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Ochoco Lake State Park
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Ochoco Lake State Park, located in Oregon, is a serene and picturesque destination that offers an array of outdoor activities. The park surrounds the beautiful Ochoco Reservoir which invites visitors for fishing, boating or simply enjoying its scenic beauty. It features campgrounds with amenities like picnic tables and restrooms making it ideal for overnight stays. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot various species including deer and birds while hiking through the lush green trails around the lake area. With stunning views of surrounding mountains coupled with tranquil ambiance, this state park provides a perfect escape into nature's lap.
History of the Area
Located in Central Oregon, near the city of Prineville, this recreational area was initially established as a reservoir. The creation of the lake dates back to 1920 when Ochoco Dam was constructed on Ochoco Creek for irrigation purposes.

The land surrounding it gradually became popular among locals and tourists alike due to its scenic beauty and abundant wildlife. Recognizing its potential as an outdoor recreation site, local authorities decided to develop facilities around the lake that would cater to visitors' needs.

In 1950s-1960s period saw significant development with camping grounds being set up along with picnic areas and boat ramps which made fishing more accessible at this location. This marked a turning point in history where it transitioned from just being an irrigation resource into becoming one of central Oregon's most loved parks.

Over time additional amenities were added including RV hookups, restrooms etc., making stays comfortable for overnight campers too.

Today known by many names such as 'Ochoco Reservoir State Park', or simply 'Prineville Reservoir State Park', is managed by Crook County Parks & Recreation Department instead of state park system but still remains open year-round offering activities like boating,fishing,hiking,camping,bird watching etc attracting thousands every year who come here seeking tranquility amidst nature's bounty.

Ochoco Lake State Park is located near Prineville, Bend

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Area Campgrounds
Sun Rocks RV Resort
14900 SE Juniper Canyon Road
Prineville, OR
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Ochoco Lake State Park is located in central Oregon, approximately 20 miles east of Prineville. Here are the directions to reach the park:

1. Start by heading east on US-26 E from Prineville.
2. Continue driving for about 15 miles until you reach a junction with Ochoco Creek Road (County Rd 123).
3. Turn right onto Ochoco Creek Road and follow it for another mile or so.
4. At this point, you will see signs directing you to turn left into Ochoco Lake State Park entrance road.
5. Take that left turn and proceed along the entrance road until you arrive at your destination.

Please note that these directions may vary depending on your starting location within Prineville or other nearby areas, but following US-26 E towards Ochocho Lake should guide you correctly.

Enjoy your visit to beautiful Ochoco Lake State Park!

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