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Ponsler State Park
Ponsler State Park © Kathryn Blok
Western Meadow Lark ©
Western Meadow Lark
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Picnicking with whale watching, beachcombing and a view of the beach. There are approximately five miles of sandy beach with China Creek to the south of the park.
History of the Area
Located along the Oregon Coast, this natural reserve was established in 1938. The land for the park was donated by a local resident named Jerry Ponsler who wanted to preserve its beauty and make it accessible to everyone.

The area is known for its stunning coastal views, sandy beaches and lush vegetation. Over time, additional parcels of land were added increasing the size of the park significantly.

In addition to being a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts today with activities such as hiking, picnicking and bird watching available; during World War II it served an important role as part of Camp Clatsop where troops trained before heading overseas.

Despite suffering from erosion due to harsh weather conditions over years which led some parts becoming inaccessible temporarily at times; efforts have been made continuously towards restoration ensuring that visitors can continue enjoying all that this beautiful place has offer while also preserving wildlife habitats present here.

Today managed under Oregon Parks & Recreation Department's stewardship program aimed at protecting state's valuable resources through sustainable practices - they work closely with volunteers community groups ensure future generations too get experience same wonder awe felt those first set foot on these shores nearly century ago.

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1. Start by heading west on Highway 26 from Portland.
2. Continue driving for approximately 60 miles until you reach the town of Banks.
3. In Banks, take a left onto NW Main Street (also known as OR:47).
4. Follow this road for about 10 miles until you come across Vernonia Forest Road.
5. Take a right turn onto Vernonia Forest Road and continue driving for another mile or so.
6. You will then see signs directing you to Ponsler State Park; follow these signs accordingly.

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Oregon State Parks