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Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint
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Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint Strawberrys right © Damon Edwards
Located at the southern end of Neptune State Park on Oregons central coast, the Strawberry Hill Wayside offers a spectacular morning view of the picturesque rugged northern coastline.
Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint Strawberrys left © Damon Edwards
Located at the southern end of Neptune State Park on Oregons central coast, the Strawberry Hill Wayside offers a spectacular morning view of the picturesque rugged southern coastline.
Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint © Becky Lowe
Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint © Becky Lowe
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97439 U.S. 101
Florence, Oregon   97439
(lat:44.2697 lon:-124.109) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Benches set on a cliff above the beach give you an excellent view of Cumming Creek, wildlife and the rock-pounding waves. From this location, you can watch for whales, see a variety of birds, sea lions and the occasional deer in the creek. The creek is also a great place to look for agates. At low tide you can walk to the south to see a natural cave and tidepools.
History of the Area
Located in the U.S. state of Oregon, this picturesque site is a part of the larger system managed by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD). The area was initially inhabited by Native American tribes such as Alsea, Siuslaw, Coos and Lower Umpqua before European settlers arrived.

The land that now constitutes this scenic viewpoint became public property through two separate transactions. In 1938, Lincoln County transferred ownership to OPRD for recreational purposes while an additional parcel was acquired from private owners in 1960s which expanded its boundaries significantly.

This coastal park offers visitors stunning views over Pacific Ocean with opportunities for picnicking or beachcombing along sandy beaches strewn with driftwood logs. It also features tide pools teeming with marine life including starfishes and sea anemones visible during low tides making it popular among nature enthusiasts.

Over time improvements have been made to enhance visitor experience like installation of picnic tables & restrooms facilities besides maintaining trails leading down towards oceanfront areas ensuring accessibility even during high-tide periods.

1. Cummins Creek Trail: This moderate 6-mile trail winds through a lush, old-growth forest and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

2. Neptune Beach Loop: A short half mile loop that takes you directly to the beach where tide pools are abundant during low tides.

3. Cook's Ridge/Gwynn Creek Loop Trail: An approximately 10 miles long strenuous hike offering panoramic ocean vistas along with dense woodland scenery.

4. Strawberry Hill Nature Pathway: Located just north of Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint, this easy one-mile round trip path leads hikers down to an isolated cove known for its wildlife sightings including seals and sea birds.

5. Cape Perpetua Hiking Trails System - Giant Spruce Trail & Saint Perpetua Trail: These trails located south from viewpoint offer breathtaking coastal views as well as access to Oregon's largest Sitka spruce tree on Giant Spruce trail which is about two-miles out-and-back route while St.Perpetua trail being more challenging provides sweeping view over coastline after steep climb up around seven hundred feet in elevation within only couple miles distance.

6. Restless Waters Walkway: Short paved pathway leading towards viewpoints overlooking churning waters below at Spouting Horn or Thor's Well sites nearby park area.

7. Discovery Point Overlook Track: Easy walking track providing scenic overlooks onto rugged shoreline features such as basalt columns, caves etc.

8. Tidepool Exploration Area Paths: Network of small paths allowing close:up exploration into rich marine life inhabiting numerous tidal pool areas spread across rocky intertidal zone accessible during lower tides periods.

9. Coastal Forest Walking Routes: Various shorter routes winding between towering trees species native for region like Douglas firs, Western hemlocks etc., showcasing local flora diversity throughout different seasons year:round available near campground sections inside state park boundaries.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
May 18 Got Stuck here in 1983 by sf
park review stars; one to five Stopped my bicycle tour on the most beautiful heavenly day, only to be deluged by a storm the next three days until I ran out of food and scurried up to Yachats. Still, it is in my heart.
July 6 Agates by beachday
park review stars; one to five We found an unusual blue agate in the stream -
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Area Campgrounds
Chinook RV Park
3299 Alsea Highway
Waldport, OR
Sea Perch RV Resort
95480 Highway 101
Yachats, OR
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1. Start by heading south on Highway 101 from Yachats or north from Florence.
2. Look for signs indicating Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint along the highway.
3. Take a turn onto NW Pacific Coast Hwy/Highway 101 when you see these signs.
4. Continue driving on this road until you reach your destination at Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint.

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Oregon State Parks