers limited public access. The primary feature of the park is the Jesse Owens State Park and Wildlife Area, which covers about 1,000 acres and serves as a nature preserve.

The park also includes the Jesse Owens Story and Museum, which provides visitors with information about Owens' life and achievements. Additionally, the park offers opportunities for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, wildlife watching, hunting, and birding.

The development of Jesse Owens State Park is an ongoing project, with plans for expansion and further improvements in the future. The park aims to honor Jesse Owens and provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about his remarkable legacy while enjoying the natural beauty of the area.
Ohio does not have an annual pass and does not charge entrance fees to state parks.
Hook Lake
Also known as Campground A, Hook Lake site are located at the east end of the park at 9160 N. State Route 83 in McConnelville. The campground offers youth-only 15 and under fishing ponds. The sites are primitive no water, no electric, no pad and each has a picnic table and fire ring. The campground features multiple latrines, shelter houses and archery range. Open seasonally, generally April 1 to mid-December.

Maple Grove
Known as Campground G, Maple Grove sites are located 7580 State Route 284 in McConnelsville. The sites are primitive no water, no electric, no pad and each has a picnic table and fire ring. There is a latrine for the campground.

Sand Hollow
Known as Campground C, Sand Hollow sites are at the north end of the park at 9290 State Route 284 in McConnelsville. It borders Horse Run Lake which has boat ramp access. The sites are primitive no water, no electric, no pad and each has a picnic table and fire ring. Several sites border the lake. This campground has a shelterhouse and several latrines. This camping area is open seasonally, generally April 1 to mid-December.

Known as Campground D, Sawmill camping area is located at the east end of the park at 10390 N. State Route 83 in McConnelsville. The sites are primitive no water, no electric, no pad and each has a picnic table . The campground offers a latrine and a covered bridge access to one of the sites. These sites are open seasonally from April 1 to mid-December.
Jesse Owens State Park in Ohio offers various swimming options for visitors to enjoy. The park features a beautiful beach where visitors can swim and relax by the water. Lifeguards are typically on duty during designated hours to ensure the safety of swimmers. Additionally, the park has a designated area for children to safely splash and play in the water. Swimming is a popular activity at Jesse Owens State Park, providing a fun and refreshing way to cool off during the summer months.
Jesse Owens State Park in Ohio offers a variety of fishing opportunities for both novice and experienced anglers. The park is home to several bodies of water, including the AEP ReCreation Land's 350 ponds and lakes.

The most common species found in these waters are largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie and sunfish. These fish can be caught using various methods such as fly-fishing or bait casting depending on personal preference.

In addition to traditional bank fishing spots along the shorelines of many ponds and lakes within Jesse Owens State Park boundaries there are also boat ramps available at some locations allowing visitors with their own boats access deeper into larger bodies of water where bigger game may reside.

It should be noted that all individuals aged 16 years old or older must have an active Ohio Fishing License before they begin angling activities inside state parks like Jesse Owens.

Fishing tournaments occasionally take place throughout year which could provide additional excitement for those interested participating competitive events while enjoying natural beauty this area has offer its guests too!

Remember always follow local regulations regarding catch limits size restrictions ensure sustainable future generations enjoy same experiences you do today when visiting beautiful places like Jesse Owen's State Park!

1. Picnic Tables: Jesse Owens State Park offers numerous picnic tables scattered throughout the park where visitors can enjoy a meal amidst nature.

2. Grills and Fire Rings: For those who prefer to cook their own food, there are grills and fire rings available for use in designated areas of the park.

3. Open Fields: The open fields within the state park provide ample space for picnickers to spread out blankets or set up portable chairs while enjoying outdoor games alongside their meals.

4. Lakeside Spots: There are several spots near one of many lakes inside this vast 5,735-acre property that offer serene views perfect for a peaceful lunch break during your exploration journey through Ohio's wildlife diversity.

