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Umpqua Wayside State Park
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Umpqua Wayside State Park is a small but picturesque park that offers visitors an intimate encounter with nature. Nestled along the Umpqua River's banks, this state park provides stunning views of the river and surrounding lush greenery. It features picnic areas for families to enjoy outdoor meals amidst serene landscapes and fishing spots where enthusiasts can catch salmon or steelhead during their respective seasons. The boat ramp available at the site allows easy access to water activities like boating or kayaking on calm days while providing scenic vistas all year round.

History of the Area
Located in Douglas County, Oregon, this particular park is a small but significant part of the state's history. The land was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Umpqua and Kalapuya before European settlers arrived.

In 1935, it became an official wayside under jurisdiction of the State Highway Department after being purchased from private owners for $500. It served as a rest stop along Route 99 (now I-5) where travelers could take breaks during their journeys.

The site spans approximately five acres and features picnic tables nestled among towering trees providing shade to visitors who wish to relax or have meals outdoors. Despite its relatively modest size compared with other parks within Oregon's extensive system, it has been well-maintained over decades due to efforts made by local communities and government agencies alike.

Over time though there were changes; In late 1950s when Interstate highway systems started developing across America including Oregon which led many old highways like Route 99 becoming less traveled routes causing decrease in visitor numbers at these roadside stops including our subject here too.

Despite challenges faced through changing times & decreased footfall post interstate development era - today still stands strong serving locals & tourists offering them place for relaxation amidst nature while on road trips around region thus continuing legacy that began back in mid-20th century!

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Area Campgrounds
North Lake RV Resort & Marina
2090 North Lake Road
Lakeside, OR
Osprey Point RV Resort
1505 North Lake Road
Lakeside, OR
Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort
9011 Loon Lake Road
Reedsport, OR
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1. Start your journey on Interstate 5 (I:5) if you are coming from the north or south.
2. Take exit 162 for OR:99 towards Drain/Yoncalla, then turn onto OR-38 West.
3. Continue driving west on OR:38 for approximately 30 miles until you reach Elkton.
4. In Elkton, take a left onto River Road/County Highway #231 to stay on OR:38 West.
5. Follow this road as it winds along the Umpqua River for about another 20 miles.

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Oregon State Parks