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Los Angeles State Historic Park
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1245 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, California   90012

Phone: 323-441-8819
Los Angeles State Historic Park provides an extraordinary opportunity for recreation and education in the heart of Los Angeles. Within its 32 acres of open space directly adjacent to Chinatown, park visitors can wander pathways and enjoy a view of downtown, as well as discover and celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of Los Angeles. Hargreaves Associates (a San Francisco based landscape architecture firm) won a design competition held for Los Angeles State Historic Park in 2006, and their design demonstrated the possiblilites for a world-class park. Hargreaves Associates and California State Parks are currently in the Schematic Design Phase for permanent development of the park. In the interim, California State Parks has developed a temporary, 13-acre portion of the park so that the public can enjoy the park now. Through our partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations allow for creative and innovative public events such as Junction (a multimedia project in cooperation with UCLA), the Red Nation Pow Wow celebrating American Indian culture, and Safe Moves ?Walk, Ride and Roll? which teaches kids how to ride bicycles safely and provides them with free helmets. State Parks invites you to engage in the past, present and future of Los Angeles at Los Angeles State Historic Park.
History of the Area
Located in downtown Los Angeles, the park was once a site for Native American settlements and later became an agricultural hub during Spanish colonial times. In the 19th century, it served as a transportation center with railroads passing through.

In early 2000s, plans were made to convert this area into industrial warehouses but faced strong opposition from community activists who wanted to preserve its historical significance. After years of protests and negotiations led by 'The Chinatown Yard Alliance', California State Parks purchased the land in 2001.

Initially opened as "Cornfield Park" due to corn that spontaneously grew on-site after being used for grain storage by Southern Pacific Railroad Company; it officially reopened under its current name in April 2017 following extensive renovations which included addition of wetlands areas for water purification & wildlife habitat along with recreational amenities like walking paths & picnic spots.

Los Angeles State Historic Park in California provides a great location for picnicking. The park is spread over 32 acres and offers plenty of green space where visitors can lay out their picnic blankets or set up portable tables. There are no designated picnic areas with benches or BBQ grills, so it's more suitable for bring-your-own style picnics rather than large cookouts. Visitors get to enjoy the stunning views of downtown Los Angeles while they eat, making this an ideal spot for city dwellers seeking some outdoor relaxation time.

1. Zanja Madre Trail: This is a 0.8-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of the park and downtown Los Angeles skyline, perfect for all skill levels.

2. Las Trampas to Mt Diablo Regional Trail: A moderately challenging hike with an elevation gain of about 500 feet over its length, this trail provides panoramic vistas across LA's urban landscape.

3. River Loop Trail: An easy-to-navigate path stretching approximately one mile around the perimeter of the park; it's ideal for families or those looking for a leisurely stroll amidst nature while still being in close proximity to city amenities.

4. Wetlands Walkway Path: As implied by its name, this pathway takes hikers through wetland areas where they can observe various bird species and other wildlife native to Southern California ecosystems.

5. The Promenade Pathway: It runs along Spring Street from College Station towards Chinatown offering stunning views on both sides including wildflowers during springtime.

6. Park Ranger Nature Trails: These are guided trails led by Park Rangers providing educational insights into local flora & fauna as well as history related information about Native American tribes who once inhabited these lands.

7. Solano Canyon Community Garden Route: This short route leads you past community gardens maintained by locals which adds color & vibrancy making your hiking experience more enjoyable.

8. Bike Paths: The State Historic Park also has dedicated bike paths running parallel alongside some walking trails allowing cyclists enjoy their ride without disturbing walkers.

9. Railroad Track Hiking Routes: These routes run adjacent old railroad tracks giving visitors glimpse into historical transportation system used back then.

10. Accessible Walking Paths: There are several wheelchair accessible pathways within park ensuring everyone regardless physical ability gets chance explore beauty offered here .

11. Wildflower Viewing Spots:T he numerous open spaces throughout parks serve great spots view seasonal bloomings especially during spring when entire area becomes carpeted vibrant hues.
While exploring the heart of California's bustling city, one can find an oasis offering a variety of outdoor activities. Among these is bicycling - a popular choice for many visitors to this urban park.

However, it should be noted that biking options within the park are somewhat limited due to its size and layout. The primary path available for cyclists runs along the perimeter of this green space and offers scenic views throughout your ride.

It must also be mentioned that while cycling in certain areas may seem tempting because they offer more privacy or unique scenery, not all paths are suitable or safe for bikes. It's important to stick with designated bike trails as some pathways might have pedestrian traffic which could lead to accidents if bikers aren't careful enough.

Moreover, there isn't any bicycle rental service directly inside our beloved state historic site so you would need either bring your own equipment or rent from nearby facilities before visiting here.

Lastly but importantly too: always remember safety first! Wear helmets at all times when riding bicycles around public spaces like parks especially where children play often; obey posted speed limits (if applicable); use hand signals when turning/crossing roads etc.; stay vigilant about surroundings including other people using same routes whether on foot/other vehicles/bikes themselves - basically just common sense rules apply!

In conclusion: While opportunities exist here indeed yet please approach them cautiously considering factors discussed above regarding limitations/safety measures involved during such recreational activity amidst nature right next door busy downtown area itself!

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There are several routes into the park?s main entrance at 1245 North Spring Street. If you have access to the Metro Rail, the park is less than a block away from the Chinatown Station on the gold line. If you are traveling northbound or southbound on the 101F, exit Alameda Street, turn right at the off ramp and Alameda turns into North Spring Street. The park will be on your left. If you are traveling on the I-5 Freeway, exit Broadway, go west and stay in left lane. When Broadway splits in two directions, take North Spring Street to the left.

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California State Parks