5. Picnic Shelters/Pavilions: If you're planning on having larger gatherings like family reunions or company outings, consider reserving one of these shelters which come equipped with benches/tables under roofed structures providing shade from sun/rain.

6. Hiking Trails Pit Stops: Pack some snacks/light lunches & take breaks at various scenic points along hiking trails spanning across diverse landscapes including forests,wetlands etc offering unique backdrops each time.

7. Campgrounds:If you plan an overnight stay,you could also have campfire cooking experience as part of camping adventure here .There is something special about sharing stories over roasted marshmallows after all!

8. Fishing Piers: Enjoy fishing? Why not combine it with picnicking! Settle down by any accessible piers around multiple ponds/lakes present in premises.

9. Wildlife Viewing Areas: These locations often feature seating arrangements allowing birdwatching enthusiasts/nature lovers alike chance to observe local fauna whilst munching away sandwiches/burgers whatever they brought along!

10. Accessible Options:The state parks department has made efforts ensuring accessibility so everyone regardless physical abilities gets opportunity savor beauty surrounding them without hindrance.Therefore,you will find wheelchair accessible picnic tables & restrooms around park.
1. Wildcat Hollow Trail: A 15-mile loop trail that offers a challenging hike through dense forests, steep hillsides and narrow ravines. The path is lined with towering oak trees, wildflowers in springtime and vibrant foliage during fall.

2. Buckeye Loop: This moderate difficulty level trail stretches for about 8 miles around the park's perimeter offering panoramic views of rolling meadows filled with native Ohio grasses and flowers.

3. Whispering Pines Pathway: An easy-to-navigate two mile long pathway winding its way through serene pine groves where hikers can enjoy bird-watching or simply soak up the tranquility of nature's soundscape.

4. Black Bear Ridge Track: Named after sightings of black bears in this area, it provides an adrenaline-pumping experience as you traverse rocky terrains over five rugged miles while keeping your eyes peeled for wildlife encounters!

5. Owens Overlook Trail: Offering breathtaking vistas from atop high cliffs overlooking valleys below; this three-mile trek requires some stamina but rewards are worth every step taken uphill.

6. Coyote Run Nature Walk: Ideal for families seeking to introduce their children to hiking experiences - gentle slopes across one-and-a-half-miles showcasing diverse flora & fauna along well-marked trails.

7. Eagle Eye Peak Hike: For those who love heights! Climb steadily upwards on four strenuous miles until reaching Eagle Eye peak - providing stunning aerial view points stretching out towards horizon line beyond state borders!

8. Moonlight Meadow Stroll: Perfectly suited for night-time hikes under starlit skies amidst open fields dotted by fireflies creating magical ambiance throughout summer nights spanning just short distance at half-a-mile lengthwise yet leaving lasting memories forevermore!

9. Turkey Trot Trekking Route: As name suggests expect turkey sighting opportunities whilst navigating six moderately difficult terrain-filled miles interspersed amongst hardwood forest sections teeming with wildlife activity.

10. Raccoon Ravine Ramble: A challenging 7-mile trail that takes you through deep ravines, across babbling brooks and past ancient rock formations; a true test of endurance for seasoned hikers.

11. Sunset Strip Pathway: Ideal evening hike along two miles offering mesmerizing sunset views over park landscapes creating perfect backdrop to end day's adventures on high note!

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From any direction, head towards Columbus, Ohio. Once you reach Columbus, take the exit for I-270 East. Continue on I-270 East until you reach the exit for US-33 East. Take the US-33 East exit and continue on this road for about 14 miles.

After 14 miles, take the exit for OH-674/Lancaster-Ringgold Road. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto OH-674 South. Follow OH-674 South for approximately 1.5 miles until you reach the entrance to Jesse Owens State Park on your left.

Upon entering the park, follow the signs and directions provided within the park to reach your desired destination or area of interest. Enjoy your visit to Jesse Owens State Park!

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