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Los Encinos State Historic Park
Los Encinos State Historic Park © PKM / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Entrance on Moorpark to Los Encinos State Historic Park at the Rancho Los Encinos Encino, San Fernando Valley, California
Los Encinos State Historic Park © Clotee Allochuku / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Los Encinos State Historic Park, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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16756 Moorpark Street
Encino, California   91436

Phone: 818-784-4849
Los Encinos State Historic Park, at the corner of Balboa and Ventura Blvd. in Encino, California, was the hub of Rancho El Encino. Located in the San Fernando Valley, this California rancho includes the original nine-room de la Ossa Adobe, the two-story limestone Garnier building, a blacksmith shop, a natural spring, and a pond.

The natural spring provided a year-round source of water for the ancient village of Siutcanga, home to the Tongva people, for thousands of years. An excellent description of this village was recorded as part of the 1769 Portola Expedition. This Spanish expedition reached the San Fernando Valley and named it "El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de Los Encinos" (The Valley of St. Catherine of Bononia of the Oaks).

Located along a significant travel route between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, the property passed through many hands between the 1840s and the early 20th century. Today, the park contains exhibits related to the agricultural enterprises of Rancho El Encino?s various owners, including Mission Indian, Mexican Californio, French, and French Basque families.
History of the Area
Located in Encino, California, the park was originally a portion of Rancho Los Encinos. The land changed hands several times before being purchased by Eugene Garnier in 1872.

Garnier built an impressive nine-room adobe farmhouse on the property. In addition to farming and ranching activities, he also established a winery there.

The state acquired it as part of its historic parks system in 1949 after decades under private ownership. It now features five acres with three original buildings: two adobes from around 1850s and Garnier's French-style stone house from late-1800s.

Los Encinos State Historic Park in California offers a serene and beautiful environment for picnicking. The park features several picnic tables scattered around the area, providing visitors with plenty of spots to enjoy their meals outdoors. There are also large grassy areas where families can spread out blankets and have a more traditional picnic experience while enjoying the natural beauty of this historic site. However, it's important to note that there aren't any grills or fire pits available so all food should be prepared beforehand.

1. Los Encinos State Historic Park Main Trail: This is the primary trail that runs through the park, offering hikers a chance to explore all major attractions within this historic site. The path is well-maintained and relatively flat, making it suitable for beginners or those looking for an easy stroll.

2. Pond Loop Trail: A short loop around a serene duck pond located in the heart of the park; perfect for bird watchers and nature photographers who want to capture wildlife up close without venturing too far into wilderness areas.

3. Historical Buildings Pathway: This pathway takes you past several historical buildings including De la Ossa Adobe, Garnier Building & blacksmith shop which are remnants from 19th century ranching era providing insight into California's rich history.

4. Picnic Area Walkway: An ideal route if you're planning on having lunch at one of many picnic tables scattered throughout lush green spaces in Los Encinos State Historic Park - great spot under shade trees after exploring other trails!

5. Nature Observation Route: As its name suggests, this particular hiking trail allows visitors opportunity observe various types flora fauna native area - keep your eyes peeled squirrels , rabbits even occasional deer !

6. Oak Grove Stroll: Wander among towering oak trees along shaded walkways ; enjoy tranquility away bustling city life.

7. Interpretive Trails: These self-guided tours offer informative plaques about local ecology cultural heritage region while meandering gently sloping terrain.

8. Paved Accessible Paths: For individuals with mobility issues or families strollers these paved paths provide smooth comfortable way navigate key points interest across entire state historic park.

9. Wildlife Viewing Spots Along All Routes: Regardless where choose hike within boundaries there plenty opportunities see variety birds mammals reptiles amphibians their natural habitats thanks preservation efforts ongoing conservation projects undertaken by staff volunteers alike.

10. Educational Walking Tours (Guided): Occasionally offered by park rangers, these guided tours provide a wealth of information about the history and ecology of Los Encinos State Historic Park. Check with visitor center for schedule.

11. Running/Jogging Paths: For those looking to combine fitness with their outdoor exploration, there are several trails suitable for running or jogging within the park's boundaries.

12. Park Perimeter Trail: This trail encircles entire property providing comprehensive overview all features attractions found here - perfect first-time visitors wanting get lay land before delving deeper into specific areas interest.
The park offers a variety of birding options for enthusiasts. It is home to several species, including migratory birds and waterfowl that can be spotted around the pond area. The lush environment with its mature trees provides an ideal habitat for these creatures making it perfect for bird watching activities all year round.

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Take the 101 Ventura Freeway to the Balboa off ramp. Go South on Balboa to Moorpark--one block before Ventura Blvd. Turn left onto Moorpark and park on the street. There is no parking lot. Enter through the gate.

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