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Kopachuck State Park
Kopachuck State Park © Steven Pavlov / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Kopachuck State Park
Kopachuck State Park © Steven Pavlov / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Kopachuck State Park entrance sign
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10712 56th Street Northwest
Gig Harbor, Washington   98335
(lat:47.3088 lon:-122.6856) map location

Phone: 253-265-3606
Kopachuck State Park is a 109-acre marine and camping park with 5,600 feet of saltwater shoreline on Henderson Bay. One portion of the park, Cutts Island or Deadman's Island is a half mile from shore and reachable only by boat. The park provides scenic views of sunsets, the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. This beautiful park has a western exposure with spectacular sunsets, sandy beaches and a panoramic view of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains. Cutts Island, a portion of the park located half a mile from the park proper, is reachable only by private boat.
History of the Area
The name "Kopachuck" originated from "Chinook Jargon," the trade language of the Pacific Coastal Indians. Kopachuck is a merging of two words: "Kopa" meaning "at," and "chuck" meaning "water." This scenic park was once a seasonal fishing and clamming site of the Puyallup and Nisqually tribes.

Cutts Island, which sets in the water a half mile away from the park proper, is also known as "Deadman's Island." The latter name derives from the belief that the island was used by saltwater tribes who buried their dead in canoes placed in the forks of trees. It is unknown how the island acquired the name "Cutts Island." Prior to its current popular names, the place was called "Crow Island," for the large quantity of crows explorer Peter Puget discovered there in 1792, and later "Scotts Island," in honor of Thomas Scott, quartermaster of the 1841 Wilkes expedition.
A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.
The main campground at Kopachuck has been closed since August of 2011 due to tree health issues. It is closed permanently. There are no hiker/bicycle sites available at the park. There is one Cascadia Marine Trail campsite available to campers arriving to the park in wind- and human-powered beachable watercrafts. Coordinates 47.3102 degrees N, 122.6865 degrees W

There is a shelter with two picnic tables and a BBQ grill. There is a grassy area, 17 feet by 17 feet, is suitable for a couple of tents. Water is available at the main day-use restroom. A portable toilet is available from April to September south of the campsite. The campsite is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Most of the activities at Kopachuck center around the beach. During low tide, the sun warms the sand, which in turn warms the water brought in by the tide. The sandy beach is ideal for wading, sand-castle building, and exploring the marine habitat. The most popular day-use area is the beach. Getting there requires a short 1/8-mile walk down a hill. People with limited mobility may drive or be driven to the beach. Contact park staff to make such transportation arrangements.

The park provides two picnic shelters with two or three picnic tables in them and 55 unsheltered picnic tables throughout the upper and lower day-use areas. All are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
August 18 Campground Closed
park review stars; one to five The campground at the park has been closed since August of 2011 due to Laminated Root Rot. It will not be re-opening anytime soon. The beach, day use and picnicking areas are open from 8 am until dusk. A Discover Pass ($30 - or a $10 daily parking permit is required. Daily parking permits can be purchased at the self-pay stations in the parking lot.
July 26 Very Nice, Good Privacy by Freedom Czar
park review stars; one to five Most of the sites have good natural privacy, the beach and day use areas have nice views of the water and Olympic Mountains. Will surely come back for another visit in the future.
September 25 great park by weekend worriors
park review stars; one to five we have gone every weekend this summer and have had fun...and will continue to go as long as weather holds up.
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Sun Outdoors Gig Harbor
9515 Burnham Drive
Gig Harbor, WA
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Located five miles west of Gig Harbor, Wash.

Coming from either the east or the west, take the second Gig Harbor exit off Hwy. 16. Look for the Kopachuck State Park sign. Take that exit and follow signs five miles to the park.

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