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Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park
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Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park Lake Cleawox © Heather Hintz
The Lake at 9am.
Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park © Becky Lowe
Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park © Visitor7 / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The base contains a quote from Jesse M. Honeyman
Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park © Rick Obst / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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Florence, Oregon   97439
(lat:43.9291 lon:-124.1055) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Toll Free: 800-551-6949
Reservations: 541-997-3641
Situated half way up the Oregon coast and three miles south of Florence on scenic Highway 101 is the second largest overnight camp in the state. There are two miles of sand dunes between the park and the ocean. Two natural freshwater lakes are within the park. Cleawox -- which is great for swimming -- and Woahink, which has a public boat ramp, is used for all water sports. Rent a canoe and explore the lake.

During Discovery Season (October 1 to April 30 every year), you can access the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area directly from your campsite in H loop of the campground. Reservations are recommended for winter holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Spring brings out the pink rhododendrons. Come summertime, this is a great place for family reunions. The fall huckleberries and blackberries are ripe for the picking. During the winter, off-road vehicle users can access the sand dunes from H Loop. This a camp for all seasons.
History of the Area
Located in the U.S. state of Oregon, this park was established in 1933 and named after Jessie Millikan Honeyman (1852-1948). Mrs. Honeyman played a significant role as an advocate for preserving Oregon's natural beauty during her lifetime.

The land that now constitutes the park was initially acquired between 1926 and 1931 from private owners under Governor I.L Patterson's administration with additional purchases made later on to expand its boundaries. The initial development began around late-1930s by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) who built campgrounds, trails, roads among other facilities which are still used today.

In honor of Mrs.Honeyman's dedication towards conservation efforts throughout her life including serving three terms as president of the Oregon Roadside Council; advocating for roadside beautification programs; lobbying against billboards along highways etc., it became one amongst five parks renamed posthumously following her death in January 1948.

Today covering over more than five hundred acres area near Florence city at southern end of Lane County alongside Highway US101 - it is second largest overnight campground within entire State Park System offering various recreational activities such as camping, picnicking spots besides two freshwater lakes namely Cleawox & Woahink where visitors can enjoy swimming or boating experiences amidst scenic surroundings all year round!
 Electric Sitesyes
 Water/Electric Sitesyes
 Full Hookup Sitesyes
1. Honeyman Campground: This is the second largest campground in Oregon and offers more than 350 campsites for tents, trailers, and RVs.

2. Group Tent Camping Sites: These are perfect for large groups or family reunions with a capacity of up to 25 people per site.

3. Yurts Rental: The park has ten yurts available that can accommodate five people each; they come equipped with beds, heat source, electricity but no plumbing facilities inside them.

4. Hiker/Biker Campsites: For those traveling on foot or by bike there's an area designated just for you which includes lockers where food items can be stored safely away from wildlife.

5. Honeyman East Dune Day Use Area & Picnic Shelter: It provides picnic tables under sheltered areas suitable as day-use sites.

6. Cleawox Lake Swim Area: A great spot if you want to camp near water bodies.

7. RV Dump Station: There's also a dump station provided within the camping grounds specifically designed for recreational vehicles (RV).

8. ADA Accessible Camping Site: They have ADA accessible restrooms/showers along with some specific ADA compliant campsites too.

Remember all these options require reservations especially during peak season so it would be wise to book your preferred option well ahead of time!

1. Cleawox Lake Trail: This is a 2-mile loop trail that circles the beautiful freshwater lake, offering stunning views and opportunities for bird watching.

2. Woahink Lake East Shore Trail: A moderate difficulty level hike of about 3 miles round trip along the eastern shore of Woahink Lake with several beach access points to enjoy swimming or picnicking.

3. Honeyman Dune Loop: An adventurous sandy dunes hiking route spanning approximately 4 miles through Oregon's second largest sand dune area; suitable for experienced hikers due to its challenging terrain.

4. China Creek Loop Trail: A relatively easy but scenic walk covering around two-and-a-half-miles in lush forested areas alongside streams teeming with wildlife such as beavers and otters.

5. South Jetty Road Bike Pathway: Although primarily used by cyclists, this paved path also serves as an excellent walking/hiking option stretching over five miles from Jessie M.Honeyman State Park towards Siuslaw River's mouth at Florence Harbor.

6. Woahink Day Use Area Trails: These are short trails leading down to various picnic spots on the shores of large deep:water Woahinik lake providing great vistas across water body surrounded by dense forests.

7. Sand Dunes Access Paths: Short paths branching off main park roads taking you directly into heartland of massive coastal sand-dunes where one can indulge in activities like Sandboarding besides Hiking.

8. Taylor Burn Nature Interpretive Trial:A half mile long educational trial showcasing local flora & fauna while passing through diverse habitats including wetlands,forests etc., ideal choice if travelling with kids.

9. Campground Loops Walking Paths: Easy strolling options within campgrounds themselves which offer glimpses into typical Pacific Northwest vegetation types.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
park review stars; one to five Parents walk around drinking beer and getting hammered while their kids take off and run around the camp screaming. This might be the atmosphere some people look for, but not me. I asked the Ranger stationed there about the drinking and she said It is allowed to carry alcohol around the campgrounds and drink. If they get aggressive you have the right to stand your ground in your campsite. I asked her what that meant and at first she shrugged as if to suggest it was something she could not directly tell me to do then back tracked and said call the police department. I have worked as a caregiver and dsp for 20 years I wont bring people back to a camp with an open bar/daycare atmosphere. It is sad to see our state campgrounds turn in to glamper keg parties.
July 16 Have loved it here since the 1960s. by Victor and Violet
park review stars; one to five We really enjoy the location of this park, the woods and nearby beaches are lovely, the lakes great for all types of recreations and the dunes great for hiking and playing on. Our kids use to love to roll down the big dunes in the 1960s. Still a great place to go camping. The day use park is great for a picnic or swim or hike. great for family reunions or a huge group campout with friends.
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Thousand Trails South Jetty
5010 South Jetty Road
Florence, OR
Pacific Pines RV Park & Storage
4044 Highway 101
Florence, OR
Port of Siuslaw RV Park & Marina
100 Harbor Street
Florence, OR
Nearby Hotels

1. Start by heading west on OR:126 W/W 11th Ave.
2. Continue on this road for approximately 50 miles until you reach the town of Veneta.
3. In Veneta, turn left onto Territorial Hwy/Oregon Pacific Coast Highway and continue driving north.
4. Continue straight as the highway becomes OR:36 W/OR-99 N/Mapleton-Junction City Hwy.
5. After about 15 miles, take a slight right onto Mapleton:Junction City Hwy (signs for Junction City).
6. Follow this road for another mile or so before turning left onto Central Avenue/Main Street.
7. Take an immediate right at E Front St/Sweet Creek Road then merge slightly left to stay on Sweet Creek Rd/Mercer Lake Rd.
8. Continue following Mercer Lake Road until it merges with Sutton Lake Road after approximately 10 miles.
9. Turn right onto Canary Road/North Jetty Access Rd just past Siltcoos Outlet Bridge.
10. Drive along North Jetty Access Rd which will lead directly into Jessie M.Honeyman Memorial State Park entrance.

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