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Millicoma Myrtle Grove State Park
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Millicoma Myrtle Grove State Park is a natural haven that offers visitors an immersive experience into the wilderness. The park features lush greenery and towering trees including myrtles which are over 200 years old. It's nestled along Millicoma River providing opportunities for fishing or simply enjoying the serene river views. This secluded sanctuary also has picnic areas where families can relax while appreciating nature's beauty around them; however there aren't any developed recreational facilities within its boundaries as it primarily serves to preserve this unique ecosystem of ancient myrtle trees and diverse wildlife species inhabiting here.

History of the Area
Located in Coos County, Oregon, this natural reserve is a hidden gem that boasts of lush myrtle trees and the serene Millicoma River. The park's history dates back to 1949 when it was first established as part of an effort by the state government to preserve its unique ecosystems.

The land for the park was originally acquired from private owners through purchase or donation with funds provided by local citizens who were passionate about preserving their region's natural beauty. It spans over approximately 21 acres along both sides of East Fork Millicoma Road near Allegany community.

This area has been known for centuries as home to one-of-a-kind Myrtlewood trees (also called California Bay Laurel), which can live up to several hundred years old and are native only on Pacific coastal regions between Northern California and Southern Oregon. These evergreen hardwoods have beautiful grain patterns making them popular among woodworkers; they also produce edible nuts enjoyed by wildlife like squirrels & birds.

Millicoma Myrtle Grove State Park is located near Coos Bay, North Bend

1. Millicoma Interpretive Trail: This is a short, easy trail that provides information about the local flora and fauna through interpretive signs along its path.

2. Myrtle Grove Loop Trail: A moderate 3-mile loop hike with beautiful views of myrtle trees and other native plants in their natural habitat.

3. Coos River Viewpoint Hike: An uphill climb to an overlook offering stunning panoramic views of the Coos River below; it's approximately two miles long round trip.

4. Old Growth Forest Pathway: This pathway winds through towering old-growth forests showcasing some of Oregon's most impressive tree specimens; this route spans around four miles out-and-back.

5. Wetland Wildlife Walkway: Perfect for birdwatchers, this flat one mile walk offers opportunities to spot various species inhabiting wetlands within park boundaries.

6. Creekside Stroll: Follows alongside Millacoma Creek providing serene water scenes throughout your journey on this gentle half:mile stroll suitable for all ages.

7. Waterfall Way: This challenging six-mile trek leads hikers past several cascading falls before culminating at a larger waterfall view point.

8. Mountain Ridge Route: A strenuous eight-miler taking you up steep inclines towards breathtaking mountain vistas from atop ridge lines.

9. Picnic Point Promenade: An accessible quarter mile paved track leading directly from parking area to picnic spots nestled amidst groves.

10. Sunset Spur: A quick but rewarding .75mile spur off main trails ending at west:facing viewpoint perfect for catching sunset hues over landscape.

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Millicoma Myrtle Grove State Park is located in Coos County, Oregon. To reach the park from Highway 101, take Exit 240 onto West Beaver Hill Road. Continue on this road for approximately 2 miles until you reach a junction with Millicoma Road.

Turn left onto Millicoma Road and drive for about half a mile before turning right into the state park entrance. There should be signs indicating the way to the park.

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